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Inclusiveness is new Oracle search word

Oracle is beefing up its enterprise search, by offering links to non-Oracle applications and data repositories. The idea is to make it a compete more creditably in this fieled against Google and IBM.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Feb 2007
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SMEs to get IP health check

A hand-picked group of 40 small businesses in the UK is to be offered "intellectual property health checks" by the Department of Trade and Industry, in line with recommendations laid out in the Gowers review on intellectual property.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Feb 2007

.Eu a hit with users, but a mystery to others

A large majority of British businesses with a .eu domain name believe it to be an effective business tool in a recent survey, while a separate survey found that half of UK businesses do not even know what the .eu domain stands for.
OUT-LAW.COM, 05 Feb 2007
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Inefficient Ethernet wastes over $1bn a year

Energy saving has so far focused on PCs, servers and the like, but now networks have been fingered as major wasters of power. An industry group has claimed that Ethernet's poor use of energy could be wasting as much as $450m a year - or 5.8TW-h - in the US. And perhaps three times that much, worldwide.
Bryan Betts, 05 Feb 2007
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Security watchers lambast Vista

Windows Vista has only just left the starting blocks but security watchers have wasted no time in challenging claims that it provides improved security defences.
John Leyden, 05 Feb 2007

Superbowl Trojan menaces gridiron fans

Hackers targeted Superbowl-related websites last week in attempt to direct American football fans to sites hosting malware.
John Leyden, 05 Feb 2007

Woman sets new spacewalking record

Sunita Williams has taken the women's world record for the most time spacewalking, after completing a seven hour excursion outside the International Space Station (ISS).
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Feb 2007

Mac TV ads: Gates loses cool

CommentIn his public appearances, Bill Gates often appears to be so heavily sedated that the the private, peevish Bill we know and love from his internal emails rarely erupts.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Feb 2007

World chip sales break record but miss industry forecast

World chip sales totalled $247.7bn last year, the US-centric Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said late Friday. Alas that's below the SIA's own full-year sales forecast of $248.8bn, a prediction made only last November.
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007

Sun updates Solaris 10

CommentSun has announced a series of updates to its flagship Solaris operating system. Solaris 10 11/06 OS enhances efficiency, safety, and reliability.
Clay Ryder, 05 Feb 2007

Act of God hampers spam

Mother Nature may be hitting back at the scourge of spam-filled inboxes, according to IE Internet.
Maxim Kelly, 05 Feb 2007

Dell sued for chip kickbacks

Dell shareholders are suing the computer maker over allegations it took kickbacks from Intel to maintain an exclusive relationship with the chipmaker. The class action suit alleges Dell's profits were inflated by as much as $800m a year by the payments. The money was paid as long as Dell rejected chips from rival supplier AMD. Dell only started offering machines with AMD processors last year.
John Oates, 05 Feb 2007

Intel readies x86 system-on-a-chip as XScale successor

Intel's plan to develop an x86-based system-on-a-chip line is well known - we reported on it way back in August 2005, for instance - but only now are details of the XScale replacement starting to emerge as the chip giant briefs potential customers.
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007

No end in sight for Libra

Nine years after the project began, the government is still failing to put a completion date on the roll out of the IT system for magistrates' courts.
Kablenet, 05 Feb 2007

Mobile drives graphics chip market in Q4

AMD grew its graphics market share in Q4 2006, despite a market that was largely static as a boom in mobile GPUs was effectively balanced by a slide in desktop products, figures from market watcher Jon Peddie Research (JPR) reveal.
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007

Palm announces unlocked 'super 3G' Treo 750

Palm will tomorrow begin selling an unlocked version of its Windows Mobile-based 3G smart phone, the Treo 750. Not only unlocked, but also HSDPA-capable, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007

Hunt for bird flu source goes on

Government investigators are racing to uncover the source of the Suffolk bird flu outbreak which has seen 160,000 turkeys slaughtered in a mass cull expected to end this morning.
Christopher Williams, 05 Feb 2007

Russian officials: No threat from yellow snow

A mysterious fall of yellow snow in the Omsk region of Siberia has had locals worried, but officials says it is not toxic.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Feb 2007

Sword-wielding robot smites by Wii Remote

Someone has adapted an industrial robot to allow it to be controlled using the remote controller that ships with Nintendo's Wii games console. A neat example of Wii Remote hackery, to be sure, but what'll happen when the robot gets to hold its own controller?
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007

Paris Hilton kyboshes ParisExposed.com

Prodigiously talented heiress Paris Hilton has won her battle to take down a website which was hawking a selection of videos, pictures and personal data she left in a forgotten storage facility.
Christopher Williams, 05 Feb 2007

