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Hacker cracks HD copy protection

A lone hacker has unlocked the master key preventing the copying of high-definition DVDs in a development that is sure to get the entertainment industry's knickers wrapped tighter than a magnet's coil. What's more, the individual was able to defeat the technology with no cracking tools or reverse engineering, despite the millions of dollars and many years engineers put into developing the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) for locking down high-definition video.
Dan Goodin, 14 Feb 2007
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Analyst reverses stance on Red Hat threat

CommentThe Wall Street analyst whose inaccurate forecasts sparked prophecies of doom for Red Hat is back, but this time she's making a much more upbeat assessment of the company.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Feb 2007

Sun dims LAMP, AMPS up Solaris

Sun Microsystems has come up with its own version of the certified LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) software stack. It won't take you too long to spot the difference.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Feb 2007

BT signs up HBO, Universal for VoD

Home Box Office, maker of The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm, is to supply content to BT Vision, the video on demand service from BT, along with Universal, which will provide access to their library of music videos.
Bill Ray, 14 Feb 2007
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Road pricing petition saved by Super SIM

LettersSurprisingly, not much has been troubling you this week, but the trawl of the mailbag did uncover one topic that's driven you right round the bend - Tony Blair's latest online petitions website, which this week chalked up more than one million signatories protesting against the mooted introduction of road pricing. Pull over, road rage to follow:
Tracey Cooper, 14 Feb 2007

Camera phones to de-throne the digital camera?

Mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly looking to integrate established technology from the digital camera industry, and an Irish company is at the forefront.
Maxim Kelly, 14 Feb 2007

Bogus online reviews face EU ban

Business people who write fake reviews of their own products will fall foul of new European laws from next year. Laws banning businesses from misleading consumers will bar the act.
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Feb 2007

UK workers find love in the office

As cards and flowers wind their way through office postal systems for St Valentine's Day, research has revealed that one in six workers have had a relationship with their boss. Almost 60 per cent of workers have had romantic encounters with workmates.
OUT-LAW.COM, 14 Feb 2007

Nvidia lauds record-breaking fourth quarter

Nvidia last night reported a record quarterly revenenue when it posted the results of Q4 FY2007. The quarter, which ended on 28 January, saw sales rise to $878.9m, up 39 per cent on the year-ago quarter and seven per cent on the previous three-month period.
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2007

Japanese cabbies take mobile drink drive test

3GSMJapanese transport firms are using mobile phone technology to prevent drunk drivers from starting their shifts.
John Leyden, 14 Feb 2007

Bristol TV trial proves 3G won't interfere with 3G

3GSMIP Wireless has announced the successful end of its Bristol-based broadcast TV trial, which has been running for the last few months in conjunction with Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, and 3.
Bill Ray, 14 Feb 2007

HTC quietly launches classic-style PDA phone

3GSMSmart-phone maker HTC announced a trio of new devices this week... or did it? In fact, it launched four products, but for some strange reason only mentioned three of them in its document. Would you welcome, then, the 'missing' HTC 3GSM device, the P3400.
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2007

Mobile anti-radiation - a telecoms 'inflight life-jacket'?

3GSM columnA cynic's first response to the offer of a magic device to protect phone users from radiation is to laugh and go find someone else to talk to. Don't. You may believe that the Exradia chip will never save a single life, or even prevent a single disease, but that doesn't mean they won't sell them.
Guy Kewney, 14 Feb 2007

eBayer buys penis pump, ditches Ferrari

One eBayer seems to have provided proof of something most chaps have long suspected: that acquiring a big, red shiny car which goes very fast does not in fact make your penis bigger.
Lester Haines, 14 Feb 2007

Don't get infected on Valentine's Day

There's Valentine's Day worms and phishing spam doing the rounds, and they're going to give you an infection you'd rather not have.
Bryan Betts, 14 Feb 2007

Fashion world gets cyber catwalk

Fashionistas will be waking up and logging on this morning before heading off to the oh-so-skinny-size-zero-who-looks-the-most-ridiculous-this-season-face-off that is London Fashion Week, as they now have IQONS, their very own social networking website to play with.
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 2007

'Your future is in your hand,' says talking urinal

Back in July last year, we reported on the latest innovation in urinal technology: the "Wizmark Urinal Communicator", designed to give forth whenever some unsuspecting bar customer points his pecker at the porcelain.
Lester Haines, 14 Feb 2007

Shuttle launches 'world's first' quad-core SFF PC

Shuttle has unveiled what it claims are the world's first small form-factor computers equipped with quad-core processors. Aimed at the pro market, the two machines are fitted with Intel Xeon chips rather than the more commonplace Core 2 Quad.
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2007

