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Review criticises software for NPfIT

Troubles at software supplier iSoft are set to further delay the implementation of components of England's NHS National Programme for IT (NPfIT).
Kablenet, 22 Aug 2006

Nurses bemoan lack of IT training

Nurses feel they are not receiving sufficient training in the use of IT systems, according to a new survey.
Kablenet, 22 Aug 2006

Profane trademark rejected

A businessman has failed to win the right to register the term "screw you" as a wide-ranging European trademark because it is offensive. It can be used, but only for goods sold in sex shops, the European trademark authority has ruled.
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 Aug 2006

Sony: PS3 not in production

Sony has admitted it has yet to begin manufacturing its PlayStation 3 console, less than three months before the machine is due to go on sale. The revelation raises the prospect that supply is going to be tight in the early days.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2006
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Cisco buys into TV-on-demand

Cisco has continued its thrust towards consumers with the acquisition of TV-on-demand firm Arroyo.
Christopher Williams, 22 Aug 2006
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AOL CTO resigns over privacy 'screw-up'

AOL's chief technology officer has resigned and two other staff members have been sacked following the release of half a million subscribers' search terms.
John Oates, 22 Aug 2006

NASA sheds light on dark matter

NASA says it now has the first direct evidence for the existence of dark matter, thanks to observations of a huge, intergalactic collision.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Aug 2006

LG preps 60in single-scan plasma TV panel

LG has announced a 60in plasma TV panel based on the company's single-scan technology ahead of its plan to put the screen into mass-production in Q4.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2006

French union demands eBay blocks fakes pre-emptively

An industrial lobby in France is seeking damages from eBay to compensate for the site's sales of counterfeit goods. The Union of Manufacturers (Unifab) is to complain to prosecutors and seek compensation for its members.
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 Aug 2006

BT cuts off Euro1net customers

UpdatedCustomers of ISP Euro1net have been cut off. When punters attempt to connect to the internet, they are redirected to a BT page informing them their broadband retailer hasn't paid for its IPStream service.
Christopher Williams, 22 Aug 2006

ATI roadmap 'drops Intel chipsets'

ATI is preparing a single-chip chipset based on is RS590 product, it has been alleged by moles who claim to have seen the company's latest roadmap - which also no longer lists many of ATI's upcoming chipsets, they say.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2006

Poll sheds light on US mobile searching habits

A poll commissioned by Tellme Networks reveals what Americans are looking for when they're on the move, and where they are looking for it.
Bill Ray, 22 Aug 2006

Sun's open sourcing of Java: avoid the red herring

CommentThe other day I attended a briefing with Simon Phipps, Sun's chief open source officer which was ostensibly aimed at updating the assembled on Sun's progress in its open sourcing of Java.
Neil Ward-Dutton, 22 Aug 2006
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Gongs on offer for stupid security measures

Human rights watchdog Privacy International has re-launched its hunt for the World's most stupid security measures.
John Leyden, 22 Aug 2006

iStuff touts iCast iPod FM transmitter

Gagdet maker iStuff today launched iCast, an FM trasmitter dongle for iPods, PSPs and other music-playback gadgets. It's completely illegal to use here in the UK, of course, but the company's clearly looking forward to a change in the law later this year.
Hard Reg, 22 Aug 2006

French Elvis download exclusive to Orange

Orange subscribers are to get early access to a new Johnny Hallyday single.
Bill Ray, 22 Aug 2006

JCB set for world speed record

The world's fastest JCB is on course to beat the world speed record for a diesel vehicle later today at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah.
John Oates, 22 Aug 2006

Sony Ericsson previews touchy-feely 3G phone

Sony Ericsson today introduced its latest 3G phone, pitching the "seductive" clamshell handset's tactile qualities. "Run your fingers across the soft and distinct shapes, feel the high-quality surface against your skin," the company cooed.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2006

Java 6 Platform Revealed

Book reviewIt seems it was only yesterday that the Tiger was escaping into the wild, and here we are today with Mustang rearing up ahead, and the Dolphin already surfacing here and there.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 22 Aug 2006

