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Stuffed investors refuse IBM's chipper Q4

A thunderous performance from IBM's software group could not save the company's fourth quarter - at least in the eyes of demanding investors.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jan 2007

For Sale: p2pnet.net

Time and money has run out for Jon Newton, the owner of p2pnet.net, who has put the site up for sale.
Drew Cullen, 19 Jan 2007

California pitches plea at accused HP probers

After publicly flogging former HP executives and investigators, California looks set to let off those charged in the company's spy scandal with nothing more than misdemeanors.
Ashlee Vance, 19 Jan 2007

Virgin Lobster fails to spawn

Virgin mobile has sold "considerably less" than 10,000 of their mobile-TV-enabled Lobster handsets, despite Pamela Anderson’s advertising and cutting the price to below a hundred quid, according to The Guardian.
Bill Ray, 19 Jan 2007
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Five-day strike to hit Fujitsu

Members of the Amicus union have balloted for a five-day strike Fujitsu's Manchester office, which supports its government customers.
Mark Ballard, 19 Jan 2007

Signs that Sky will go mobile?

Why would Sky suddenly get aggressive about letting UK cable viewers take Sky TV programs? Could it be something to do with a plan to go quad-play?
Guy Kewney, 19 Jan 2007

Minister warns against IT defeatism

Cabinet Office minister Pat McFadden said there is still a strong case for government investment in IT.
Kablenet, 19 Jan 2007

ID theft nets £85,000 a head: study

Identity fraud can net criminals £85,000 for each identity stolen, research has found. That is the average amount criminals can expect to gain from impersonating someone in the UK, according to anti-ID theft company Garlik.
OUT-LAW.COM, 19 Jan 2007
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Phoenix IT confirms talks to buy ICM Computer

Managed services group Phoenix IT has confirmed it is in talks with the board of ICM Computer about acquiring the firm.
Christopher Williams, 19 Jan 2007

China rattles America's cage with satellite shot

China is reported to have shot down one of its own satellites, sparking international criticism and concern over the strength and sophistication of the nation's military.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jan 2007
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Spam on IP telephony

Spam filters can easily be trained to give better than 90 per cent effectiveness with zero false positives, and for those who still suffer from a lot of spam in their inboxes, they are either not updating their spam databases often enough, or they just do not see the value of getting 90 per cent fewer email messages.
Clive Longbottom, 19 Jan 2007

Net wags pile into Jade Goody

NSFWWith a certain terrible inevitability, internet wags have wasted no time making plain their opinion of Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jade Goody - currently making press worldwide for her alleged racist treatment of Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty.
Lester Haines, 19 Jan 2007

Apple confirms $2 fee for 802.11n upgrade

Apple has decided it's not going to charge $5 to enable owners of Macs with 802.11n-capable Wi-Fi adaptors to use the new wireless technology, it's going ask they cough up $2 instead, the company has confirmed.
Tony Smith, 19 Jan 2007

Apple iPhone costs $246-$281 to make, analyst claims

Apple's margins on the iPhone will be almost 50 per cent, market watcher iSuppli has forecast after being given a glance an an early list of components the Mac OS X-based smart phone will contain.
Tony Smith, 19 Jan 2007

Motorola makes Linux breakthrough with RIZR Z6

Faultline, 19 Jan 2007

Slow road to online film service at an end for Netflix

CommentIt was in 2004 that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings first talked about its film download service, and back in July 2005 when beta trials were first leaked and the system was taken a look at, but it is only now that a truncated, half hearted movie on demand system is finally emerging from the US online DVD rental leader.
Faultline, 19 Jan 2007

AMD begins to ship ATI Radeon Uber Edition bundle

AMD's ATI Radeon X1950 Uber Edition - a pair of overclocked graphics cards shipped in a lockable James Bond-style attaché case - have started to appear in appear in the wild.
Tony Smith, 19 Jan 2007

Spice Girls movie voted worst ever

Spice World The Movie has been voted the worst movie ever in a poll of 12,000 discerning Brit moviegoers.
Lester Haines, 19 Jan 2007
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BOFH: The mystery of the vandalised office

Episode 3
Simon Travaglia, 19 Jan 2007

1and1: readers stick the boot in

LettersA quick recap: This week unfortunate souls in the UK have suffered at the hands of an email snafu at hosting provider 1and1.
Christopher Williams, 19 Jan 2007

Clarins unveils anti-aging satellite defender

Worried about the ageing effects of electromagnetic radiation? Fear no longer. Youthful looking skin is just a spray away...apparently.
Bill Ray, 19 Jan 2007

Palm patches Treo 680 camera power bug

Palm has uncovered a battery-depleting glitch in the camera code installed on its latest Palm OS-based smart phone, the Treo 680, the company confirmed today. The camera may continue to draw power even when the handset's in stand-by mode.
Tony Smith, 19 Jan 2007

AMD rolls out low-end Vista-friendly GPUs

AMD has quietly rolled out the ATI Radeon X1050, an entry-level graphics chip intended for board makers to offer as a minimum-specification Windows Vista Aero Glass-friendly upgrade.
Tony Smith, 19 Jan 2007

California blaze probe clears mobile phone

The mobile phone which appeared to have caused a fire in which a California man suffered serious burns has been cleared of blame for the blaze.
Lester Haines, 19 Jan 2007

Intel next target as Opti sues Apple over CPUs?

