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Bill Gates nicks Larry Ellison's health center

The Bill Gates-Steve Jobs rivalry may have cooled, but the Microsoft Chairman is still going to toe-to-toe with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. A year after Ellison backed out of his promise to fund a multi-million dollar public health institute at Harvard University, Gates has revived the project at the University of Washington.
Cade Metz, 05 Jun 2007
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Flaws galore in IE and Firefox

Polish security researcher Michal Zalewski, known for his seemingly unending stream of browser vulnerability discoveries, has struck again. This time he's reported four flaws that are sure to get the attention of bug squashers in both Microsoft and Mozilla camps.
Dan Goodin, 05 Jun 2007

Flextronics falls for rival Solectron

Flextronics plans to capture rival Solectron for $3.6bn in stock and cash.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jun 2007

Amp'd volume fading

Amp'd, the US MVNO launched less than two years ago and targeted at da urban yoof, has filed for Chapter 11 - protecting itself from creditors while trying to sort out its finances.
Bill Ray, 05 Jun 2007

Google Checkout downchecked by UK users

Google's new Checkout Service debuted in the UK the month before last to the usual fanfare: "Online shopping will now be faster, easier and more secure with Google Checkout™," said the search colossus.
Lewis Page, 05 Jun 2007

Norfolk schools install kid-monitoring software

Norfolk CC is using monitoring software to fight bullying and protect children from internet grooming.
Kablenet, 05 Jun 2007

MPs demand controls on Euro police databases

The Home Affairs Select Committee has advised government to put its weight behind neglected European efforts to hold the rapidly emerging system of police databases answerable to human rights legislation.
Mark Ballard, 05 Jun 2007

Carphone Warehouse coffers hit by broadband rollout

Carphone Warehouse's faltering entry into the broadband dogfight cost the firm 10 per cent of its profits compared to last year, the company said this morning.
Christopher Williams, 05 Jun 2007

MySpace seeks Judge's input on sex offenders purge

MySpace this week asked a Pennsylvania state court for advice on how it could hand over information about registered sex offenders without breaking US data protection and privacy laws.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Jun 2007

Amazon ups spending in China

Online bookseller Amazon is increasing investment in its Chinese business - where sales are growing faster than anywhere else.
John Oates, 05 Jun 2007

TV ads too loud, industry watchdog says

Television adverts sometimes sound much louder than surrounding programme material because existing rules on sound levels are ambiguous. The rules should change to minimise annoyance to viewers, says an industry watchdog.
OUT-LAW.COM, 05 Jun 2007

Microsoft threatens its Most Valuable Professional

What's the best way to attract a pile of threatening lawyers' letters from Microsoft? Sell pirate copies of Windows? Write a DRM-busting program?
Will Watts, 05 Jun 2007

El Reg 'buys' acre of Brazilian rainforest

A new online initiative has come up with a cunningly simple plan to save the world's rainforests - offer them by the acre to concerned netizens whose "purchase" allows swathes of threatened land to be preserved for future generations.
Lester Haines, 05 Jun 2007

The growing pains of RFID

It is now three years since retailer Wal-Mart announced it would mandate the use of RFID by its suppliers, with the eventual intention of deploying RFID technology throughout its supply chain to improve efficiencies.
Fran Howarth, 05 Jun 2007
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Silicon offsetting - the new green saviour?

IT, on the face of it, is not very sustainable. New products are introduced in rapid development cycles that encourage wasteful frequent upgrade and replacement.
Rob Bamforth, 05 Jun 2007

Channel 4 refuses to pull Diana crash pics

Princes William and Harry have made public a letter to Channel 4 asking the broadcaster not to air pictures taken at the scene of their mother's death "depicting the crashed car while the Princess was still in the wreckage, and an image of a medic administering emergency treatment to Diana".
Lester Haines, 05 Jun 2007

855,000 new phones end up in the bog

New research from SimplySwitch reveals that while we buy 18 million handsets ever year, we're throwing 855,000 of them down the toilet and leaving 810,000 in the pub - contributing to the 4.1 million we lose or break every year.
Bill Ray, 05 Jun 2007

Israel deploys robo-snipers on Gaza border

Israel has begun deploying stationary robot gun-and-sensor installations along its borders with the Gaza Strip, according to reports.
Lewis Page, 05 Jun 2007

O2 trials one off the wrist for VIP access

O2 is trialling a wristband loaded with a computer chip at this year's Wireless Festival that could act as a credit card, electronic ticket, and Oyster card.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Jun 2007

Sony cuts price of Blu-ray player

Sony has cut $100 (£50/€74) off the recommended retail price of its new next-generation DVD player in an attempt to forge ahead in the Format Wars. The BDP-S300 now costs $499 (£250/€370) - half what the company's first dedicated Blu-ray player cost when it was launched six months ago.
Scott Snowden, 05 Jun 2007

Boffin debunks Bush's climate claims

As he outlined the US' new plans for tackling climate change, President Bush made the bold claim that the US' carbon emissions are growing more slowly than those in Europe. This was presented not only as evidence to support the States' non-carbon cap approach to tackling emissions, but as something of a rebuke to the noisy climate change lobby in Europe.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Jun 2007