Shocking news on lunar surface

Scientists have discovered that the surface of the moon can accumulate a huge charge of static electricity - up to 4,500 V has been detected so far. The scientists, writing in Geophysics Research Letters number 34, say that their findings could have significant implications for those planning to colonise the rocky globe.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Feb 2007

Don't get hit by a 'bad comms day'

When people get issued with their first mobile email device, they invariably get obsessed for a period of time with the novelty of the thing. A few, sadly, remain addicted and never move on from this phase, giving rise to the "CrackBerry" label among BlackBerry users, the occasional divorce, and perhaps the odd nervous breakdown.
Dale Vile, 05 Feb 2007

Solwise PL-200AV 200Mbps powerline Ethernet adaptor

ReviewDevolo's first HomePlug AV powerline Ethernet adaptor, the dLAN 200 AVdesk, wasn't a unit that plugs straight into a mains power socket, unlike Netgear's HDX101, which I reviewed last week and, for that matter, UK vendor Solwise's 200Mbps PL-200AV product. But while the HDX101 and the Solwise use much the same form-factor, they're based on different technologies.
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007
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Capita hit by letter bomb

London-based outsourcing specialist Capita confirmed there was an explosion at its Victoria Street office this morning, injuring one female staff member.
John Oates, 05 Feb 2007

WD ships eSATA external hard drive

Western Digital has extended its My Book line of hardback-like external hard drive units with model incorporating an eSATA port alongside the customary USB 2.0 connector.
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007

Writing the Rules

Hands onRules engines are now a common business tool, helping automate what are often complex decision-making processes. Now with web front-ends and business language IDEs, there's a lot to look at when choosing your software.
Simon Bisson, 05 Feb 2007
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Hackers target unpatched Office flaw

Microsoft has warned of an unpatched vulnerability in its Office productivity suite.
John Leyden, 05 Feb 2007

UK makes complete FIST of hi-tech soldiering

AnalysisAnyone who likes gadgets should give some thought to joining the infantry. Okay, the pay is peanuts, the work is grim, you'll have to live in a baking fortified camp in Southwest Asia, where you might easily get blown up, shot, or have to strip naked and fight your buddies with rollmats. But you will get some neat toys. Already the soldiery have thermal imagers, night sights, headset radios, and a military wireless network called Bowman.
Lewis Page, 05 Feb 2007

150 ways to let hackers in

To paraphrase Paul Simon, there are 150 ways to leave your software open to attack, according to Fortify Software, the Palo Alto-based security software specialist.
Phil Manchester, 05 Feb 2007

Apple settles with Apple

Apple Inc, formerly known as Apple Computer, has settled its long running court action with the Beatles' record label Apple Corps. Apple, the computer maker, will now get all relevant logos and trademarks, but will license some back to Apple Corp - the music label.
John Oates, 05 Feb 2007

US immigration cavity search ends in agony

US immigration officials insisted the sufferer of an anal infection remove a small piece of medical thread which was being used by doctors to treat the condition. The man required treatment under general anaesthetic as a result.
Christopher Williams, 05 Feb 2007

FTC sets Rambus DDR SDRAM royalty rate

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has told Rambus how much the memory technology developer may levy in royalties on SDRAM and DDR SDRAM devices for the next three years, after which the company may not charge any royalties at all. Rambus said it was "disappointed" with the ruling and stated its plan to appeal against the ruling.
Tony Smith, 05 Feb 2007

Ericsson puts Turner channels on cellphones

Ericsson and Turner Broadcasting will launch a series of “off the deck” portals to carry the media giant’s content worldwide, the firms announced today.
Joe Fay, 05 Feb 2007

Smile says sorry as frowning bank customers left cashless

The Co-operative Bank has apologised to customers unable to get their hands on their cash this morning because of computer problems.
John Oates, 05 Feb 2007

Paedophile trio locked up on chat room evidence

Three paedophiles who used internet chat rooms to plot to kidnap and rape two sisters were jailed for a total of 27 years at Southern Crown Court on Monday.
Christopher Williams, 05 Feb 2007

US ID theft losses decline

US identity theft losses dropped 11.5 per cent last year to $49.3bn, according to a new study.
John Leyden, 05 Feb 2007

VMware barges into SMBs with new bundle

Well entrenched in the data centers of the Fortune 100, VMware has decided to go after the little guy. The software maker this week plans to roll out a new server virtualization management bundle aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
Ashlee Vance, 05 Feb 2007

Oracle sued by blind workers in Texas

Oracle is being taken to task in a lawsuit that complains software it sold to the state of Texas is unusable by blind employees.
Dan Goodin, 05 Feb 2007

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