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HP profits propagate

HP reported a 26 per cent hike in quarterly profits on Tuesday, underscoring its advantage over Dell.
Christopher Williams, 21 Feb 2007

CodeGear polishes Delphi jewels

CodeGear, Borland Software's tools subsidiary, has added support for Windows Vista and PHP to Borland's Delphi integrated development environment for Windows.
Gavin Clarke, 21 Feb 2007

Dell hits Rollins with $5m slap to the face

Dell's executive compensation committee has proved the cruelest of masters, handing ex-CEO Kevin Rollins a piddling $5m on his way out of Round Rock. The company today revealed the embarrassing payout in a SEC filing, detailing its parting of ways from Rollins.
Ashlee Vance, 21 Feb 2007

Vista: Gates backs Ballmer against confused analysts

Bill Gates has defended sales of Windows Vista after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer chided analysts for being "overly aggressive" on the company's effect on the PC market.
Gavin Clarke, 21 Feb 2007

Iraqi sniper claims soldiers' lives on Google Video

Warning: Graphic contentIslamic militants may not approve of the West's way of life, but they seem to have no qualms about using the information technology it perfected to spread propaganda.
Dan Goodin, 21 Feb 2007

Blog: Kalido updates MDM tool

Kalido announced the latest release of its master data management solution, MDM 8 Release 3, today. Now, I have real problems with MDM, because in my old-fashioned way, I expect product codes, customer numbers and the like to be subject to data analysis like anything else and stored in databases or data warehouses as appropriate to their business access patterns (see my comment here).
David Norfolk, 21 Feb 2007
graph up

SNIA promises new push for IP SANs

The Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) says it will put more effort into promoting IP-based storage area networks, or SANs. That means iSCSI, although you might not realise it from reading the trade group's statements on the topic.
Bryan Betts, 21 Feb 2007

Microsoft relaxes virtual SQL Server terms

Microsoft has updated the licensing terms and conditions of its popular database for the benefit of virtualized computing environments.
Gavin Clarke, 21 Feb 2007

CBS and YouTube decide against marriage

A proposed deal which would have seen clips of CBS shows posted on YouTube has collapsed, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 21 Feb 2007

Email addicts offered 12-step detox

A Pennsylvania "executive coach" is offering hopeless email addicts a 12-step detox programme "designed to tackle their obsession", Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 21 Feb 2007

AirMagnet bids to analyse Cisco

WLAN analysis outfit AirMagnet has brought out software designed to work with Cisco's Unified Wireless Network. AirMagnet already has a version of the tool, which is called Enterprise Analyzer, for Aruba's Mobile Edge Architecture.
Bryan Betts, 21 Feb 2007

eBay gives Britney's hair the chop

The shaved locks of "troubled" US chanteuse Britney Spears have been removed from eBay, according to the official "Buy Britneys [sic] Hair" website.
Lester Haines, 21 Feb 2007

Whitehall should share digital dialogues

Government departments need to share their experience of online dialogues with the public, according to a new report.
Kablenet, 21 Feb 2007

Hornet death squads menace France

The French honey industry is under threat from hordes of bee-massacring oriental hornets, the Daily Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 21 Feb 2007

EC unveils strategy for spectrum liberalisation

Improved management of Europe's airwaves could boost electronic communications industry revenues by billions of euros per year, according to Brussels.
Maxim Kelly, 21 Feb 2007

Mac or PC? You've seen the ads, how do you choose for business?

CommentI was asked if I, as a Mac user, would recommend one to a business user who is buying a personal machine for business use. I am the proud owner of an iconic Mac PowerBook G4, an eye-catching brushed metal effort that I purchased back in 2004. I have never owned a Mac desktop, being strictly Intel/Microsoft, but I travel enough using the Mac as a main machine to attempt some type of comparison.
David Perry, 21 Feb 2007

Ticket-dodging Oz boy racer boasts of exploits online

A 22-year-old Aussie driver who decided to ignore a "major defect notice" on his Nissan 200 SX was busted after rather brilliantly boasting of his escape from cops in an internet chat room.
Lester Haines, 21 Feb 2007
Lexar 45Mbps UDMA card

Lexar launches 45Mbps UDMA cards

Lexar has launched a range of Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) cards that write data at 45MB per second potentially reducing download time for digital photos considerably.
Dan Ilett, 21 Feb 2007

UK wiretap watchdog wants MPs tapped

Official figures have revealed that UK law enforcement agencies and other government agencies made 439,000 requests to tap telephones and email addresses in a 15 month period between 2005 and 2006.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2007

US drones to pack crowd controlling strobe beam

The US military has taken another step forward with its research into "non-lethal crowd control systems" after reaching back into the disco era for inspiration.
Lewis Page, 21 Feb 2007

Blair spams road protesters

The petition opposing Tony Blair's proposal to introduce road pricing and vehicle tracking closed last night and the 1.8 million signatories all received an email, supposedly from the Prime Minister, explaining why their opposition is misguided.
John Oates, 21 Feb 2007

New Zealanders flock to AdultSheepFinder.com

New Zealanders are flocking to an exciting new online initiative aimed at connecting sheep fanciers with their perfect date - AdultSheepFinder.com (NSFW).
Lester Haines, 21 Feb 2007

Whopping widescreen Wii

You might have a 38in widescreen HDTV...you might even have a 50-in plasma display...you might even have a projector system set up as your source of home entertainment...but it's extremely unlikely you'll be able to top this...
Scott Snowden, 21 Feb 2007