US authorities had free rein over world's bank data

The US Treasury programme of snooping on international banking transactions to track terrorist funding had unfettered access to the world's private financial details for anything upto five years.
Mark Ballard, 22 Aug 2006

Information commissioner fines accountant

The Information Commissioner has fined an accountant for not registering with the authority a record of the personal information it keeps about its clients.
Team Register, 22 Aug 2006

Deutsche Telekom forced to open network

The EU commission has backed German regulators and ordered Deutsche Telekom to open its network to broadband competitors.
Christopher Williams, 22 Aug 2006

Troubled Dell in PC price hike shocker

Pity if you will poor old Dell: its Q2 financials had shareholders sobbing uncontrollably over their Dimensions as management declared that the company's woes "primarily reflect aggressive pricing in a slowing commercial market worldwide".
Lester Haines, 22 Aug 2006

ATI to launch Radeon X1950 series tomorrow

ATI will tomorrow launch its anticipated Radeon X1950 graphics chip series, but they're unlikely to come to market before the next month. Debut dates we're hearing are 4 and 14 September, with an emphasis now on the latter, and boards based on the GPUs may cost more than ATI is forecasting.
Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2006

Integration appliances

CommentAppliances seem to be getting everywhere. One area for their use that I have not previously looked at, are appliances for integration. As far as I know, there are three vendors in this space: BridgeWerx, which is based around Microsoft's BizTalk; Cast Iron Systems; and InfoTone.
Philip Howard, 22 Aug 2006

Stupid operating systems or stupid operators?

LettersSomeone needs to update the rules for modern living to include guidelines on preparing one's inbox for an onslaught of letters after publishing anything about the Windows operating system, and its little quirks.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Aug 2006

Ryanair adopts nude passenger security regime

NSFWWho said flying wasn't fun any more? It is down at Ryanair, where the company's new security measures will certainly add spice to any trip:
Lester Haines, 22 Aug 2006

Sun confirms all about 64-thread Niagara II

Hot ChipsSun Microsystems will later today reveal the inner goo behind its Niagara II processor – the second chip in the company's "radical" multi-core line.
Ashlee Vance, 22 Aug 2006

Mitnick gets hit by Pakistani crackers

Kevin Mitnick, the notorious former hacker turned security consultant and tech celebrity, has been targeted by Pakistani crackers in a series of web face defacements attacks.
John Leyden, 22 Aug 2006

Swedish TV in news porn outrage

Swedish state broadcaster SVT is in hot water after accidently broadcasting some sizzling Czech rumpy-pumpy as a backdrop to Saturday's midnight news, rather than the normal "output of other news channels", the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 22 Aug 2006

Nokia launches self-service upgrades

Nokia has quietly introduced a DIY firmware upgrade service so phone owners can update their phones over the air, or via a PC connected to the internet, and no longer need to visit a service centre to update the device.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Aug 2006

Intel begs for multi-threaded software aid

Hot ChipsLong used to hawking GHz above all else, Intel has found the transition to a multi-core world with flat clock rates painful. The multi-core shift has, in fact, become so difficult that Intel is looking to partners for help designing and evaluating its future products.
Ashlee Vance, 22 Aug 2006

Sony readies slimline mobile-on-desktop PC-TV

Tony Smith, 22 Aug 2006
homeless man with sign

IBM and Oracle must change software pricing – AMD

AMD expects companies like Oracle and IBM - devising Byzantine pricing metrics for their software in virtualized environments - will be forced to compromise on licensing by their customers or risk losing business to open source.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Aug 2006
hands waving dollar bills in the air

US tweaks airbag snitch rules

From September 2010 car makers must inform US drivers of the presence of crash recording technology in new cars that they buy.
John Leyden, 22 Aug 2006
homeless man with sign

Geeks pray $100,000 box will solve software crisis

Hot ChipsThere's a weird 1,000-processor computer floating about that's being hailed as the "MIT Fix."
Ashlee Vance, 22 Aug 2006

CMU promises to fix speech recognition with a chip

Hot ChipsSpeech technology ranks right down there with flying cars, robots and Windows as the grandest of disappointments in geekdom. Thankfully, the horrid state of the technology hasn't broken the will of all researchers in the speech field.
Ashlee Vance, 22 Aug 2006

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