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The spy - or thief - in your pocket

Security attacks on smartphones have taken off this year, but many have gone unnoticed because they were not the familiar virus or Trojan attacks that grab headlines, according to a senior Symantec exec.
Bryan Betts, 16 Nov 2006

Zune and Vista 'not compatible'

Zune, the new digital music player from Microsoft, is not compatible with the software giant's new Vista operating system. Buried in the Zune website, Microsoft admits that the player is not compatible with Vista and gives no information as to when it will introduce a patch or update enabling the player to do so.
Aoife Carr, 16 Nov 2006

US superpower status challenged - Gates

The rise of China combined with failing US education and tough visa systems means the US must surrender its superpower status and adopt a more multicultural worldview.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Nov 2006
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Dell knocks back Q3 results as SEC probe turns formal

Dell today delivered a last minute disappointment to investors by delaying the release of its third quarter financial results. The delay comes as Dell tries to deal with an ongoing SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) investigation into the company's financial reporting. In a statement, Dell revealed that the SEC has elevated the investigation to "formal" status.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Nov 2006

Evergrid ships 'little blue pill' for clusters

SC06A small software start-up thinks it might have "the little blue pill" necessary to keep massive clusters up and running at all times.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Nov 2006

Sun puts blade chassis on a diet

SC06Sun Microsystems has birthed a smaller blade server chassis meant to appease the high performance computing crowd.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Nov 2006

BT bids for PlusNet

BT has offered £67m to buy internet service provider PlusNet.
John Oates, 16 Nov 2006

BMA kicks off patient awareness campaign

The British Medical Association (BMA) is urging doctors to begin telling their patients about the new electronic health record.
Kablenet, 16 Nov 2006

Firing up the Erudine engine

This is the next article in our occasional series on new, more formal (mathematically-based) approaches to system development. The first article (here), looked at Bayesian analysis and formal methods (which are only "new" to the general development space, of course).
David Norfolk, 16 Nov 2006

Orange and BBC World announce global deal

Orange and BBC World have extended their current mobile distribution offering by signing a ground-breaking global deal which will allow Orange mobile phone customers in eight new countries to watch the channel live.
Guy Kewney, 16 Nov 2006

Malware goes to the movies

Online attackers have started to experiment with embedding malicious code or links to such code in different video formats.
Robert Lemos, 16 Nov 2006

O2: risks are for losers

Supersexy mobile operator O2 revealed its glamourous secret to growing a dynamic converged communications operation: proceed with caution.
Christopher Williams, 16 Nov 2006

Apple developing AMD-based laptop?

Apple is preparing a notebook computer based on an AMD microprocessor, it has been claimed by - of all people - sources from within Taiwan's high-capacitance multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) manufacturing community, though the reasoning behind the claim isn't entirely clear-cut.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2006
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DiData ups profits

South African reseller DiData increased profits by 50 per cent in the year ended 30 September 2006.
John Oates, 16 Nov 2006

FCC delivers a swift kick in the Mass(port)

CommentIn a decision with significant ramifications for the travelling public, the FCC has ruled that the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) cannot block a Wi-Fi access point in the Continental Airlines lounge at Boston's Logan International Airport.
Clay Ryder, 16 Nov 2006

Ajax Hacks

Book reviewEverybody loves Ajax. Javaists, Rubyists, Pythonistas; even Microsofties get to play with Ajax in the form of Atlas. Book publishers love Ajax too, judging by the stack of new titles coming hot off the presses.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 16 Nov 2006

Chilly users defrosted with heated USB mousemat

We can only conclude some Japanese employers are as parsimonious as their British counterparts and refuse to turn the heat up in offices during winter. How else to explain this trio of choice items designed to prevent computer users' getting chilblains?
Hard Reg, 16 Nov 2006

HTC to combine UMPC, smart phone in 2007?

HTC, manufacturer of rather a lot of the world's Windows Mobile-based smart phones, may be looking to break into the ultra-mobile PC market next year, according to a senior company executive. Unlike today's UMPCs, HTC's product would include full phone functionality.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2006

ESA adds stunning satellite images to Google Earth

Google Earth users can now view stunning satellite images of volcanic eruptions, dust storms, colliding icebergs, and other natural phenomena, thanks to a deal between Google and the European Space Agency (ESA).
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Nov 2006

Sony PS3 'costs at least $805-840' to make

Sony's PlayStation 3 games console costs the consumer electronics giant at least $840 to make, $241 more than the $599 asking price, market watcher iSuppli has claimed. Its figure is its estimate for the cost of the materials and manufacturing, but Sony's R&D and marketing expenditure will surely push the console's unit cost much higher.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2006

Naomi Campbell a 'racist', claims former maid

WSANaomi Campbell's former maid is suing the battling supermodel over claims that she called her a "dumb Romanian", the New York Times reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Nov 2006

Facial recognition firm pulls in seed funding

A Swedish firm has secured $5.1m of funding to produce software that uses facial recognition to sort images on the internet with people's photo libraries.
Mark Ballard, 16 Nov 2006

Microsoft provokes London Tube crash

We're obliged to reader Harvey for forwarding the following chilling image of a London Underground monitor at Baker Street station at around 8am on Tuesday morning:
Lester Haines, 16 Nov 2006
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3 signs Symbian SlingPlayer exclusive

