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Novell delivers another mediocre Q3

You have to hand it to Novell for being consistent. The shrinking software maker has once again posted lackluster financial results - this time during its third quarter.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Aug 2006

Teen data on Myspace compromised

A security hole in the popular MySpace social networking site allowed users to view entries marked "private", a crucial protection for users aged under 16, according to weekend reports.
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 Aug 2006

Fine unlicensed software users, says BSA

Software industry lobby group the Business Software Alliance (BSA) has called for government to mandate stiff penalties for companies using unlicensed software.
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 Aug 2006

ATI unveils HDCP-native chipset for Intel CPUs

ATI last night rolled out its latest chipset for Intel processors, pitching the part at both desktop and notebook systems. The launch marks the arrival of the chip maker's RS600 North Bridge and features not only its Avivo video processing pipeline but full HDMI and HDCP support.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006

Guidelines needed to protect anonymity

In early August, officials at America Online released information about searches being conducted by AOL members and users of the AOL search tool. This historical data was released onto the internet by several AOL officials to demonstrate how useful such data could be for tracking patterns, uses and interest of AOL members.
Mark Rasch, 30 Aug 2006

Russian abuses apparatus in sex doll rafting race

A participant in the annual Sex Dolls Rafting Tournament near St Petersburg was disqualified in shame for "sexual abuse of apparatus", Mosnews reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2006

HTC touts record results

Smart phone company i-mate has announced its versions of HTC's TyTN and MTeoR handsets even as the manufacturer, which is now selling its products under its own name, announced record financial results.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006

IBM beefs up security in global services

CommentLast week IBM announced that it was acquiring US-based Internet Security Systems (ISS) for $1.3bn.
Joyce Becknell, 30 Aug 2006

Fujitsu preps perpendicular laptop HDD for Q4

Fujitsu has extended its 2.5in, notebook-oriented hard disk drive line up with both parallel ATA and SATA models, the latter utilising the perpendicular recording technique to offer up to 160GB of unformatted storage capacity.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006

NASA satellites spy on forests

A NASA funded study is using satellites to monitor forests, with the aim of measuring the impact of climate change on their growth and health.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Aug 2006

UK examines civilian use of UAVs

The UK is examing the possible deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) within 10 years across Britain's airspace for a range of civilian tasks including traffic control and environmental monitoring, The Guardian reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2006

Japan tells Apple to probe burning battery problem

Japan's trade ministry has given Apple a week to explain why one of the Mac maker's notebooks allegedly burst into flames in April this year and to detail what's being done to make sure the incident isn't repeated.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006
vulture tv reporter

Gov stitches up IT price cuts

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has negotiated price cuts of 45 per cent on computer hardware supplied through its Catalist framework agreements, it said yesterday.
Mark Ballard, 30 Aug 2006
sony nec optiarc awg170a high-speed dvd writer

Sony ships 'world's fastest' DVD±R burner

The first fruit of Sony's optical drive partnership with NEC have arrived in Europe: a drive the company claims is the world's fastest DVD±R writer, capable of burning single-layer discs at up to 18x speed.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006

Dell kits out XPS 700 gaming PC with Core 2-class CPUs

Dell UK has formally upgraded its XPS 700 gaming machine to include Intel's Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme desktop processors, dropping the Pentium D chip the system was originally specified with.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006

Logica feels the labour pinch

Anglo-Dutch firm LogicaCMG is stuggling to find the brains it needs to fulfill IT services demand in the West.
Christopher Williams, 30 Aug 2006

Beatles fan foils Scouse blag

An attempted burglary of a Liverpool sports store was foiled after a vulture-eyed viewer of a Beatles-related webcam alerted police.
John Leyden, 30 Aug 2006

Mac OS X-friendly OpenOffice to go public next month

A version of OpenOffice that will run natively under Mac OS X's Aqua user interface will be demo'd in public at Apple Expo Paris next month, the team behind the software have revealed.
Hard Reg, 30 Aug 2006

Southampton Uni's computer whizzes develop 'mini' grid

In a bid to help its students explore the potential of grid computing, the University of Southampton's Computer Science department has developed what it calls a "lightweight grid". The system has been designed to allow students to experiment with grid technology without the complexity of inherent security concerns of the real thing.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Aug 2006
vulture tv reporter

Emulex to buy Sierra Logic for $180m

Storage guts maker Emulex will buy privately-held chip firm Sierra Logic for $180m in a mixed stock, cash, and debt transfer deal.
Christopher Williams, 30 Aug 2006

