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ICIA rejects calls to block phone use in cinemas

The mobile phone industry has rejected calls to block the use of mobile phones in cinemas and theatres, describing the idea as inappropriate and impractical.
ElectricNews.net, 16 Aug 2006

Northern Ireland gets e-prescriptions

Paper prescriptions will be phased out in Northern Ireland, following an agreement between the government and HP to develop an e-prescriptions service.
Kablenet, 16 Aug 2006

Court Asboes septuagenarian 'yobbo'

A North London magistrates court has ended the reign of terror of a 76-year-old "yobbo" by slapping him with an Asbo, The Mirror reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2006
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IBM says Sun's open source strategy lacks support

IBM has broken the community camaraderie of LinuxWorld by criticizing systems rival Sun Microsystems' open source strategy on Solaris and SPARC as artificial and lacking genuine support.
Gavin Clarke, 16 Aug 2006

Apple renews Windows-on-Mac app

UpdatedApple has updated its Boot Camp Windows-on-Mac utility, taking the public beta test release to version 1.1. The 202MB download contains updated Windows hardware drivers, but most importantly adds support for the recently released Mac Pro desktops.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2006

Novell reaches out to Microsoft Office users

It's open season on the Windows/Office desktop again, with Novell the latest trying to lure away customers unhappy with the price Microsoft charges for "bloatware".
Gavin Clarke, 16 Aug 2006
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UK and US eBay sellers take action over price hikes

Around 100 of eBay's "Shop" sellers went out on strike yesterday in protest at the company's decision to raise the amount it charges to sell items on its site. More than 500 have signed a petition in protest.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Aug 2006

British Telecom to reward loyalty

BriefBT has announced that anyone prepared to sign up to 18 months of its Option 2 tariff, at £11 a month line rental, will get evening and weekend calls thrown in for the first 12 months.
Bill Ray, 16 Aug 2006

OCZ readies 1.1GHz DDR 2 DIMMs

Memory specialist OCZ has begun producing DDR 2 DIMMs clocked to 1.1GHz, the company announced yesterday. Alas, it didn't say when anyone will be able to buy the high-speed SDRAM, or for what price.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2006

Disney scraps UK mobile plan

Disney has ditched plans to start a UK virtual mobile network (MVNO), blaming adverse changes in the retail environment for its decision
Bill Ray, 16 Aug 2006
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Dell's 'Zippo' batteries may be in other machines

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is looking at other makes of laptop which use Sony batteries to see if they too pose a fire risk. Dell said yesterday it is recalling 4.1m lithium-ion batteries, some of which have spontaneously combusted.
John Oates, 16 Aug 2006

'Crap' comms, ID legislation can still be beaten

The former Lord Phillips of Sudbury, civil liberties campaigner and opponent of ID Cards, got sick of passing "crap legislation" while sitting in the House of Lords, but thinks he can still help clear up the mess.
Mark Ballard, 16 Aug 2006

The serious business of mobile phone games

Mobile gaming sales will generate $7.2bn a year worldwide by 2011, growing from the $2.4bn sold in 2006.
Bill Ray, 16 Aug 2006

Standard mobiles can now be used for encrypted calls

A new piece of encryption software "that would have made it impossible for the alleged tapping of mobile phones belonging to the Royal household, ministers, MPs, and celebrities to take place is set to be launched in the UK," by One Day Mobile.
Guy Kewney, 16 Aug 2006

Vodafone to enable v1605 handset's HSDPA in 'Q1 2007'

Vodafone's 3G smart phone, the v1605, will not gain HSDPA support until Q1 2007, a company spokeswoman told Reg Hardware today. The ability to download data at speeds of up to 1.8Mbps will come through a "software update", she said. Alternatively, you can download an unofficial HSDPA enabler utility now.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2006

Open source Java SE by year end

There is now a timescale in place for the Standard Edition of Java, Java SE, to go open source.
Martin Banks, 16 Aug 2006

AOL reported to FTC

AOL has been reported to the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive trade practises for releasing search logs for half a million users.
John Oates, 16 Aug 2006

Solar system to get new planets?

If astronomers approve a new proposal for a definition of a planet, not only will Pluto retain its status as the ninth planet, but the solar system will gain three more.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Aug 2006

Trolltech goes green with Linux-friendly phone

Linux-for-phones developer Trolltech is to offer its own handset to promote demand for its Qtopia Phone Edition operating system, the company announced yesterday. The Qtopia Greenphone will ship with Trolltech's SDK and will feature a developer-friendly rewriteable application storage space.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2006

Ex-Comverse chief turns fugitive

Former Comverse CEO Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, 54, has become the target of a worldwide manhunt.
Christopher Williams, 16 Aug 2006

What's your favourite - breasts or legs?

