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Events dear boy, events

Without wishing to be rude about the company, the following could be something or nothing, but as developers and architects start to cover the same ground both parties could well be interested in it.
Martin Banks, 20 Mar 2007

Utah backs calls to boot porn from Port 80

Utah's governor and state legislature has lent its weight to efforts to persuade Congress to pass laws requiring adult content providers to stay off port 80, which generally carries HTTP web surfing traffic.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2007

Dell perfects HP blade copy for Fall performance

ExclusiveDell looks set to copy rival HP with a new blade chassis due out this Fall, The Register has learned.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Mar 2007

Rambus gains breathing space in FTC ding-dong

Rambus is keeping its license to print money from fast memory patents for just a little longer. The US memory chip designer today told the world that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has stayed some of its remedy order against the company - so long as Rambus files its appeal in a "timely" manner.
Drew Cullen, 20 Mar 2007
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NetApp takes crack at energy consumption

Storage tech firms have their part to play in tackling computer power consumption, NetApp said today.
Austin Modine, 20 Mar 2007

Microsoft's search excels in spreading malware

Everybody knows that Windows Live Search, Microsoft's little search engine that could, lags far behind Google and Yahoo! in the race to capture eyeballs. Here's one place where the software juggernaut's offering leads the pack: referrals for sites that actively try to infect end users' machines with some of the vilest malware known to man.
Dan Goodin, 20 Mar 2007

Taking your first steps with SCA

Part 2In the first part of this two part series we introduced the Service Component Architecture (or SCA). SCA aims to make the construction of services simpler and less dependent on detailed knowledge of a range of different specifications within a Service Oriented Architecture (or SOA).
John Hunt, 20 Mar 2007

British Lords applaud Chinese on civil liberties

The UK government faced questions on school fingerprinting in the House of Lords yesterday, led by the accusation that they had a worse track record on civil liberties in this regard than the Chinese.
Mark Ballard, 20 Mar 2007

US team creates malaria-resistant mosquito

US scientists have created a malaria-resistant, genetically-modified (GM) mosquito which they hope might displace its infectious counterpart if introduced into the wild.
Lester Haines, 20 Mar 2007

NPfIT delays plunge NHS trusts into the red

Delays in the implementation of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) have helped plunge some NHS trusts into the red, the public accounts committee report has revealed.
Kablenet, 20 Mar 2007

Sony Micro Vault Tiny capacity now not so tiny

Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007

Blair pushes for citizen-centric services

Prime Minister Tony Blair is urging central and local government to take public sector reform 'a stage further'.
Kablenet, 20 Mar 2007

Charities urged to exploit the web

The Charity Commission is to urge charities to make like an Arctic Monkey and harness the power of the net in their fundraising efforts.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Mar 2007
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Google goes to Africa

Google has done a deal to offer students in Kenya and Rwanda access to Google Apps - its online selection of products including Gmail.
John Oates, 20 Mar 2007

'Bloody foreigners' is racist taunt, say Lords

It can be racist to make reference to "bloody foreigners" even if the insult is no more specific than that, the House of Lords has ruled.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Mar 2007

Apple to revamp iMac as HD TV?

Apple is preparing a slimmer, sexier iMac - if the latest rumours are to be believed. The new line-up is also said to comprise just two, Core 2 Duo-based models with, respectively, widescreen 20in and 24in displays.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007

Vodafone.net email goes belly up

Vodafone's email service has been down since mid-morning yesterday, leaving users cut adrift from their mail.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Mar 2007

Denise Van Outen ordered to get Joss Stoned

US TV bosses have instructed Denise Van Outen to do a Joss Stone and lose her Brit accent - because audiences over the pond have not warmed to her chirpy Essex twang.
Lester Haines, 20 Mar 2007
AMD 740G logo artist's impression

AMD next-gen chipset roadmap leaked?

AMD's plan to introduce HyperTransport 3-equipped processors - the so-called 'star' line, thanks to their astronomy-inspired codenames - in the second half of this year is well known. So it should come as no surprise that the company is readying HT3 chipsets to the same schedule.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007

Arming techies with business nous

My colleague Joyce Becknell and I recently had a very interesting conversation with Martin Griss, dean of education at Carnegie Mellon College in Silicon Valley.
Tony Lock, 20 Mar 2007

Stats office updates shopping basket

DAB radios, satnav systems, and flat-panel tellies are being added to the basket of typical shopping checked by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
John Oates, 20 Mar 2007

China jails writer for six years

A Chinese writer who published essays questioning the Beijing regime online has been sentenced to six years imprisonment.
Christopher Williams, 20 Mar 2007

Fujitsu Siemens readies autumn HSUPA laptop

Fujitsu Siemens (FS) will bring the next-but-one generation of 3G network connectivity - HSUPA - to its Lifebook laptop line-up this coming Autumn, making for faster internet access on the move.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007

