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Russian trouble makers find Quicken backdoor

A Russian firm that provides password-recovery services says it has found a backdoor in the encryption mechanism that Quicken uses to secure password-protected files, a feature that makes millions of users of the personal finance program more vulnerable to government spooks or other highly determined snoops.
Dan Goodin, 23 Jun 2007
Pirates ahoy!

DrinkorDie warez leader jailed for 51 months

It took a while, but US Customs today got their man: Hew Raymond Griffiths, a ringleader of the infamous warez group DrinkorDie, was sentenced today to 51 months in a US prison.
Drew Cullen, 23 Jun 2007

Royal Society readies Glastonbury for eggheads

Diary markerFrom tiny fitness trainers and simulated surgery to high pressure situations on Earth and the possibility of generating life on Mars, the Royal Society's annual Summer Exhibition in London has got it covered.
Lucy Sherriff, 23 Jun 2007

Sentient world: war games on the grandest scale

Perhaps your real life is so rich you don't have time for another.
Mark Baard, 23 Jun 2007

Yahoo!'s pink liberation army a threat to America's youth

And NinthlyStunted by the eclipse of justice, Little Johnny Walker made his way over to the piano. He played a sad tune. One full of preambles, bees and summer vegetables. It made the women of the night cry, and the men of strong moral fiber tense. Jesus breathed easier that night. We all did. A Butter Dish for Beelzebub by Julio Stantore
Otto Z. Stern, 23 Jun 2007

Team America to launder $24m North Korean cash through Russia

"He likes to gamble, feast on Korean food and take late-night tipples of cognac with his friends. He is also said to spend hours rejuvenating from his nocturnal adventures in the city's saunas." The Asia Times, on North Korean dauphin Kim Jong Nam
Burke Hansen, 23 Jun 2007

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