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Yahoo! searches! abroad! for! online! gambling! riches!

House of CardsYahoo! has officially joined the online gambling goldrush: its British version has begun offering poker games for cash.
Burke Hansen, 07 May 2007

Mashing up enterprise data

UK software start-up Zogix aims to bring the emerging technology of data "mash up" under enterprise control with its Zogix Webtop Framework (ZWF) platform.
Phil Manchester, 07 May 2007

Nivio betas hosted Windows

Nivio has started beta tests of a Windows XP hosted desktop service, which it claims can stream a desktop to any compatible browser so you can remotely access Windows apps on Linux, a Mac, or even a handheld device.
Bryan Betts, 07 May 2007

A community on Parallels lines

Communities seem to be one of the de rigueur marketing approaches these days, especially when vendors are targeting applications developers and systems architects. They are not just a good way for such people to share knowledge about the established technologies and products they work with, but also an increasingly important delivery vehicle for newer technologies.
Martin Banks, 07 May 2007
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Mirapoint adds directory to email gateway

Mirapoint has developed what it says is the first secure email gateway with a built-in directory and policy engine. According to the company, this increases security and lightens the load on the gateway because it no longer has to query the corporate directory server through the firewall for every incoming message.
Bryan Betts, 07 May 2007
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Microsoft vs. Teradata

ColumnMicrosoft and Teradata are both significant players in the BI market but they have wildly different approaches to the challenges of extracting information from data. The reason lies in the fact that the two companies elected to solve two very different, but equally intractable, computational problems in order to get their BI systems to perform well.
Mark Whitehorn, 07 May 2007

How do you carry your mobile phone?

Data on how people carry their mobile phones, gathered by Nokia over the last four years, is being presented at HCI International 2007 in Beijing. It reveals that women are missing more calls than men, and that belt-pouches are a sign of middle age.
Bill Ray, 07 May 2007

IBM offers annual support for free DB2

IBM is offering "low cost" 24x7 support contracts to users of the free version of DB2, called DB2 Express-C. As well as tech support, coughing up the readies allows users to hook up a second server for high-availability clustering or remote database replication.
Bryan Betts, 07 May 2007

Papua New Guinea reaches for the online gambling ring

House of CardsAn island nation more famous for ritualized cannibalism than for internet commerce has tossed its ceremonial headgear into the online gambling ring, after its parliament approved a bill legalizing both "bricks and mortar" and internet-based casino offerings by a 61-0 vote last week.
Burke Hansen, 07 May 2007

AmeriDebt founder jailed in internet gambling dustup

House of CardsThe case of one-time credit counseling giant AmeriDebt took a turn for the worse this week, as a federal court judge ordered its founder Andris Pukke to jail for contempt of court, the Associated Press reports.
Burke Hansen, 07 May 2007

The Pirate Bay admits links with right-wing benefactor

A spokesman for the Swedish torrent tracker The Pirate Bay, has admitted on Swedish tv that their servers and broadband bandwidth were financed by Carl Lundström, one of the alleged sponsors of Swedish far-right political party Sweden Democrats. "We needed the money," spokesman Tobias Andersson told Bert Karlsson, a former politician and front figure of the New Democracy (Ny Demokrati) party.
Jan Libbenga, 07 May 2007
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Student detained following attacks on Estonian websites

A 19-year-old university student has been detained on suspicion of participating in a wave of computer attacks protesting the Estonian government's removal of a Soviet-era memorial from the center of that country's capital. It was the first arrest in the attacks, which last week shut down many Estonian government websites.
Dan Goodin, 07 May 2007
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HP faces lawsuit by three News.com reporters

Three CNET News.com reporters who were spied on in Hewlett-Packard's methodical investigation to reveal the source of media leaks plan to sue the company for invasion of privacy.
Dan Goodin, 07 May 2007
SuSE Linux

Microsoft-Novell partnership hooks Dell

Dell has become the first major player to show up to Microsoft and Novell's compatibility love-in.
Austin Modine, 07 May 2007

Hotmail is dead! Long live Hotmail!

Microsoft's Hotmail has blossomed into a Web 2.0 service after going through an 11-year ugly duckling phase.
Austin Modine, 07 May 2007

TSA: We're not saying our hard drive is gone but...

The universe has an odd tendency to absorb certain objects into the oblivion of un-existence. Television remotes, single socks, car keys, lighters, external hard drives containing 100,000 employee records, pen caps; they all come and go like tiny dimensional travelers.
Austin Modine, 07 May 2007

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