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Chinese giant to buy Irish Upstart

Irish mobile games developer Upstart Games is to be acquired by Sun TV Shop (STVS), the online and mobile arm of China's second largest privately held media firm.
Charlie Taylor, 01 Sep 2006

Oracle plays campaign funding by the book

Four years after landing in hot water over for controversially funding US state politicians, Oracle is taking steps to ensure its executives stay squeaky-clean.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Sep 2006

Sun gives hint of things to come in Studio

Sun Microsystems hopes to whet the appetite of developers for its tools with a preview program providing early access to its next Sun Studio suite.
Gavin Clarke, 01 Sep 2006

Multinationals test small town Indians

The Indian IT industry has started scouring the provinces for graduates to fill the burgeoning number of vacancies in the sector.
Mark Ballard, 01 Sep 2006

Bragg makes MySpace admission

Billy Bragg had never read the rules for MySpace before hosting his music there, the singer has admitted. Bragg made the admission after convincing the site to alter its terms and conditions to safeguard the intellectual property rights of musicians.
OUT-LAW.COM, 01 Sep 2006

Scotland's emergency care summary springs to life

Scotland has gone live with its Emergency Care Summary (ECS) for every patient.
Kablenet, 01 Sep 2006

Another way of tackling integration

Of course, there are a variety of different types of integration and there are a range of different things that you can do with data integration. I am not here to suggest that there is another way of tackling data integration in general. However, there are specific aspects of data integration (and in this context I am talking specifically about the data movement aspects of integration) where there may be an alternative that is worth considering.
Philip Howard, 01 Sep 2006

Blu-ray Disc launch line-up revealed to Europeans

IFA 06The Blu-ray Disc next-generation optical disc format will launch in Europe this coming Christmas backed by a raft of content from the major studios, the Blu-ray Disc Association said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

IBM maps the future with ODIS

In broad terms there are three key elements to consider in the development of any new application – or any new product, for that matter. The obvious one, certainly from a software point of view, is the technology to be used – the language, the target platform and operating system, and the rest.
Martin Banks, 01 Sep 2006

Animatronic Skype phones get lippy

Dired of dull-looking USB-connected internet phones? Then UK company Aardvark Innovation thinks you may be interested in the Verballs, its new family of "personality" Skype-friendly VoIP phones.
Hard Reg, 01 Sep 2006

The rights, wrongs and Rights of digital images

Fancy a thousand dollar bill? You could get one, if you run a blog, and use an internet image.
Guy Kewney, 01 Sep 2006

Sony preps widescreen sat nav units

IFA 06Sony will update its Nav-U GPS-based route-planning product in November, the consumer electronics giant said today. It promised the upcoming widescreen NV-U80 and NV-U81T gadgets will deliver better-than-the-rest accuracy for speed and location.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

Cameron prepares to do Blair on India

Conservative leader David Cameron will be visiting India next week with a clutch of Blairite policies on globalisation and immigration.
Mark Ballard, 01 Sep 2006

Foxconn retreats from reporter witch hunt

Foxconn has backed down in its pursuit of the two Chinese journalists who claimed terrible working conditions in its Longhua iPod factory. It seems someone at Apple has had a quiet word in Foxconn's ear.
Christopher Williams, 01 Sep 2006

Apple settles iTunes UI patent spat

Apple has settled a lawsuit alleging the company ripped off another firm's design when it coded its iTunes software's user interface. Terms of the deal reached with the plaintiff were not made public, but the case is now closed.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

Pretec unwraps 8GB SD card

IFA 06Solid-state memory specialist Pretec has unveiled what it claims is the highest capacity SD card in the universe. Beyond that, who can say? We can be clear, however, on one point: the card contains 8GB of raw, information data storage capacity.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

LG shows off skinny HSDPA clamshell

IFA 06LG has presented its upcoming 'super 3G' clamshell handset - a slimline phone that may ship as part of the company's Chocolate line - at a sneak peek event it the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.
Lars-Goran-Nilsson, 01 Sep 2006

