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Vodafone buys in to enterprise mobility

Vodafone has acquired Aspective and Isis Telecommunications Management; two UK-based consultancies that specialise in the mobilisation of customer relationship management and sales force applications, as well as providing telecommunications services to small and medium businesses.
Bill Ray, 22 Nov 2006

Carphone Warehouse calls in 3PAR for 24TB arrays

Carphone Warehouse has tapped storage newbie 3PAR for 24TB of virtualised disk storage.
Bryan Betts, 22 Nov 2006

Nominet puts its future on the line

UK registry owner Nominet is this morning holding its second extraordinary general meeting in a year in Oxford in an effort to expand its business and modernise its processes.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Nov 2006

Student tasering will save the world from Linux

LettersLots to cover today, so let's get right to it. We start with a dig at Scott "The Green" McNealy, who described this week how he and Sun could stop global warming armed with nothing more than a bic biro, a used washing-up liquid bottle and some sticky-backed plastic (OK, maybe that wasn't quite what he said, but you know what we mean):
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Nov 2006

Computer Misuse Act could ban security tools

The new Police and Justice Act, published today, could criminalise legitimate IT security activity. There are fears among security experts that changes it makes to the Computer Misuse Act will make it illegal to distribute some vital tools.
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 Nov 2006

Apple iPhone 'to use PortalPlayer chip'

MP3 player chip maker PortalPlayer will see one of its media processors integrated into Apple's much-rumoured iPhone, a US analyst has claimed. And since PortalPlayer should soon be a Nvidia subsidiary, the deal, if true, is good news for the graphics chip company too.
Tony Smith, 22 Nov 2006

Police pilot roadside fingerprinting

Ten police forces in England and Wales are to test handheld fingerprint checking devices on the roadside.
Kablenet, 22 Nov 2006

O2 trial could see a picocell in every home

O2 is to trial picocell technology which, in theory, could see every Be customer doubling up as a VoIP access point from the comfort of their own home.
Bill Ray, 22 Nov 2006

Report raises child index alarm

The Foundation for Information Policy Research (FIPR) says that government policies designed to safeguard children could divert resources and create a surveillance culture where parents are sidelined.
Kablenet, 22 Nov 2006

The database abstraction framework strikes back

In my last article, I looked at one of the differences between the C++ and Java communities; the availability of application development frameworks that have a profound effect on programmer productivity. I mentioned specifically the Java example of Hibernate and tried to identify reasons why the Java community is more innovative with this type of code reuse.
Dan Clarke, 22 Nov 2006

US teen fires up fusion reactor

A 17-year-old US student has, after two years' work and 1,000 hours of research, managed to achieve nuclear fusion in the basement of his parents' Oakland Township home, The Detroit Free Press reports.
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2006

Muslim clerics slam Koranic ringtones

Indian Muslim clerics have condemned the use of verses from the Koran as mobile ringtones, Yahoo! reports.
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2006

Intel 'Bearlake' to support HDMI, HDCP?

Intel's upcoming integrated G35 chipset, part of the 'Bearlake' series, will incorporate support for HDMI and HDCP, leaked company information indicates.
Tony Smith, 22 Nov 2006

Crayfish enjoy a bit of sub-dom: official

Scientists from Georgia State University have rather splendidly discovered that crayfish "act out elaborate rituals of dominance and submission", Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2006
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Brocade continues green streak

Storage switch maker Brocade continued its run of financial good form by posting its best ever revenues, and said its acquisiton of arch-rival McData could close as soon as January.
Christopher Williams, 22 Nov 2006

Blogging for fun and profit

New website ReviewMe has just hit the web, offering a unique way for bloggers to make money - by being paid to review products and services.
Bill Ray, 22 Nov 2006

i-mate unveils candybar-sized PDA phone

Smart phone seller i-mate has launched its latest Windows Mobile handhelds: a follow up to the QWERTY keyboard equipped JAQ it launched a few months ago, and a classic tablet-like PDA phone squeezed into a candybar form-factor.
Tony Smith, 22 Nov 2006

Vista's EULA product activation worries

The terms of Microsoft's End User License Agreement (EULA) for its upcoming Vista operating system raises the conflict between two fundamental principles of contract law. The first, and more familiar, is that parties to a contract can generally agree to just about anything, as long as what they agree to doesn't violate the law and isn't "unconscionable".
Mark Rasch, 22 Nov 2006