An ad for a sex chat line that asked men to decide on their preferred womanly body part - a choice of breasts or legs - has been pulled by the Advertising Standards Authority after a viewer complained about the combination of the question, salacious images, and the number to be dialled to vote.
Bill Ray, 16 Aug 2006

Girl raped after MySpace meeting, court hears

MySpace is again at the centre of a row over online safety, after a court in Chicago heard that a girl of 14 was gang-raped and left unconscious in an alley after a real life meeting arranged via the social networking site.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Aug 2006

Brief wait for iPod underpants, warns supplier

NSFWIt just had to happen. Yes, someone's designed a pair of ladies underpants with an iPod Nano-sized pouch. We're not talking about the iPod thong spoof that did the rounds not so long ago, but the new knickers share the same name: iGroove. Alas, it's also the name of a series of speakers from Klipsch.
The Hardware Widow, 16 Aug 2006
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Storage vendors seek summer of love with SMBs

AnalysisSmall and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) seem to be the number one target in storage vendor marketing departments. Every week brings new product launches, partnership arrangements and channel initiatives.
Christopher Williams, 16 Aug 2006

Movie download service faces spyware lawsuit

Washington State is suing a movie download service over allegations that it used spyware to promote its business.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2006

UK man dies of anthrax

A 50-year-old man who died on 8 July in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary is believed to be the first case of anthrax in Scotland since 1987, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2006

YouTube plans 'free-to-net' music vid downloads

YouTube is in negotiations with record labels over plans to post music videos online. The talks are part of the site's plans to expand beyond its roots as a community web site that allows users to post videos online to become a legitimate distributor of commercial video clips, among other ventures.
John Leyden, 16 Aug 2006

O2 eyes Ice to drive consumer 3G demand

UpdatedO2 is believed to be gearing up to launch Ice, a consumer-friendly 3G phone, with a view to shipping the handset early next month.
Hard Reg, 16 Aug 2006

Apple says 'no' to wireless iPod claims

Apple has denied claims that the company is getting ready to offer a wireless iPod - an unusual move for a firm that usually refuses to comment on unannounced products.
Tony Smith, 16 Aug 2006

London hits all-time August high

You've really got to ask yourself just what on God's Green Earth is going on down at BBC Weather. Following the Belfast tropical storm warning, the Brummie snow in July outrage and the 188°C Leeds miniheatwave, we now discover that Londoners wishing to melt steel without the aid of a blast furnace should make, er, hay while the sun shines:
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2006

PlusNet deletes more customer info

PlusNet today admitted that some of the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) data it accidentally deleted has gone the same way as the emails it deleted earlier this month - as in gone forever.
John Oates, 16 Aug 2006
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Overland tinkles the Bell (Micro)

Bell Micro will flog SMB storage gear for Overland Storage under a new deal announced today.
Christopher Williams, 16 Aug 2006

Solar observatories get new launch date

NASA and PPARC have confirmed that the STEREO mission (the acronym cunningly derived from Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) is slated to launch on 31 August.
Lucy Sherriff, 16 Aug 2006

Grace Jones on flat trash rap

WSALong before Naomi Campbell had even considered deploying a PDA as a weapon with which to thrash her staff, model-turned-singer Grace Jones was showing wannabe "don't-you-know-who-I-ams?" exactly how it's done when she famously piled into chat show host Russell Harty.
Lester Haines, 16 Aug 2006

ICANN awarded net adminstration until 2011

The US government has awarded net overseeing organisation ICANN the contract to administer changes at the top of the internet until 2011.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Aug 2006

'Zippo' battery recall could cost Sony $430m and a truck

Dell has suffered from the bad press associated with its 4.1m fire-breathing laptop batteries that were recalled this week. But it's Sony - the maker of the lithium-ion batteries - that looks to front most of the financial burden for replacing systems.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Aug 2006

Municipal WiFi is the new hope for Net Neutrality - thinker

Municipal WiFi networks could help beat US carriers and politicians in the battle over so-called "net neutrality," according to one leading campaigner
Gavin Clarke, 16 Aug 2006
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HP's Q3 profit rises, shares follow

Shares of HP soared to a new 52-week high during the after-hours trading that followed the company's release of third quarter financial results. As has become the case under new CEO Mark Hurd, HP beat out profit expectations and turned in solid revenue gains.
Ashlee Vance, 16 Aug 2006

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