Banning things, thought crimes, and dangerous guitarring

LettersWe've got a bumper letters bag today, covering an almost ludicrously diverse range of topics. We've got renegade planets, flaming guitars, pornography legislation and literal pontification.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Sep 2006
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Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 unleashed

Mozilla released a second beta version of its upcoming Firefox 2.0 browser on Thursday. The release is targeted at developers and intended to generate more feedback while also incorporating a number of bug fixes contained in the Beta 1 version of the code, released in July.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2006

Samsung readies rival digital music service to iTunes

IFA 06Samsung is to take the digital music fight to Apple by launching its own song download service in the UK, France and Germany, the South Korean giant revealed today. Details of the service remain scarce, but we can say it will be operated by digital music distributor MusicNet, which also powers Virgin Digital, HMV, Yahoo!, iMesh and others.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

Philips calls up PC-free Skype phone

IFA 06
Register Hardware, 01 Sep 2006

HP, EMC slug it out for storage number 1

EMC and HP were near-tied for number one in storage last quarter, with around 20 per cent of the market a piece, according to figures from IDC. It's HP that's making the running though, with double-digit factory revenue growth compared to EMC's 3 per cent.
Christopher Williams, 01 Sep 2006

Pioneer to ship dual-layer Blu-ray burner next year

IFA 06Pioneer will follow up the release of its... er... pioneering Blu-ray Disc recorder with an updated model that supports dual-layer media, it has emerged.
Hard Reg, 01 Sep 2006

Linksys ships Wi-Fi VoIP phone in Europe

IFA 06Linksys has at last launched its WIP330 802.11b/g Wi-Fi-connected VoIP phone in Europe - the company's first wireless handset to made available to buyers over here - after announcing the device at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin this morning.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

Tomkitten's first poop immortalised

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (aka TomKat) have kept 19-week-old daughter Suri well out of the public eye, but the world was given an unusual preview of the much-speculated over sprog with a bronze cast commemorating her first poop popping up on eBay.
Tracey Cooper, 01 Sep 2006

Hitachi spins up DVR-friendly perpendicular HDD

IFA 06Hitachi's Global Storage Technologies (HGST) subsidiary today launched its first consumer electronics-oriented hard drive that uses perpendicular recording techniques to boost its storage capacity to 160GB.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006
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Airport crackdown means mountain of unclaimed mobiles

Two in five mobile devices left at UK airports this summer will never be reclaimed, according to a new survey by mobile security specialists Pointsec.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2006

What is the purpose of tickling?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Sep 2006

Why do your hands turn white when you wash the dishes?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Sep 2006

Why do you sometimes shiver when you wee?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Sep 2006

What is a Confessing Sam?

Also in this week's column:
Stephen Juan, 01 Sep 2006

SanDisk to ship low-end colour-screen MP3 player in October

IFA 06SanDisk today followed up last week's launch of its 8GB Sansa e280 music player with the debut today of the c200 series. The line-up comprises a pair of models: the 1GB c240 and the 2GB c250.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

Dell laptop detonates in UK home

A Leicestershire family was this left in shock after their Dell laptop exploded "like fireworks" and set light to their living room furniture, it was reported this week - just before news broke of Sony's decision to appoint a battery safety officer.
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

Zimbabwe debates 'oppressive' bugging laws

Proposed telecoms interception laws in Zimbabwe have created a furore with the government apparently awarding itself unlimited snooping powers.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2006
For Sale sign detail

Gateway board dismisses eMachines founder's buy-back offer

Gateway's board of directors has rejected eMachines' founder Lap Shun Hui's offer to buy its retail business for $450m, claiming the offer is "not in the best interest of shareholders".
Tony Smith, 01 Sep 2006

Internet DNA test kits could land you three years

AnalysisThe UK government granted us ownership of our own DNA yesterday with the launch of the new Human Tissue Act.
Christopher Williams, 01 Sep 2006
Surveillance camera with backdoor

'Video-hams' tap into insecure security cameras

Surveillance cameras outfitted with internet technology are open to tampering and interception, security experts warn.
John Leyden, 01 Sep 2006

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