HD DVD, Blu-ray copy protection cracked again

The Advanced Access Content System (AACS) has been cracked. A contributor to the Doom9 online forum has figured out how to extract the so-called Processing Key (PK) from an HD player, allowing any currently available HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc to be copied.
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2007
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Microsoft's fat patch Tuesday

Microsoft pushed patches for 12 vulnerabilities out of the door yesterday, six of them classed as critical and six of them important.
Team Register, 14 Feb 2007

Hayabusa probe to limp back to Earth

Japanese scientists will next month attempt to guide the country's sickly Hayabusa probe back to Earth, New Scientist reports.
Lester Haines, 14 Feb 2007

Sony offers PS3 punters free copy of Blu-ray Bond

Sony's desire to cash in on Casino Royale continued this week when the consumer electronics giant's Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) said it will send out half a million copies of the movie on Blu-ray Disc to the first PS3 users to register their purchase online.
Hard Reg, 14 Feb 2007

Ringtones will always be bigger than mobile smut

3GSMRingtones and music will always take a bigger slice of the mobile content market than games or erotica, according to an adult content aggregator.
John Leyden, 14 Feb 2007

Slingbox shrugs off video on demand

3GSMThe folks behind the Slingbox aren't worried by traditional broadcasters getting into video on demand because, they claim, their boxes offer a far more personalised experience.
John Oates, 14 Feb 2007

Nvidia to launch MCP73 chipset trio 'later this year'

Nvidia's upcoming MCP73 single-chip chipset for Intel processors will be offered in three versions, it has been claimed: two integrated models and one without a built-in GPU.
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2007

Wind and sun powered base station powers up in Africa

3GSMMotorola is trialling the used of wind and solar powered generators as an alternative to diesel power for remote GSM cell sites.
John Leyden, 14 Feb 2007

Google ditches invites for email service

Google will drop the invite system for signing up to Gmail service as of tomorrow.
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 2007

Nationwide fined £980,000 over stolen laptop

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined The Nationwide Building Society £980,000 for the loss of a laptop which contained "confidential customer data" on 11 million customers.
Lester Haines, 14 Feb 2007

Nokia-Intel 'super 3G' laptop module romance over

Intel and Nokia will not now produce an add-in module for laptops to provided connectivity to 3G cellular networks, the Finnish phone giant admitted today, less than six months after the product was announced.
Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2007
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Vista first look: Bugs and confusion

ReviewThe most prominent feature of Windows Vista is its cost. So, before we get into the nuts and bolts of how it behaves, let's talk about value for money. Because at these prices, it had better be good.
Thomas C Greene, 14 Feb 2007

Google mislays 'L' for Luuurv

UpdatedGoogle has continued its tradition of offering themed logos on days of international import, and is currently sporting a Valentine's Day effort featuring a chocolate-dipped strawberry in place of the usual "g".
Lester Haines, 14 Feb 2007

Neonode announces 'iPhone Nano'-esque N2

Tony Smith, 14 Feb 2007

3GSM 2007: all the stories, all the goodies

3GSM brought a bumper crop of handsets and hype to Barcelona. Here are all of Reg Hardware's 3GSM 2007 stories, brought together for your reading pleasure...
Register Hardware, 14 Feb 2007

Was Julie Amero wrongly convicted?

CommentSubstitute teacher Julie Amero faces up to 40 years in prison for exposing kids to porn using a classroom computer, but the facts strongly suggest that she was wrongfully convicted. Many issues remain, from the need for an independent computer forensics investigation and the presence of spyware and adware on the machine, to bad or incomplete legal work on both sides of this criminal case.
Mark Rasch, 14 Feb 2007

Blair ready to spam Britain

Tony Blair is planning to put even further strain on Number 10’s creaking IT infrastructure, by emailing everyone who’s signed the infamous petition against road charging.
Joe Fay, 14 Feb 2007

Warner chooses Telenor for mobile content deals

3GSMWarner Music Group (WMG) will deliver music content to mobiles in both Europe and Asia in a deal with Norwegian mobile operator, Telenor.
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 2007

Microsoft and Iowa dream up settlement

Microsoft has settled a lawsuit alleging it exploited its dominant position to overcharge Iowa state consumers $453m in the last 12 years.
Gavin Clarke, 14 Feb 2007

SF's Google-Earthlink quagmire deepens

San Francisco's bid to work with Google and EarthLink to provide city-wide WiFi access has faced another setback, as supervisors opted to delay a key vote.
Dan Goodin, 14 Feb 2007

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