Slingbox maker Sling Media has completed the Symbian version of its SlingPlayer Mobile application, and today announced UK mobile phone network 3 will bundle the software with two 3G handsets when they ship on 1 December.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2006
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VoIP and IE risks star in SANS' threat list

The SANS Institute released its annual Top 20 internet security risk list on Wednesday.
John Leyden, 16 Nov 2006

Small biz stumped on tech adoption

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) in the UK want to adopt new technologies but aren't sure where to go for information and often lack the skills to manage and implement projects, according to a BT report.
John Oates, 16 Nov 2006

AMD touts Radeon X1000 series' Zune friendliness

AMD is pitching its ATI Radeon X1000-series graphics cards as the ideal add-on for anyone who buys Microsoft's Zune media player. Separately, the company updated its Catalyst drivers package to version 6.11.
Tony Smith, 16 Nov 2006

FFII face-to-face to solve patent problems

In the debate on software patenting, there is one point on which almost everyone is agreed: the current system is not working well. How to solve the problem and fix the system is where opinions tend to diverge.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Nov 2006

China develops flying aircraft carrier

As any defence expert will tell you, the aircraft carrier if one of the most potent weapons available to the modern international superpower - capable of raining fiery death on less well-endowed nations from a safe distance. They do have one shortcoming, however: getting close enough to launch swarms of angry aircraft can takes days, if not weeks, of urgent steaming.
Lester Haines, 16 Nov 2006

Dunn enters plea in HP spy case

Former HP chair Patricia Dunn surprised no-one yesterday when she pleaded not guilty to four felony charges relating to the spying scandal at her former employer.
Joe Fay, 16 Nov 2006

NetSuite gets TalkTalk

NetSuite is putting itself to something of a public test with the recent announcement that TalkTalk Direct, the Carphone Warehouse-owned communications and free broadband provider, is using NetSuite CRM+ as the management platform for customer support.
Martin Banks, 16 Nov 2006

Microsoft Universal deal sure to be challenged

We suppose we have to record the big news story of the week, covered by everyone from the New York Times down, that Microsoft is letting Universal Music Group get some revenue every time it sells a Zune player.
Faultline, 16 Nov 2006
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Four cuffed over webcam Trojan scam

Four people have been arrested in Spain over their suspected involvement in linked credit card theft and virus writing offences.
John Leyden, 16 Nov 2006

IT 'should be entrepreneurial'

Money...nasty stuff, I know, and it seems sad to think that the fine arts of application development should be sullied by association with the denizens of Mammon.
Martin Banks, 16 Nov 2006

Jedi petition UN for religious rights

Two Jedi this morning turned up at the UN's London HQ to demand official recognition of their religion, The Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Nov 2006

How will Windows survive the death of the PC?

Last week, Samsung held the official launch of its Mobile WiMAX product range - formerly known as Wi-Bro and now rechristened to emphasise its harmonisation with the international standard.
Faultline, 16 Nov 2006

Saturday night is Leonid night

Put a note in your diaries: this weekend the Leonids are coming to town. Although the meteor shower won't be as spectacular as it was in 1998, or in 2002, it should still be worth watching.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Nov 2006

UK internet throws a wobbly

Several major corporate websites in the UK and parts of Microsoft’s MSN service and Hotmail have been down today.
John Oates, 16 Nov 2006

UCLA cops taser ID-less student

A video apparently showing a UCLA student being tasered by University of California Police Department (UCPD) officers has found its way onto YouTube.
Lester Haines, 16 Nov 2006

3 calls in internet big guns for mobile credibility

Hong Kong-owned mobile outfit 3 is having another crack at convincing everyone mobile internet will take off by abandoning the traditional operator pricing blueprint.
Christopher Williams, 16 Nov 2006

Oracle survey versus Oracle survey

I found the Reg Technology Panel survey especially interesting as I've just been discussing a similar survey made by the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG), with almost double the number of respondents, with Ronan Miles, UKOUG chairman. Both surveys are professionally carried out, yet they have different results.
David Norfolk, 16 Nov 2006
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Humble Mercury hurls out more Cell kit

SC06Mercury Computer Systems continues to astound us with its pragmatic, humble approach to the high performance computing market.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Nov 2006
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Virtually developed

You know how these things happen. A representative from a customer is wheeled in by some major vendor to demonstrate the efficacy of their wondrous technology, while the assembled audience smile politely and pray for the coffee.
Martin Banks, 16 Nov 2006

BEA shares slide

BEA Systems is out of favor on Wall Street amid growing concern it's losing business to IBM and Oracle and growth is being fluffed out by services.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Nov 2006

Oracle: a surveyor speaks

I'm no survey enthusiast (in fact, as readers must realise by now, I'm pretty cynical about survey usage in the PR industry) so I thought I'd ask Dale Vile, our resident survey guru, about some of the points I raised about a recent UKOUG (UK Oracle User Group) survey here.
David Norfolk, 16 Nov 2006

Borland tools buyer MIA

Borland Software will retain control of its tools operation after failing to find a buyer during an eight-month search.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Nov 2006

Former IT boss faces hacking charges

An IT boss, dismissed from a firm years earlier, faces hacking charges after he allegedly snooped on email traffic at the company before passing on messages to workers whose jobs were in jeopardy.
John Leyden, 16 Nov 2006

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