AMD wants to be seen as green

AMD is to sell low-wattage processors in a bid to join the campaign of many IT companies to be seen to be green.
Dan Ilett, 21 Feb 2007

Committee blasts delays to new UK armoured vehicles

In the latest blow to a beleaguered MoD, the influential Parliamentary Defence Committee has release a stinging review of the ongoing Future Rapid Effects System (FRES) project.
Lewis Page, 21 Feb 2007

IBM/PSI legal wrangle may give Itanium new life

Leaving aside the arm-wrestling practice IBM's legal department is currently getting with Platform Solutions Inc (PSI) and its ability to run IBM mainframe applications on any reasonably spec'd Itanium-based server, the availability of such software tools marks a development that could interest developers.
Martin Banks, 21 Feb 2007
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MSN punts 'scareware'

UpdatedMicrosoft has admitted its Windows Live Messenger client displayed banner ads for several days punting an application blacklisted as a security risk. Shortly after Microsoft made the admission, other outlets reported that MSN Groups displayed ads for a separate piece of software widely regarded as rogue.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2007

Vivianne Reding named 2006's 'villain of the internet'

European Commissioner Vivianne Reding is the internet's biggest villain of the year, according to UK internet service providers. She was given the title by the ISP Association (ISPA) in protest at the rules for registering a .eu domain name.
OUT-LAW.COM, 21 Feb 2007
alienware 7500 PC

Alienware upgrades to warp speed

PC manufacturer Alienware today announced that the Area-51 7500 desktop will now feature the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor.
Scott Snowden, 21 Feb 2007

Viacom boost for Joost

Viacom is playing divide and rule with the internet TV wannabes. After issuing 100,000 take down notices to YouTube contributors, the media giant has signed a deal that allows Joost to distribute its content legitimately.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Feb 2007

Dutch demand ban of virtual child porn in Second Life

The Dutch prosecutor's office is considering legal actions to test the law against child porn in the popular virtual game Second Life. With no clear litigation, it is difficult to act against perpetrators.
Jan Libbenga, 21 Feb 2007
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Microsoft shakes up the UK channel

Microsoft is shaking up its channel strategy to better support existing partners and to add new companies.
John Oates, 21 Feb 2007

ASA slams 'misleading' eBay ad

eBay has been rapped over the knuckles by the UK advertising industry regulator for a misleading web ad.
Lewis Page, 21 Feb 2007

MoD auction site looks to spice up couples' sex life

A cash-strapped UK Ministry of Defence is resorting to increasingly desperate measures in the struggle to get its finances back on track. The latest of these is the setting up of an eBay-style online auction site to flog the military's surplus gear, already reported in these pages.
Lewis Page, 21 Feb 2007

iPhone: A walk down Memory Lane

The iPhone has been with us for many years, in a variety of forms, and its slow and painstaking development has taken many twists and turns before reaching its forthcoming destination.
Bill Ray, 21 Feb 2007
Earth Treck USB hub

Sticky tape USB stick holder

Reminiscent of something you might find in the workshop of a mad inventor, the latest in the equip-everything-with-USB craze, according to Akihabara News, is the USB hub Sellotape dispenser, made by a Hong Kong-based company called Earth-Trek.
Scott Snowden, 21 Feb 2007

TSA makes a hash of 'no-fly' redress site

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website has not been hacked by identity thieves, despite appearances to the contrary.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2007

Google patches critical desktop flaw

Google has fixed a security flaw in its desktop search software that created a means for hackers to rifle through personal files on users' PCs.
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2007

Gutenberg comes to mobile

Wattpad has added a significant chunk of the Gutenberg Project catalogue to its mobile phone application. It is making 17,000 books available for easy download to most mobile phones.
Bill Ray, 21 Feb 2007
For Sale sign detail

Linux breakthrough for Visual Basic developers

Windows developers can now port Visual Basic applications to Linux without modifying their code, using an open source project backed by Novell.
Gavin Clarke, 21 Feb 2007

IBM preps UK job cuts

ExclusiveIBM is expected to announce redundancies in at the UK arm of its service delivery business, Integrated Technology Delivery.
Mark Ballard, 21 Feb 2007

Microsoft's SAM carrot

In an interesting twist in the battle against software piracy, Microsoft UK is promoting the benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM) under a scheme which rewards honesty - richly. It says the voluntary self-start SAM programme it introduced last November can save businesses a significant sum on licensing fees - in addition to giving them peace of mind.
Phil Manchester, 21 Feb 2007

NASA spies on dry, dusty worlds

For the first time, astronomers have measured the composition of a planet outside the solar system, in what NASA says is a key step in its quest for extraterrestrial life.
Christopher Williams, 21 Feb 2007

MS dirty tricks archive trickles back to life

The 3,000 document archive from the Comes antitrust trial, which disappeared from the web abruptly when Microsoft settled the case last week, is beginning to trickle back into view.
Andrew Orlowski, 21 Feb 2007

Police bust 300-strong 'paedophile ring'

A worldwide undercover police operation infiltrated and shut down an online network of 300 paedophiles, police said on Wednesday.
Christopher Williams, 21 Feb 2007

Sun unsheathes mysterious multi-threaded NIC

Sun Microsystems has moved to slice and dice I/O operations with a new – albeit unnamed – network interface card (NIC).
Ashlee Vance, 21 Feb 2007

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