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SaaS goes customisable

The (generally speaking uncustomisable) user interface of online business services is the last significant stumbling block they have had to face. This has meant that users of services such as those from Software as a Service (SaaS) vendor NetSuite have had to use the UI that comes with the service, even if it didn't really fit their business processes.
Martin Banks, 25 Oct 2006
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Seagate slams profit-ignorant rivals

Seagate gave itself a pat on the back today in its September quarter report for holding the revenue line against hard drive competitors "who seem intent on trying to capture market share without regard to profitability". Fighting fire with fire , Seagate is determined to retain market share, and that will mean more price cuts.
Drew Cullen, 25 Oct 2006

AMD and ATI fuse

AMD has completed its purchase of ATI. It spent $4.3bn in cash and 58m AMD shares on the graphics chip company, taking on $2.5bn in debt to help pay for it all. Farewell, the ATI, retained only as a product brand.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2006

Pointing fingers at corporate security

Fingerprinting firm DigitalPersona has launched a new version of its fingerprint authentication system, Digitalpersona Pro 4.0, which it says is faster and more reliable than its predecessor.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Oct 2006
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3G routers the ticket to the mobile office

Quocirca's changing channelsDespite all the fuss a few years ago when 3G networks first became available, the take up of 3G services across Europe has been slow, the UK and Italy being the most advanced. Two of the main reasons for this were a lack of coverage (in the early days) and lack of need.
Bob Tarzey, 25 Oct 2006
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Amazon profits dip

Bookseller Amazon.com saw profits fall in the third quarter despite increasing sales.
John Oates, 25 Oct 2006

Financial regulators draft proposals on outsourcing

There is growing concern among some commentators at the impending growth of regulatory scrutiny of outsourcing in the securities industry in the USA and Europe through introduction of additional regulation governing outsourcing. It is important to put these impending regulatory changes in context.
Bob McDowall, 25 Oct 2006

QinetiQ pulls in ex-CIA boss

QinetiQ has burnished its intelligence credentials, boosting its board with the man who told Bush “yes, there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”.
Joe Fay, 25 Oct 2006
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iSoft hit with another investigation

iSoft's ex-auditor RSM Robson Rhodes is facing a probe from the Accountancy Investigation and Discipline Board (AIDB). iSoft is already being investigated by the Financial Services Authority.
John Oates, 25 Oct 2006

Mac OS X 10.4.8 runs on any PC...

Mac OS X 10.4.8 will now run on any generic x86-based PC. Well, almost. Kernel coder Semthex has posted what he claims is an entirely legal release of the Mac operating system's foundation layer. The only snag: you can't boot into the familiar GUI.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2006
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SEC, Nasdaq gently coshing NEC

The SEC has moved up the pressure on NEC a notch, sending the Japanese firm an "informal inquiry letter".
Joe Fay, 25 Oct 2006
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Vista vouchers for Christmas PC buyers

Microsoft today announced the voucher scheme which will let punters upgrade some computers bought this Christmas when Vista and Office 2007 are released early next year.
John Oates, 25 Oct 2006

Los Alamos docs turn up in meth lab bust

A search of a suspected meth lab turned up classified documents from Los Alamos National Laboratory, where, among other things, nuclear weapons research is conducted. According to the Associated Press, a researcher at the lab was under investigation for methamphetamine related offences, and the documents were discovered when police executed an arrest warrant against her.
Thomas C Greene, 25 Oct 2006

BT buys Counterpane to bolster security services

BT is to acquire managed security services firm Counterpane Internet Security for an undisclosed sum as part of plans to beef up the security expertise of its global professional services capabilities.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2006

AMD: we will not kill ATI brand

So is ATI gone forever, as a brandname at least? Apparently not, AMD Chief Technology Officer Phil Hester revealed today. He also indicated the two companies' fusion may not necessarily mean it's curtains for ATI's Intel-oriented chipsets.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2006

Verisign backs Vista security green streak

The Mozilla Foundation risks losing the browser battle if it fails to keep up with Microsoft by incorporating new security technology into Firefox, a Verisign exec has claimed.
Christopher Williams, 25 Oct 2006

Hitachi rolls out 3.5in HDDs

Hitachi's Global Storage Technologies division has finally begun shipping its latest 3.5in hard drives, some six months after the Deskstar and CinemaStar models were originally anounced.
Hard Reg, 25 Oct 2006

Sony slams Lik-Sang 'sour grapes'

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has failed to deny claims that senior employees used Hong Kong-based online games hardware retailer Lik-Sang.com to buy PSPs more than nine months before the device finally shipped over here.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2006

SavaJe falls quiet

SavaJe, pioneer of the concept of a Java-based mobile phone, appears to have gone into hibernation, leaving a few million lines of code and a bunch of arguing venture capitalists.
Bill Ray, 25 Oct 2006

Belkin gears up to ship Wi-Fi Skype phone in UK

Register Hardware, 25 Oct 2006

US, EU sketch plans for global immigration database

ExclusiveThe US is to corral "like-minded" nations behind a global immigration database after proving with a trial link to British computers that such an ambitious, global plan is technically feasible.
Mark Ballard, 25 Oct 2006

PowerColor brings ATI X1950 Pro to AGP users

Tul's PowerColor operation has launched a version if its Radeon X1950 Pro graphics card for punters who've resisted the urge to go with PCI Express and are sticking to AGP 8x.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2006
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ID theft scam hunt goes global

UK police are working with Interpol in a bid to track down the perpetrators of a malware-powered ID theft scam that has claimed thousands of victims worldwide.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2006

3 gobbles over 90 shops from O2 via The Link

Since O2 bought The Link in June this year, there have been some places in the UK where an O2 shop and a branch of The Link were uncomfortably close.
Bill Ray, 25 Oct 2006

Korean sought mammoth meat from Russian mafia

Disgraced South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk told a court in Seoul that his attempt to clone extinct mammoths was based on material he bought from the Russian Mafia.
John Oates, 25 Oct 2006

Hot tip: ARSS up due to drilling program

Those readers who missed the chance to get their hands on some ARSS before it exploded have been given a second chance to buy at rock-bottom prices.
Lester Haines, 25 Oct 2006

Passport police wipe smiles off applicants' faces

A nine-year-old girl had her half term holiday cancelled because her teeth were showing in her passport photograph, reported The Sun newspaper.
Team Register, 25 Oct 2006
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People - not products - are most important to security

People and processes are more important than security products in securing enterprise systems, according to a global survey of IT security pros published on Wednesday.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2006

Fedora stops the download madness

You want to play with Fedora Core 6, Red Hat's newest distro for enthusiasts? Unless you were an early, early bird, who downloaded the software in the first hours of its release yesterday, it looks like you will have to wait a little longer.
Drew Cullen, 25 Oct 2006
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Six months in, Sun's CEO faces Wall Street's yo-yo test

Sun Microsystems could do something tomorrow that it hasn't done in years and years: please investors.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Oct 2006

Canada's privacy chief hails Microsoft's Seven Laws of Identity

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has published a plan for automated internet privacy that is backed by Microsoft. Dr Ann Cavoukian has called for programmers to embed privacy capabilities in software.
OUT-LAW.COM, 25 Oct 2006

Ellison muscles in on Red Hat support biz

OpenWorldMemo to Red Hat: never buy something Larry Ellison covets 'cos you'll regret it.
Gavin Clarke, 25 Oct 2006

Dell steals HP's blade boy Becker

ExclusiveDell has poached one of HP's top blade boys in the form of Rick Becker, The Register can confirm.
Ashlee Vance, 25 Oct 2006

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