EC moots telecoms super-regulator

The concept of a European super-regulator has been considered in a report from the European Commission, looking at ways in which competition could be increased in the telecommunications business.
Bill Ray, 30 Aug 2006

O2 closes call records site after security flap

Mobile phone firm O2 was forced to disable logins to its Bill Manager web site on Tuesday following the discovery of a coding error that exposed a serious security breach. The service, which allows small businesses to manage their spending on mobile calls, was suspended after it emerged that registered users could see other customers' call records.
John Leyden, 30 Aug 2006
fingers pointing at man

New guard take over at Morse

Morse is splitting in two and promoting the bosses of two of its acquisitions to lead the new units, the firm said in a statement today.
Mark Ballard, 30 Aug 2006

Pope calls a meeting on evolution

The pope is set to host a seminar with his senior clergymen to discuss the Catholic Church's position on evolution. The move follows months of mixed signals from the Church with supporters of Darwin's theory at odds with those giving more credence to Intelligent Design, and other more creationist views.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Aug 2006

Nuns have multi-point mind-link to God, say researchers

Nuns don't have a single G-spot (that is G to God) in their brains after all. This groundbreaking and no doubt riveting piece of information comes courtesy of researchers at the University of Montreal.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Aug 2006

Samsung models skinny 3G phones in Europe

Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006
Flag of Republic of China

Reporters Without Borders petitions Steve Jobs

Campaining organisation Reporters Without Borders has asked Apple big cheese Steve Jobs to intercede on behalf of two journalists who are being sued for defamation by iPod assembler Foxconn over a 15 June article they wrote for China Business News critical of conditions in the firm's factory at Longhua, near the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2006

TomTom ships a pair of Ones

Satellite navigation specialist TomTom today found its way to releasing the successor to its TomTom One GPS gadget, rolling out two versions of the next-generation product: one for pan-European travellers, the other for drivers motoring around Britain.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006

Core 2 Duo jargon decoder

Intel's Core 2 Duo may be the world's most advanced desktop microprocessor, but like all those that have come before it - and almost certainly those yet to appear - its arrival is accompanied by a veritable dictionary of jargon and tech-talk. Baffled by 'Digital Media Boost'? Can't get your head around 'Viiv'? Look no further than our plain-English guide...
Leo Waldock, 30 Aug 2006

Core 2 Duo-ready software compendium

Here is a selection of some of the many, many applications and utilities that are ready to take full advantage of Intel's dual-core processor architecture. All software applications will gain from the higher processing performance the Intel Core 2 Duo delivers, but programs specially written to be 'multi-threaded' are ready to make the most of the Core 2 Duo's two-processors-in-one design.
Register Hardware, 30 Aug 2006

Ryanair joins the rush to allow inflight calling

Ryanair passengers will soon be able to make and receive GSM phone calls in the air.
Bill Ray, 30 Aug 2006
graph up

Thousands hit by AT&T website hack

Hackers might have gained access to the credit card details and personal information of up to 19,000 people after breaking into AT&T's online store last weekend, the US telecoms giant said on Tuesday.
John Leyden, 30 Aug 2006

Violent porn crackdown

The family of a woman murdered by a man obsessed with violent internet pornography won their battle for government action today as Ministers announced new legislation to crack down on extreme material.
Christopher Williams, 30 Aug 2006

Creative adds wider screen to Zen Vision PMP

Creative has updated its Zen Vision:M digital music player and Zen Vision video device, at least in the company's native Singapore. Both gadgets had appeared in Western magazine ads, but this is the first time the company has discussed them officially.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2006

No frills Rackable makes flashy Terrascale buy

Rackable Systems this week made an unusual acquisition for a no nonsense server vendor. It bought flashy storage software maker Terrascale for $38m in cash.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Aug 2006

Intel exec hired as top VC spook

A former Intel executive has been slotted into the revolving door that is CIA-backed In-Q-Tel's CEO post.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Aug 2006

Berners-Lee calls for Web 2.0 calm

AnalysisFive years after the first internet bubble burst, we're now witnessing the backlash against Web 2.0 and a plethora of me-too business plans, marketing pitches and analyst reports exploiting the nebulous phrase.
Gavin Clarke, 30 Aug 2006

Soldier takes aim at HP printer

Take it from our boys in Iraq. Automatic weapons are the most effective way to convince a customer service representative about the severity of your product issues.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Aug 2006

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