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ICO approves council tax data share

The Information Commissioner's Office has given a green light to councils sharing council tax information.
Kablenet, 30 Jan 2007

BeOS: the Mac OS X might-have-been

Forgotten TechAs World+Dog gets its head around Windows Vista, lets look back at an operating system that might have been a contender, very nearly becoming Apple's next-generation OS and, but for Linux, almost certainly the key alternative to Windows in the x86 world. Ladies and gentlemen, who remembers the Be OS?
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2007

Boffins boot up shoe database

British scientists have scored another first in the battle to beat international crime, launching a database of shoe types.
Joe Fay, 30 Jan 2007

Paris: 'stop exposing me'

Paris Hilton is going after the website that is displaying possessions she forgot to reclaim from a storage lockup, saying she was “appalled” her personal items were being exploited for commercial gain.
Joe Fay, 30 Jan 2007

AMD Fusion to target laptops at first

AMD's 'Fusion' processors, due to ship around two years from now, will initially target mobile machines as the chip maker pitches the product's superior performance-per-Watt characteristics, it revealed this week.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2007

Tech industry most trusted in Ireland: survey

Would you buy a used car from this man (right)? You would if he worked in the technology sector, according to a new survey.
Emmet Ryan, 30 Jan 2007

Outsourcing won't save you money

Although the outsourcing market has matured rapidly in the last couple of years, we still encounter many companies that see outsourcing as a cost-saving exercise.
Clive Longbottom, 30 Jan 2007

EU Parliament votes today on new IP laws

UpdatedThe European Parliament's committee for legal affairs meets today to vote on proposals for criminal penalties to be imposed on those who infringe intellectual property (IP) rights.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jan 2007

Hubble's main camera dies a death

Hubble's main camera, the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACFS), has shut down following an electrical failure.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jan 2007

Firefox 2.0: happier browsing, but secure?

ReviewIt's long past time to bother telling anyone how much better than IE Firefox is. Faster, smaller, more responsive, with tabbed browsing and useful extensions galore. It's also lot more secure than IE, partly because it's open source, and particularly because it's not integrated with the underlying OS.
Thomas C Greene, 30 Jan 2007

'Hobbit' islanders given species claim boost

Another salvo has been fired in the row over whether the remains of the Indonesian "Hobbit" people actually represent a separate species, or just malformed Homo sapiens.
Christopher Williams, 30 Jan 2007

Verizon turned down iPhone's advances

Verizon Wireless was the first company offered exclusive access to the iPhone, but turned Apple away because of problems with the proposed business model. Cingular had no such reservations, and will be selling Steve Jobs' "revolution" later this year.
Bill Ray, 30 Jan 2007

Intel to take axe to Core 2 Quad pricing on 22 April?

Intel is set to slash the price it charges for its quad-core processor, the Core 2 Quad Q6600, on 22 April, Asian industry moles have claimed. The April quarter should also see the arrival of further Core 2 Duo and Core 2-derived Pentium processors.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2007

Sapphire unveils AMD's unannounced X1950 GT

AMD's anticipated ATI Radeon X1950 GT graphics chip has come to market on a board built by Sapphire, announced yesterday. AMD has itself yet to formally signal the part's arrival.
Hard Reg, 30 Jan 2007

Intel said to have Extreme-brand laptop CPU in the pipeline

Intel is said to be preparing a pair of dual-core Core 2 Extreme processors specifically developed for gamer-friendly notebooks, the first coming in Q2/Q3, the second arriving as a follow-up in Q4.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2007

Swedes to open embassy in Second Life

Sweden has announced its intention to be the first nation to have an embassy in Second Life, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Jan 2007

Apple colours iPod Shuffle line-up

Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2007

Microsoft researcher Jim Gray lost at sea

California coastguards are searching for Microsoft researcher Jim Gray, who was reported missing at 8.30pm on Sunday after failing to return from a solo boat trip.
Christopher Williams, 30 Jan 2007

My big, fat, lily-white Second Life

NSFW ColumnRoleplay in Second Life begins with the creation of one's avatar, or one's primary character. For many residents, the avatar, while certainly a character, also reflects something of the owner's real-life self. Sometimes this will involve a desire or a curiosity for which real life offers no route to satisfaction or exploration.
Destiny Welles, 30 Jan 2007

Apple posts $2 802.11n Wi-Fi patch

Apple has posted software that will allow Macs with 802.11n-capable Wi-Fi adaptors to support the latest incarnation of the as yet non-standard next-generation wireless networking technology. And yes, the company wants $1.99 or £1.25 for it, depending on your location.
Tony Smith, 30 Jan 2007

Acquiring Code Craft

Book reviewBooks on programming language x, technology y, and methodology z are 10 a penny. Bookshop shelves groan under the weight of books promising to teach programming x, y or z in 21 days, 7 days, 24 hours, 10 minutes, 30 seconds...
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 30 Jan 2007
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Vista launches to muted applause

Vista has been delayed so many times that the audience didn't seem surprised that the start time slipped back by twenty minutes. About two hundred journalists and Microsoft partners gathered at the British Library conference centre for the launch event this morning.
John Oates, 30 Jan 2007

South Korea collars 'spam' duo

Two computer programmers have been arrested in South Korea on suspicion of unleashing a torrent of spam on the country between September and December last year.
Christopher Williams, 30 Jan 2007
Flag United Kingdom

UK procurement contract review drags on

The government has broadened its review of contractual terms that it recommends are used by public sector buyers when implementing IT projects.
Mark Ballard, 30 Jan 2007

Smut, trademarks and Orville's lament

LettersLast week, Microsoft confused us all by announcing it had no incompatibilities in its shiny new OS, except the ones it put there itself, that weren't there at all, but were still a grave threat to us all. Still with us? No? Not surprising. Was it all about content? Oh we give up. Over to you:
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Jan 2007

Vista and British Library put da Vinci online

Microsoft and the British Library have digitised two of Leonardo da Vincis' notebooks.
John Oates, 30 Jan 2007
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Surfcontrol finding channel waters choppy

Silicon Valley/Congleton/wherever-based net security firm Surfcontrol said its plan to become a channel-led services outfit was on track as it announced its Q2 numbers on Thursday, despite registering a $400,000 loss - the same as a year ago.
Christopher Williams, 30 Jan 2007

Samsung unveils spin-screen camera-cum-media player

Samsung has launched a digital camera that's as much a portable media player as it is a picture taker. Dubbed the i7, the snapper has a screen that can rotate to choose which of the device's features you want. It'll even double up as a guide book for your travels.
Hard Reg, 30 Jan 2007
Flag India

Getronics hands apps development to India

Dutch IT services giant Getronics has handed its software application business over to an Indian outsourcer, allowing it to move its developers into its expanding consulting division.
Mark Ballard, 30 Jan 2007
SCO logo 75

You'll have SCO to kick around for another year

The SCO Group has promised to stick around for at least another year.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Jan 2007

MySQL bites Oracle before Oracle bites it

In a pre-emptive strike against Oracle, database vendor MySQL has launched its first site-wide license and support package, pricing it the same as a single Oracle CPU database license.
Gavin Clarke, 30 Jan 2007

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