Aussies fume over 'frozen' LG digital TVs

Pity poor Australian owners of certain LG LCD and plasma tellies - their big flat screens have begun freezing up during certain digital broadcasts from TV station the Nine Network.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007

Maths boffins solve 248 dimensional problem

Lucy Sherriff, 20 Mar 2007

Science minister names new Patent Office chief

Ian Fletcher has been appointed as the new chief executive of the UK Patent Office. Fletcher, currently serving at the International Directorate in UK Trade and Investment (IDUTI), will succeed Ron Marchant, the incumbent, when he retires at the end of March.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Mar 2007

Nokia pounces on Qualcomm in Euro courts

No sooner has Qualcomm tied up a briefcase full of patent litigation with Broadcom, than Nokia has weighed in with a raft of European suits against the CDMA vendor.
Joe Fay, 20 Mar 2007

World Cup internet charges - just not cricket

Some saw it coming, others didn't. When the first world media decamps to the developing world the last expression you expect to hear is "value for money".
Peter Hayes, 20 Mar 2007

Sony details Euro PS3 old games compatibility

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has begun to tell would-be PlayStation 3 owners just how many PS2 games they'll be able to play on the next-generation console: well over half of the hundreds of titles listed.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007

Yahoo! search! goes! mobile!

Yahoo! is extending its search service to US mobile phone users.
John Oates, 20 Mar 2007

Gateway up on Acer bid talk

Gateway's shares have lifted eight per cent over the past few days as word spreads of a possible takeover bid from Taiwan's Acer.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Mar 2007

Biscit carcass ready for the scrapheap

Administrators for Biscit Internet said today they have almost finished picking over the bones of the ISP, after selling a few scraps to Buckinghamshire outfit O-Bit Telecom last night.
Christopher Williams, 20 Mar 2007

Copy-protection flummoxes German punters

A leading German music download service has criticised the music industry's attachment to DRM after reporting that problems associated with the controversial copy-protection technology are responsible for three in four of its support calls.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2007

Bush team takes heat over global warming science

The Bush administration has been meddling in climate research in a bid to downplay the importance of global warming, according to a memo released by the US House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Mar 2007

UK gov says broken passport system justifies ID cards

Rough fraud figures published by the Identity and Passport Service today have become the government's latest justification for its identity card plans.
Mark Ballard, 20 Mar 2007

IBM and Cisco say 'call us for emergency service'

IBM and Cisco Systems have teamed up to offer government and corporate customers an emergency network and communications service aimed at preventing disruption after system failures.
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Mar 2007

Elton John blags counterfeit Windows

LettersComputer games continued down the bad press highway this week with the news that car racing games tend to make men more dangerous drivers in the real world. Or they could. Or maybe not.
Tracey Cooper, 20 Mar 2007
MySpace teaser

MySpace to be co-opted into Month of Bugs

An unknown duo is promising to devote the entire month of April to disclosing bugs on MySpace, a preferred networking site for teens and the hackers and pedophiles who scam them.
Dan Goodin, 20 Mar 2007

Brocade option backdating dismissal denied

A judge has denied a motion to dismiss charges against two former Brocade Communications executives indicted for backdating stock option grants.
Austin Modine, 20 Mar 2007

Toshiba slashes HD DVD player prices

Toshiba's HD DVD players are set to become cheaper to buy in the US next month. On 1 April, its will apparently cut the price of its three-machine line-up by up to $200.
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2007
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Microsoft invades BrainShare

Novell unveiled upgrades to its enterprise Linux and management software at its annual BrainShare conference in Utah this week.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2007

Nemesis looms over TPC-C benchmark

TPC-C - that venerable server-come-database benchmark from the Transaction Performance Processing Council - looks set to be pensioned off at last with the recent announcement of a new OLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing) benchmark specification, TPC-E.
Martin Banks, 20 Mar 2007

AOL debuts AIM location finder

AOL has introduced a free location plug-in for its AIM instant messaging service, enabling users to see where their AIM buddies are physically located, so long as they are connected via a wireless network.
John Leyden, 20 Mar 2007

Google snubs Net Neutrality debate

The first significant Net Neutrality debate to take place in the UK was held today at Westminster. Chaired by former trade minister Alun Michael and the Conservative shadow trade minister Charles Hendry, the event attracted the chief Telecoms regulator and ministry policy chief, a clutch of industry representatives, and a sprinkling of members of both houses.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Mar 2007
Flag India

Michael Dell slams India's PC taxes

Dell Computers wants to expand its PC market in India, but insists that the country's high tariffs on PCs must go.
Austin Modine, 20 Mar 2007

Microsoft joins OpenAjax party

Microsoft today threw in its lot with the OpenAjax Alliance to push interoperability in Web 2.0.
Gavin Clarke, 20 Mar 2007

Intel's lab crew makes case for 80-core world

ExclusiveI have seen the future. It's full of Agilent testing equipment, clunky Nvidia drivers and enthusiastic, well-educated men.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Mar 2007

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