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GPS tracking Feds bust Cisco reseller 'fraud'

A GPS tracking sting has led to accusations that a reseller defrauded Cisco of millions of dollars in networking gear by fiddling its hardware maintainance program on a grand scale.
Christopher Williams, 02 Mar 2007
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SCO loses another $1m in Q1

The SCO Group's revenue kept on sliding during the first quarter, although the company did reduce losses.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Mar 2007

Why BitTorrent is loving the US (and not loving the rest of the world)

One of the key benefits for BitTorrrent users around the world, was the parity that it achieved in bringing US content to a global audience, albeit mostly in pirated works. Now the new legal BitTorrent service, launched with fanfare this week, received an almost unanimous thumbs down for being unoriginal and unexciting, and that key benefit has been at least temporarily removed.
Faultline, 02 Mar 2007
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Online ads diet planned for Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Systems is the latest boxed-product vendor to put its software online and embrace the ads-based revenue model.
Gavin Clarke, 02 Mar 2007

US Marines stomp suburbia

Remote-controlled operated garage doors, a basic freedom held dear by every home-owning American, have become the latest innocent victims of the War on Terror.
Christopher Williams, 02 Mar 2007

Google removes gaybashing website

After facing criticism for hosting a blog that advocated the killing of gays and lesbians, Google first defended the importance of free speech, then offered a banner warning the site may be offensive to the faint of heart, and then settled on removing the site altogether.
Dan Goodin, 02 Mar 2007

Motorola loses Razr domain name case

Motorola has lost a battle to gain control of the domain name motorazr.com because it failed to prove when it started using the term Moto Razr. The domain name will be kept by its US owner R3 Media.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 Mar 2007

Lawn mowing ex-policeman cannot claim spy breach by private eyes

A former police officer filmed mowing his lawn while on a disability allowance cannot claim that the filming broke the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), according to the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 Mar 2007

Honeybees dropping like flies

British beekeepers are viewing the forthcoming opening of their hives with a certain amount of anxiety; unsure if their colonies have survived the winter.
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2007

Torex Retail to lay off developers

Oxfordshire-based software company Torex Retail is laying off developers, but insists the move is not connected to the ongoing investigation into the company and its financial woes.
John Oates, 02 Mar 2007

Bournemouth Council routes internet through sewer

Bournemouth council offices have been connected up with fibre optic cables run through in the city's sewers.
Bill Ray, 02 Mar 2007

Companies Act timetable published

The Government is acting more slowly than expected in implementing the Companies Act, the piece of legislation that is completely overhauling the way companies are governed.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 Mar 2007

Eircom will 'wipe out' Irish telcos: ALTO

Irish telcos have reacted angrily to Eircom's plan to upgrade its network infrastructure, with one industry group claiming it could eliminate competition.
ElectricNews.net, 02 Mar 2007

IT suppliers overcharging UK.gov

IT firms are ripping off the government by charging more than twice the market rate for staff, according to a recruitment company.
Mark Ballard, 02 Mar 2007

Reclaiming a different legacy

What is "legacy"? It's worth remembering that a lot of systems were written in RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools such as PowerBuilder and Visual Basic in the nineties and this is now often undocumented legacy in small companies (and some not-so-small ones) - just as COBOL systems are in large enterprises.
David Norfolk, 02 Mar 2007
Sony video Walkman

Sony showcases new video MP3 player

Sony has launched a super-slim Walkman video MP3 player that's less than 1cm thick. The NW-A800 series features a 2in colour LCD screen and supports the widely-used MPEG 4 video format.
Scott Snowden, 02 Mar 2007

Mercury Telecommunications feels Ofcom's wrath

Mercury Telecommunications Ltd has been slapped down by Ofcom for incorrectly invoicing a customer in a dispute investigation run by Otelo. The process has left the company not only kicked out of Otelo (the investigating body), but unable to trade legally.
Bill Ray, 02 Mar 2007

Samsung ships 60nm 1Gb DDR 2 DRAM chip

Samsung has begun punching out 60nm 1Gb DDR 2 DRAM chips in volume, the company announced today, claiming it's the first memory maker to do so. It's offering the chip on 512MB, 1GB and 2GB DIMMs, it said.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2007

Irish donkey sex case shocks net

UpdatedNetizens have reacted with a mixture of horror and disbelief to a story which recently appeared on Galway First entitled "Lonely man brought donkey to hotel room, court told".
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2007

Maynor reveals missing Apple flaw

Security researcher David Maynor got some measure of vindication at the Black Hat DC Conference this year. Six months after he and his colleague Jon Ellch claimed that Mac OS X wireless drivers were vulnerable to attack, Maynor on Wednesday revealed the code he used to exploit a native flaw in the platform as well as emails showing he notified Apple of the danger.
Robert Lemos, 02 Mar 2007

The rise of zero-day patches

InterviewZero-day exploits were once the realm of just underground and elite hackers, but their increased prevalence is bringing a positive new trend: unofficial patches from members of the community, offered for protection before official vendor patches appear.
Federico Biancuzzi, 02 Mar 2007

PingWales says hwyl

PingWales, the source for independent IT news in Wales, has been forced to shut up shop just before celebrating its three year anniversary.
John Oates, 02 Mar 2007

Intel 'Bloomfield' to intro 1,366-pin socket?

