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Oracle mimics Microsoft's per socket pricing

Oracle has tossed customers a Microsoft-like bone by loosening up its software licensing restrictions for low-end servers running on multi-core chips.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Mar 2007
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Oracle opens arms to TopLink developers

EclipseConOracle has issued a fresh chapter in its quixotic open source strategy by fully opening a key piece of its Java application server and database technology.
Gavin Clarke, 07 Mar 2007

Could the EU provide a forum for rational gaming legislation?

In a ruling sure to ruffle the feathers of those opposed to open and regulated gambling environments, the European Court of Justice today issued its most forceful opinion yet covering the cross border provision of gaming services.
Burke Hansen, 07 Mar 2007

Huawei-3Com taps Expand for WAN software

The convergence of WAN optimisation with core routing may be taking a big step forward, with Huawei-3Com (H3C) buying the rights to use acceleration software from Expand Networks in its upcoming Intelligent Management Centre (iMC) integrated router platform.
Bryan Betts, 07 Mar 2007

Eclipse scrubs up Web 2.0 credentials

EclipseConAfter six years mostly focused on enterprise computing, Eclipse is tackling rich internet applications by expanding into Web 2.0.
Gavin Clarke, 07 Mar 2007

Obi-Wan's Jedi cloak sold

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi cloak sold at auction yesterday for £54,000.
John Oates, 07 Mar 2007

Reuters to start MySpace for City traders

Newswire and financial data service Reuters is to dip another finger in Web 2.0 waters by setting up its own version of MySpace. But the Reuters site will be targeted at City traders rather than US teenagers.
Lewis Page, 07 Mar 2007

English court cannot hear SanDisk MP3 patent case

An attempt by Flash memory card maker SanDisk to take on a group of MP3-related patent holders has failed in an English court. The High Court said all of SanDisk's claims fell outside the court's jurisdiction of England and Wales.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Mar 2007

Oracle pays $3.3bn for Hyperion

CommentLast week, Oracle, one of the industry giants, announced that it has agreed to buy Hyperion Solutions Corporation, by no means a small ISV, for $52 per share - thereby valuing the acquisition at approximately $3.3bn.
Tony Lock, 07 Mar 2007

Samsung fields Flash cache fitted hybrid hard drive

Samsung has begun sending out hybrid hard drives to computer manufacturers, according to a variety of reports coming out of Asia today.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2007

EMC strengthens armour for SMB offensive

CommentEMC has announced several new products targeted at mid-market enterprises seeking to more effectively consolidate, backup, archive, and protect their information.
Clay Ryder, 07 Mar 2007

Tesco charges punter £1 a minute for US freephone call

CommentTesco's pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap philosophy works for most things - but not neccessarily telecoms it appears.
Bill Ray, 07 Mar 2007

US Navy research throws up vomit ray

The US Navy is funding research into a "Star Trek phaser set on 'stun'".
Lewis Page, 07 Mar 2007

Archos über wireless movie player rides in

Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2007

Becta throws shroud over Microsoft deal

The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta) has signed a secrecy clause with Microsoft which prevents it from disclosing the prices schools are paying for software licences.
Kablenet, 07 Mar 2007
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Stormy weather for malware defenses

When the Storm Worm swept through the internet in mid-January, the program's writers took a brute force approach to evading anti-virus defenses: They created a massive number of slightly different copies of the program and released them all at the same time.
Robert Lemos, 07 Mar 2007

Network access control with fewer delays

Nevis Networks reckons it's the first to come up with a version of network access control for the LAN that doesn't get in the way of users.
Bryan Betts, 07 Mar 2007
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Mozilla patches faulty patch

The Mozilla Foundation has patched a faulty patch that was itself subject to a security vulnerability.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2007

Intel waiting for key update before going Vista

If it's not good enough for Intel, is it good enough for you? We're talking Microsoft's Windows Vista, which the chip giant's CEO, Paul Otellini, this week indicated has not won the backing of his technology experts.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2007

Hit the DECT: cordless phones on test

Group TestThe mobile phone may well be enjoying its time in the limelight, but like reality TV stars and the England cricket team, it probably won't last forever. Especially not when you cast your eye over this little lot, the cream of the DECT cordless-phone crop. Where these handsets are concerned, it is indeed good to talk.
Duncan Madden, 07 Mar 2007

Home Office threatens illegal immigrants with text messages

UK.gov has unveiled its latest weapon in its battle against illegal immigration – the fearsome text message.
Joe Fay, 07 Mar 2007

Fortify and the Java open review project

CommentI got some flack recently for daring to suggest (or appearing to) that open source software (OSS) should be "fit for purpose" (here).
David Norfolk, 07 Mar 2007

Babelgum - another new, new TV thing

So P2P TV services really do conform to the proverbial bus cliche: you wait ages for one, then loads of cliches come along at once.
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Mar 2007

New Jersey BOFH cuffed over $10m Cisco scam

A public sector computer technician from New Jersey has been arrested over allegations he took Cisco for $10m through a fraud that exploited the networking giant's programme for replacing broken or defective kit.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2007
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Fraud cost UK at least £13bn in 2005

About £13bn of fraud was committed in the UK in 2005, but the figure could be on the conservative side, a report commissioned by the Association of Chief Police Officers said today.
Mark Ballard, 07 Mar 2007

Readers win with Reg Hardware

Every day this week, Register Hardware is offering readers the chance to win a Nokia E65 smart phone, and we've drawn our first winners...
Register Hardware, 07 Mar 2007

Nokia expands phone software update service

Nokia has powered up its handset software update system, having trialled the tool last year. The web-based system allows phone owners to update their devices without having first to find a service centre to do it for them.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2007

ITV extends Local on-demand service

ITV Local is now open for business in London and Central, after a year of trials in the Meridian region. The online service offers local news, documentaries and films, bulked out with the inevitable user-generated content.
Bill Ray, 07 Mar 2007

Media blasts Cambridge undergrads' drinking habits

Boozy students hurl so much vomit about at Cambridge University that cleaners are now being immunised against Hepatitis, it has been revealed.
Lewis Page, 07 Mar 2007

Banks unleash paper tigers over terror data probe

British banks have responded to European privacy watchdogs, who claim they broke the law by letting US anti-terror investigators have access to the details of their customers' international financial transactions.
Mark Ballard, 07 Mar 2007

Carmakers tout green motors in Geneva

Car manufacturers have been at pains to tout a new green image in the run up to the 77th International Motor Show, which opens tomorrow in Geneva.
Lewis Page, 07 Mar 2007

Italy tops global wiretap league

Britain may have more CCTV cameras per head than anywhere else in the world but when it comes to electronic surveillance the country is way behind Italy, the Netherlands and even Sweden.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2007

Feds fume over Microsoft anti-trust delay

The US Department of Justice told a federal judge it is unhappy with Microsoft's plans to extend a deadline for supplying technical information to licensees documenting how Windows communicates with operating systems and middleware made by other companies.
Dan Goodin, 07 Mar 2007

VMware adds to desktop assault with ACE 2

VMware has hoisted a revamped version of its ACE desktop virtualization software onto a beta testing site.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Mar 2007

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