Apple has become the latest target of technology holding company Opti, two months after AMD also found itself on the recieving end of an Opti lawsuit alleging infringement.
Tony Smith, 19 Jan 2007

Mobile phone bacteria threat uncovered

Most Brits carry vile harbours of pestilence with them everywhere they go according to a shocking investigation by a portable telephone seller.
Christopher Williams, 19 Jan 2007
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10GBase-T server NICs go on sale

The first 10Gig PCI-Express cards for the new 10GBase-T Ethernet standard are out, even though there's not yet any commercially-available switches to connect them to.
Bryan Betts, 19 Jan 2007
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Inboxes battered by Trojan spam deluge

Virus writers are taking advantage of the winter storms ravaging Northern Europe to launch a malware blitz of their own.
John Leyden, 19 Jan 2007
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Phishers haul in money from Nordic bank

Phishing gangs have managed to steal about €900,000 from accounts at Swedish bank Nordea since last autumn using a Trojan horse, according to Computer Sweden.
Jan Libbenga, 19 Jan 2007

Tesco USA to deploy 'world's biggest' solar roof

Los Angeles-based Solar Integrated Technologies today announced it had signed a deal with British supermarket chain Tesco to install the "world's biggest" roof-top solar panel set-up.
Lester Haines, 19 Jan 2007

Amsterdam claims net data record

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is claiming to be the world's largest public Internet exchange, after setting a new traffic record earlier this month of 233Gbit/s. It says it now shifts more than 1.5 Petabytes a day, on behalf of over 250 ISPs and carriers.
Bryan Betts, 19 Jan 2007

NY antique shop sues bums for $1m

The owner of an upmarket New York antiques shop has filed a lawsuit aimed at keeping four down-and-outs at least 100 yards from his emporium, the Daily Telegraph reports. The lawsuit is also claiming $1m a pop from the booze-swilling bums, although this has been included purely for "technical reasons".
Lester Haines, 19 Jan 2007

Salesforce polishes developer shop window

Salesforce.com wants application developers. But instead of recruiting them in the traditional way it is making its on-demand platform available as a free service to aspiring Software as a Service (SaaS) developers. It even sees this as a developer "shop window" aimed at venture capitalists.
Phil Manchester, 19 Jan 2007

HP snooping team offered plea bargain

California state prosecutors have offered to drop felony charges against former chairwoman Patricia Dunn and four others accused in the HP spying scandal if they plead guilty to lesser misdemeanour charges.
Christopher Williams, 19 Jan 2007

Camelot investigated over 'underhand' emails

Regulators have tough questions for Camelot, operator of the UK's National Lottery, over allegations of underhand conduct just weeks before bidding for the next lottery franchise closes.
John Leyden, 19 Jan 2007

Pluto probe closing in on Jupiter

The New Horizons space probe, hurtling through our solar system towards Pluto, is about to slingshot around Jupiter.
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jan 2007
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Hacked to the TK Maxx

TJX, the multi-national which operates the popular clothing store TK Maxx in the UK, is warning its customers that computer systems involved in processing credit card transactions have been broken into by hackers.
John Leyden, 19 Jan 2007

Network analyser gets trigger happy

Fluke Networks says it has added security features to the latest version of its OptiView handheld network analyser, including the ability to use string matching to trigger the capturing of network traffic.
Bryan Betts, 19 Jan 2007

Goodbye YourWAP, I'm glad I knew you

CommentI recently got an email telling me that YourWAP is closing at the end of this month, and that if I've got anything important stored there I need to retrieve it before it goes.
Bryan Betts, 19 Jan 2007

US court withdraws 'legal child porn' opinion

A US court has withdrawn its controversial recent opinion that viewing child pornography is legal as long as it is not intentionally saved. The judge had said there was ambiguity in the law over what constitutes "knowing possession" of material.
OUT-LAW.COM, 19 Jan 2007

Would you rather watch Titanic or Celebrity Big Brother?

LettersThe biggest fuss (we would say story, but it'd be hard to keep a straight face) of the week has undoubtedly been the mess that is Big Brother. It could be argued that when a reality TV show manages to take up time in the Houses of Parliament, you know something is slightly out of kilter in your country. Nevertheless, rubbish bullying and allegations of racism prompted Carphone Warehouse to pull its sponsorship of the whole sorry mess:
Lucy Sherriff, 19 Jan 2007

When is seeing not seeing?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 19 Jan 2007

Moto's profits plummet in Q4

Motorola, the world's second largest mobile phone maker, is cutting 3,500 jobs, following a drastic fall in profits for the fourth quarter.
ElectricNews.net, 19 Jan 2007
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NY GPS thieves tracked and cuffed

Three master criminals who stole 14 GPS units from cars in a New York garage hadn't considered the possibility of a satellite-guided police bust, Tom's Guide reports.
Lester Haines, 19 Jan 2007
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SCO faces new setback in IBM case

Things have not been going well for SCO of late, and yesterday the provider of Unix products and services faced another body blow when a magistrate judge hearing its copyright case against IBM again ruled in favor of Big Blue, rejecting claims it had destroyed damning evidence.
Dan Goodin, 19 Jan 2007

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