Intel will next year begin shipping processors with a 1,366 pins, it has been claimed. The interface will use the same land grid array (LGA) as the chip giant's current LGA775 process, but with almost twice as many pins.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2007
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UK councils in email meltdown madness

Email systems and local councils in Britain just don't seem to mix.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2007

AMD chipset roadmap does include Intel

AMD will continue to develop chipsets for Intel processors, the company has apparently claimed, although it also admits it's not shooting for marketshare dominance.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2007

Reg hacks scorched in nuclear flame blitz

FoTWRegular readers will be aware of the Vulture Central tradition which dicates that you're not a fully-fledged Reg hack until you've been subjected to a vicious outburst of e-anger from some reader with steam coming out of his or her ears.
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2007

Cassini eats Saturn

The Cassini spacecraft has moved into a new orbit around Saturn, soaring to ever higher latitudes and greater distances from the planet. The result is that the craft has been able to capture some truly unusual new pictures of the ringed planet.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Mar 2007
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Armed robber offers bank customers loans

An armed blagger who was surrounded by cops in an Austrian bank filled an idle five hours before his arrest by offering phone customers loans, Ananova reports.
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2007

Blindside to mull potholes in road to e-government

What can go wrong with e-enabled government? A consultancy team has set up Blindside to find out. The twist: anyone can post comments to the blog, and anyone can edit the wiki.
Wendy M. Grossman, 02 Mar 2007
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Morse all smiles despite turnover slide

Despite a fall in turnover and profits, Morse says it is pleased with its financial results for the six months ending 31 December, the first since the group split into two six months ago.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Mar 2007

Take That menace UK comms infrastructure

Reformed pop combo Take That - currently enjoying a bit of a renaissance while ex-member Robbie Williams mopes about counting his money - have proved the biggest threat to UK communications networks since the Luftwaffe tried unsuccessfully to bomb the Chain Home radar network in 1940.
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2007

UK.gov probes foreign IT workers

The Home Office has said it will review the way it awards work permits to foreign IT bods following an accusation that Work Permits UK was bending the rules to let outsourcing firms import foreign workers on the cheap.
Mark Ballard, 02 Mar 2007

British porn domain mastermind fights US Government

The British man behind the proposed .xxx internet domain believes the US Government has intervened to thwart his plans. Stuart Lawley is fighting a court battle to retrieve the documents he says would prove his case.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 Mar 2007

BBC promos go GooTube

The BBC played down a new agreement to license content to Google's YouTube website today. Corporation executives admitted that the initial scope of the deal doesn't expand on what the Beeb already offers through its website.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Mar 2007

Bruce Willis ousts Deep Purple for Eurovision title

LettersIt's always good to know you take us seriously, and this reader's practical application of the recent ban on the word solution made all hacks at Vulture Central sit back and sigh with a collective 'Aw, bless'.
Tracey Cooper, 02 Mar 2007

Scotsman wins £1,300 settlement against spammer

An Edinburgh man has obtained damages of more than £1,300 from British-based spammer.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2007

Blu-ray backer Samsung shows HD DVD laptop

Samsung may be a fully paid up member of the Blu-ray Disc supporters club, but that hasn't kept it out of the HD DVD camp, and today it showed off a 17in widescreen notebook that's key component is a HD DVD drive.
Tony Smith, 02 Mar 2007

MacRumors vigilantes nail UK teen scammer

A British teenager who tried to scam fellow MacRumors members learned the hard way that when enraged fanboys get up a head of indignant steam, you'd better run for cover.
Lester Haines, 02 Mar 2007

Bogus Wikipedia Prof. was blessed then promoted

It's been a busy week for the pipeline that connects the consensus-reality wonderland of Wikipedia with Planet Earth.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Mar 2007

Novell posts drop in revenues and profits

Novell has recorded a $12m drop in revenues for the first quarter of 2007.
ElectricNews.net, 02 Mar 2007

EMI rejects Warner bid

EMI's board today rejected an approach by Warner Music Group, saying the price was too low and the format of the bid too cumbersome.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Mar 2007

There is life beyond .NET, says Microsoft (really)

The acceptance of new abstract concepts can sometimes be harmful to entrenched philosophical (and marketing) positions. Microsoft's announcement this week that it is to bolster the business process management (BPM) software market is an admission that there are parts of the world which are not wholly Microsoft.
Phil Manchester, 02 Mar 2007

Wanted: social workers (Klansmen preferred)

A chilling illustration of the perils of copywriting by committee comes to us from West Sussex County Council human resources department. The engine of UK south coast municipal governance is advertising for two "enthusiastic and committed" individuals to coordinate racist incidents across the county.
Christopher Williams, 02 Mar 2007

Vista product activation unpicked

The activation method used by Microsoft to protect Vista from piracy is under attack on multiple fronts.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2007
eBay teaser 75

eBay plugs hole in sign-on page

A week or more after it was brought to its attention, eBay has plugged a hole in its sign-on page that was being exploited by phishers.
Dan Goodin, 02 Mar 2007
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Office 2007 bug delights Francophiles everywhere

Much to the delight of Francophiles everywhere, Microsoft's Office 2007 switches Outlook Express spell-checkers to work only in French. Those disposed to communicate in other languages are being advised to use third-party programs.
Dan Goodin, 02 Mar 2007

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