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Empower runs out of gas

Mobile messaging software company Empower Interactive Group has gone into administration. The company's SMS and MMS software is used by several mobile operators, including Orange UK, Wind in Italy, Singapore's Starhub, and Etisalat in the UAE.
Bryan Betts, 04 Dec 2006

Nike + iPod poses threat to personal security

One of this year's must-have gadgets for music-crazy runners is a security nightmare that could help someone track your movements with relative ease, according to researchers at the University of Washington.
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Dec 2006

Yahoo! joins Amazon in literary Google snub

Yahoo! has refused to provide Google with details of its book digitising programme that Google believes could help it to defend itself in a lawsuit. Amazon.com has already turned down a similar request.
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Dec 2006

Apple iPhone to have two batteries, no network ties?

Apple's upcoming iPhone will go on sale next month with two memory capacities and no ties to a specific network, it has been claimed. The 'small as s**t' handset is based on a slider form-factor, it's said - presumably to better match the iPod design ethos.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2006
vulture tv reporter

Spam: now made in China

The politics of unwanted email is changing with China set to overtake the US any day now as the originator of most Irish inbox clutter.
Maxim Kelly, 04 Dec 2006

Firms must adapt to Generation Y workforce

Irish companies are unprepared for the technology demands of their younger workforce or their customers, according to a new report.
Emmet Ryan, 04 Dec 2006

Bubbly meteor hints at seeds of life

Scientists have found evidence that the seeds of life may indeed have fallen from the sky.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Dec 2006

Nintendo Wii starting to ship to UK buyers?

Nintendo's Wii console may already be en route to some European pre-order customers ahead of this coming Friday's launch day, even as - surprise, surprise - the new games machine sold out in Japan following its launch there this weekend.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2006

Public bodies face disability law change

The UK's 45,000 public bodies face a fundamental change to the way they operate with the arrival of new disability legislation, which came into force today.
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Dec 2006

Samsung intros Ultra Edition media phones

Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2006

Sony says battery burn-out probe should have been quicker

Sony has admitted it could have moved "more quickly" to tackle the burning battery bug that hit two of the company's biggest power-pack customers, Dell and Apple, and prompted many others to recall Sony-made lithium-ion batteries.
Tony Smith, 04 Dec 2006

Toshiba touts slimline business phone

Toshiba's TS32 isn't the thinnest of candybar mobile phones, but at 10.3mm thick it comes very close. Launched today, the tri-band GSM/GPRS handset sports a 1.9in, 176 x 200, 262,144-colour display, Bluetooth 1.2 and a 1.3 megapixel camera.
Hard Reg, 04 Dec 2006

The War on Terror claims doughnuts

Airport security is a serious business, but why was a Reg reader refused a Krispy Kreme doughnut at Heathrow airport?
John Oates, 04 Dec 2006

Bath researchers gas up green cars

Researchers at Bath University have developed a new hydrogen storage technique they think could pave the way for greener cars.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Dec 2006

Logicalis seals CSF Solutions deal

Logicalis UK has upped its stake in the market for big old iron by snapping up CSF Solutions.
Joe Fay, 04 Dec 2006

Yuletide Weblog roundup

StobAh, Christmas! When pubs fill up with inexperienced drinkers to the disapproval of regular sots, when lunchtime turkey sarnies get a blob of cranberry jam and are relaunched as 'Christmas dinner flavour' for a 40p premium, and when the moneyed middle-classes are not ashamed to be seen shopping at Woolworth's.
Verity Stob, 04 Dec 2006

Alcatel and Microsoft say 'business as usual' despite patent spat

AnalysisThe legal action uncovered this week between Microsoft and Alcatel is seen by many as sounding the death knell to their cosy carve up of the IPTV market among global tier one telcos.
Faultline, 04 Dec 2006

How long until the mobile is the heart of entertainment?

CommentWhen we first began thinking of the mobile phone as "our identity" it became obvious overnight that it was the most personal and handy portal for all entertainment services. But how long will it take until that eventuality comes about.
Faultline, 04 Dec 2006

BT Vision is go

BT said it expects to sign up hundreds of thousands of subscribers for its Vision TV over broadband service within the year, with two to three million subscribing in the medium term.
Christopher Williams, 04 Dec 2006

Auditors cast shadow on NASA's moon budget

NASA is under increasing pressure from government auditors to rein in its budget for getting astronauts back to the moon.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Dec 2006
For Sale sign detail

AMD in chip top 10 for first time

AMD can kiss goodbye to its scrappy underdog status after forcing its way into the world chip rankings top 10 for the first time.
Joe Fay, 04 Dec 2006

Bargain: PC World flogging itself for £30

It seems PC World management have had enough of Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) raps and investigations that say they can't fix computers, and have decided to jump ship before the going gets any tougher.
Tracey Cooper, 04 Dec 2006

Yahoo! and Reuters want your phone pics

Yahoo! and Reuters are creating a website to collect video and photos taken by readers.
John Oates, 04 Dec 2006

Telabria goes titsup, takes down So Broadband

Kent-based wireless ISP Telabria Ltd has called in the liquidators and has begun selling off its network assets.
Christopher Williams, 04 Dec 2006
vulture tv reporter

Symantec customers stranded by renewals glitch

UpdatedSymantec's integration with Veritas in the UK has run into computer problems, leaving many Symantec customers unable to renew their corporate anti-virus licenses and large numbers of computers unprotected.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Dec 2006

Movie studios prep Fraud II for the holidays

Silicon JusticeThe Motion Picture Association of America have been some busy pigopolists as of late.
Kevin Fayle, 04 Dec 2006

SCO's clusters crippled by missing 'ING'

The poor SCO Group can't get much right these days, including keeping its high availability clusters highly available.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Dec 2006

OSDL fires staff to help it focus

Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) has declared a change in priorities, deciding to focus less on employment and more on legal issues.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Dec 2006

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