O2 readies XDA Flame PMP phone

As Apple prepares to take the iPod into mobile phone territory, so O2 may be preparing to pitch its XDA smart phone line as an alternative portable media player platform, if allegedly leaked marketing collateral for its upcoming XDA Flame is to be believed.
Tony Smith, 22 Nov 2006

Alcatel slaps Microsoft with patent infringement claim

Fresh from Steve Ballmer's claim Linux infringes on Microsoft IP, Microsoft has itself succumbed to another accusation it is illegally using someone else's technology.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Nov 2006

Net pedants pile into Casino Royale

Those of you who have yet to see* Daniel Craig giving it some stick in Casino Royale will undoubtedly get added pleasure from the experience armed with www.moviemistakes.com's comprehensive list of the film's outrages against continuity and fact.
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2006

Verisign to restate years of financials

The Verisign board has decided to restate more than four years worth of financial reports after an internal review found stock options may have made them unreliable.
Christopher Williams, 22 Nov 2006

Tech Data sales up, profits down

Technology distie Tech Data made sales of $5.4bn for the third quarter ended 31 October, an increase of seven per cent on the third quarter of fiscal 2006.
John Oates, 22 Nov 2006

UK child protection database 'misguided', critics warn

UK government policies designed to safeguard kids might backfire by diverting valuable resources while creating a "culture of surveillance" where the role of parents is sidelined, according to a report for the Information Commissioner published on Wednesday.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2006

Home Office to grab for more CCTV power

The police and Home Office are to press for regulatory powers that will insist that every one of the 4.2 million CCTV cameras in Britain is upgraded so it can be deputised to gather police evidence and provide a vehicle for emerging technologies that will automatically identify people and detect if they are doing anything suspicious.
Mark Ballard, 22 Nov 2006

Londoners like free HD TV

UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five have hailed the trial run pumping out HD content across the Freeview free-to-air digital TV network a "technical success", paving the way for terrestrially broadcast nationwide HDTV in the very near future.
Tony Smith, 22 Nov 2006

Sony punching out PS3s 'smoothly'

Sony's PlayStation 3 production lines are "now running smoothly", a senior company executive has claimed. The consumer electronics giant is "focused on our goal of shipping a million units to retail by the end of the calendar year", he added.
Hard Reg, 22 Nov 2006

Met Police in laptop theft security flap

Three laptops, containing the payroll and pension details of more than 15,000 Met Police officers, have been nicked from the offices of LogicaCMG, the outsourcing firm that handles the payments.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2006

Jilted marquee company's revenge turns sour

A Kiwi marquee company has apologised to a bride-to-be and her fiance after the company office manager emailed the couple saying their wedding plans were "cheap, nasty and tacky".
Tracey Cooper, 22 Nov 2006

Nominet wins EGM votes by a whisker

UK registry Nominet has won two crucial votes at its extraordinary general meeting this morning - but only just.
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Nov 2006

Continental Airlines in NY time stretch miracle

Those readers who find there simply aren't enough hours in the day to get stuff done are advised to check out Continental Airlines' return flights to the US of A: now complete with in-flight meal, a choice of entertainment and some bonus time in New York to catch up on that vital work:
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2006

USB crowned as high speed SIM standard

ETSI has finally agreed a standard for high-speed access to the SIM used in GSM mobile phones, after several years of prevarication and filibustering the winner is...USB.
Bill Ray, 22 Nov 2006

Chinese web pornographer jailed for life

A Chinese web pornographer who founded the country's "largest pornography website" has been sentenced to life imprisonment, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 22 Nov 2006
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Spyware firms pay token fines to FTC

Two alleged spyware operations have settled lawsuits brought by the US Federal Trade Commission.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2006

Panasas begins second storage assault on Linux clusters

SC06Storage start-up Panasas has polished off the first major product revamp in company history with a bang. It secured a mega-win to provide Los Alamos National Laboratory with mounds and mounds of clustered storage.
Ashlee Vance, 22 Nov 2006

Borland takes battle to Eclipse with JBuilder 2007

After months of promises, and with backing from the Eclipse Foundation, Borland has released an overhauled edition of JBuilder that promises to overtake Eclipse on quality.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Nov 2006

Unpatched bug bites Apple Mac OS X

Security researchers have discovered a serious, unpatched vulnerability in Mac OS X. The memory corruption bug creates a means for attackers to take control of even fully patched systems.
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2006

Ten things you need to know about SOA

SOA (service oriented architecture) is a big deal, I like it. But it isn't the be all and end all of computing. Here are ten things you need to know about SOA.
Philip Howard, 22 Nov 2006

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