Google is Europe's most visited site

A survey of internet usage across Europe reveals that Google is the region's most popular website in every country except Sweden and Norway.
John Oates, 05 Jun 2007

Porton Down bio-terror tech re-used in odour-proof pants

It's well known that military projects can sometimes yield valuable spin-off technologies for civilian markets.
Lewis Page, 05 Jun 2007

BBC shows Olympic logo the door

It might not be as unpleasantly suggestive as the Goatse-inspired effort offered yesterday by one wag on the BBC's website, but another reader-generated suggestion as to how the new 2012 Olympic logo might be improved just about sums up public reaction to what is now officially known as the "Lisa Simpson bj graphic":
Lester Haines, 05 Jun 2007

Chinese user sues Symantec over dodgy updates

A Chinese user's attempt to sue Symantec for damage caused as a result of dodgy anti-virus signature update files is unlikely to succeed, according to security experts.
John Leyden, 05 Jun 2007

Pirate Bay founders host paedophilia site

A Swedish company owned by the founders of controversial torrent tracker site The Pirate Bay is hosting a site that defends paedophilia.
Jan Libbenga, 05 Jun 2007

Perforce collaborates with open source

Editors' BlogSubversion is a very popular open source Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool and I've heard someone unkind say "Perforce is good too, but it's just like paying for Subversion when you don't need to".
David Norfolk, 05 Jun 2007
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UK gov skills shortage jeopardising IT projects

MPs have said poor skills at senior level are jeopardising ICT projects.
Kablenet, 05 Jun 2007

Vendors lining up to meet APACS challenge

As London starts the migration towards country-wide acceptance of contactless payments, vendors are starting to pitch the equipment UK retailers are going to need to get the technology up and running.
Bill Ray, 05 Jun 2007
HTC Touch, touch-screen mobile phone handset

HTC jumps on touch-screen phone bandwagon

Today in London, HTC showed off its latest mobile phone handset, simply known to as the Touch - referring to its main feature, the fact that functions are accessed and operated through a touch screen...rather like that much-hyped other touch screen mobile phone soon to hit the shores of the US - Apple's iPhone.
Scott Snowden, 05 Jun 2007

Pipex clings on to former customer data

Pipex's new account management website has angered its former customers by revealing that the ISP has retained personal details, including banking information, for up to 11 months after they quit their contract.
Christopher Williams, 05 Jun 2007

BMA calls for unity amidst MTAS fallout

The new president of the British Medical Association (BMA), Parveen Kumar, has penned an open letter outlining what the organisation will do to try and sort out the mess of the online application system for doctors.
John Oates, 05 Jun 2007

High-flying Nokia now dependent on cheapies

ExclusiveNokia is one of the world's best known brands, and spends a lot of money keeping it that way. The Finnish giant splashed out £175m ($340m) on advertising alone last year.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jun 2007

Melting glaciers race for Antarctic shores

Lucy Sherriff, 05 Jun 2007

Lack of database trip-wires gives crooks an easy run

Leaked information from databases is becoming an increasingly serious concern, yet when it comes to plugging the holes many organisations are running so many databases they hardly know where to start.
John Leyden, 05 Jun 2007
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Google shivs server crowd with PeakStream buy

ExclusiveGoogle has stunned the server world by acquiring superstar start-up PeakStream, The Register can confirm.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jun 2007

Joost replaces CEO with Cisco veteran

Joost, the internet video start-up, has tapped Mike Volpi, the former Cisco crown prince, to head the company.
Austin Modine, 05 Jun 2007

Tribler takes P2P to the ' Web 2.0 generation'

Here comes BitTorrent 2.0. Researchers at the Delft University of Technology and De Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam recently unveiled the latest version of a new-age BitTorrent client known as Tribler, part of an effort to "move P2P to the next generation".
Cade Metz, 05 Jun 2007

Salesforce bolts on Google ad management utility

Salesforce.com and Google have announced an online ads and CRM alliance that'll have some in Silicon Valley feeling deflated this morning.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Jun 2007

AMD, Cray and reporter in Barcelona caper

An uncomfortable war of speculation over the ship date for AMD's four-core Barcelona processor has broken out between the chipmaker, supercomputer vendor Cray and the Dow Jones newswire.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Jun 2007

Sharp Europe boss resigns

CEO Hans Kleis has resigned from Sharp Europe, citing "personal reasons". He leaves next month.
Jan Libbenga, 05 Jun 2007

Siemens shows 1Gbit/s over plastic fibre

Siemens researchers have demonstrated a data rate of 1Gbit/s over plastic optical fibre, a speed ten times higher than is possible with current products.
Bryan Betts, 05 Jun 2007

Google's Street View could be unlawful in Europe

AnalysisLike a trigger-happy tourist, Google has shot almost every street in five US cities and added its pics to what might be the world's biggest holiday album. But if Google ever starts shooting the streets of Europe, courts here could fight back.
Struan Robertson, 05 Jun 2007

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