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Commission fails to fix passenger data debacle

Problems with the European Commission's passenger data deal have not been fixed by the commission's latest proposal and opponents may have to resort to a human rights case to fix them, according to a leading data protection expert.
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 Jun 2006

The call for robotics standards is on

RoboBizThe robotics industry's penchant for bespoke gadgets has so far led to a slow moving field where every company and hobbyist has to spend huge amounts of time and money on new designs. A growing number of people have started to point to a lack of hardware and software standards as one of the main reasons robotics has stalled and failed to live up to its potential. And they want to change this.
Ashlee Vance, 22 Jun 2006

Ex-CA exec pleads guilty in hush money handout scandal

A former Computer Associates International executive has pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice after he attempted to buy customers' silence over a company accounting scandal.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Jun 2006

Europe to axe digital kit copyright taxes

Digital music devices are set to become cheaper in Europe if the European Commission has its way. It wants to abolish levies member states' governments add to prices to compensate artists and musicians for copyright infringement.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006

Net neutrality has ruined the web

CommentI thought I knew something about networking, but according to an animated cartoon by telco lobbyists, I've been laboring under numerous misconceptions. For example, I'd always believed it possible to increase both capacity and bandwidth without the kind of traffic discrimination that the telcos would like to introduce. Apparently, that's wrong.
Thomas C Greene, 22 Jun 2006

Security software: Microsoft accused of predatory pricing

Microsoft has been accused of potentially stifling innovation in the security sector and threatening to kill the competition through predatory pricing.
Gavin Clarke, 22 Jun 2006

IT blamed for tax credits problems

The adjudicator for HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has highlighted inflexibilities in the department's systems.
Kablenet, 22 Jun 2006

Toshiba unveils 1TB HDD/HD DVD recorder

Toshiba will next month ship the world's first consumer-oriented HD DVD player capable of writing to next-generation recordable media, the Japanese giant said today. The unit also features a whopping terabyte of hard disk storage - sufficient for 130 hours' HD content, the company said.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006

Nokia, Sanyo scrap phone JV scheme

Nokia and Sanyo have pulled the plug on plans to create a joint venture to manufacture and market mobile phones for CDMA markets. Both companies said they had now called a halt to negotiations made public in February this year.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006
homeless man with sign

ComputerLand takes O2 managed services business

ComputerLand has swiped a chunk of services business at O2 which was formerly held by reseller and services giant Computacenter.
Joe Fay, 22 Jun 2006

Coke sires son of Mycokemusic.com

Coca Cola is planning another music venture to replace Mycokemusic.com, the music download site it is closing at the end of July.
Mark Ballard, 22 Jun 2006

Mitsubishi readies 30GB HD DVD-R media

Mitsubishi today said it would begin selling recordable dual-layer, 30GB HD DVD media late next month, just after Toshiba ships the world's first consumer PVR to support HD DVD-R. The disc maker said it will offer a 30GB dual-layer product.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006

Tiscali clears email backlog

Tiscali UK says it has almost cleared a backlog of emails following a software snag that hit the ISP on Tuesday. The glitch meant that some people were unable to send email while others reported that emails were being delayed or even lost.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jun 2006

UK admits just half of methane emissions

Methane emissions in the UK could be twice as high as government estimates, new European research suggests.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Jun 2006

eBay ashtray reflectosmut woman reveals all

Pity if you will the poor eBay vendor who earlier this week revealed rather more than she'd intended when photographing a highly-reflective stainless steel ashtray.
Lester Haines, 22 Jun 2006

ATI IGP line to step over Shader Model 3.0

ATI's first DirectX 10-supporting integrated chipset will debut next year and be fabbed at 65nm, according to roadmap details leaked onto the web this week. The upshot: ATI is jumping straight from Shader Model 2.0 to Shader Model 4.0.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006
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How to stop Microsoft's WGA phoning home

A firewall testing website has released a tool it says will spike Microsoft’s controversial WGA tool.
Team Register, 22 Jun 2006

AMD's Socket F Opterons to ship as 22xx, 82xx series

AMD will upgrade its Opteron model-numbering scheme when it launches its 1,207-pin Socket F server processor interconnect in the coming months, it has emerged. The move will also see debut of DDR 2 support for both workstation- and server-oriented chips, none of which will be available in single-core forms.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006

EC mulls cut in telco regulation - report

The European Commission (EC) is due to publish proposals next week that could free Europe's incumbent telcos from price controls and other forms of regulation.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jun 2006

Leak reveals ATI 80nm product plans

ATI will offer 80nm GPUs across the board following the process' debut in September, with only the top-of-the-range left out, a leaked roadmap from graphics card maker GeCube has revealed.
Hard Reg, 22 Jun 2006

Private profit from public investment?

CommentEven after living in America for seven years, I still get surprised by how polarised debate can be on some issues. I can well remember getting in a cab in Vegas and being taken on the freeway that runs along the back of the strip to my hotel. The cab driver launched into a tirade against the then president, and I felt that should I demur in any way I was likely to find myself turfed out on the freeway, possibly having ingested a little lead.
David Perry, 22 Jun 2006

Scientists call for teaching of facts of evolution

Scientists across the world are calling for the "evidence-based facts" of evolution to be taught to all children.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Jun 2006
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MS enriches Creative Commons with PowerPoints™

Readers have noted the endless banality of the "Creative Commons" here at El Reg before.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2006

ASA to probe Big Brother golden ticket fix claims

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will investigate complaints from TV viewers and newspapers that the Big Brother golden ticket draw was fixed, The Guardian reports.
Lester Haines, 22 Jun 2006

Public workers say No2ID...

Members of Unison, the UK's largest union, voted for a motion to oppose ID Cards yesterday at its annual conference in Bournemouth.
Mark Ballard, 22 Jun 2006

HDMI 1.3 upgrade finalised, published

The HDMI HD equipment interconnect standard has been updated, the seven companies behind the technology announced today. One of them, Sony, said its PlayStation 3 will support the new version of the interface.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006

Retailer prices up boxed Intel 'Conroe'

Intel's upcoming 2.93GHz Core 2 Extreme X6800 gaming-oriented processor will set you back just over £775 if pre-order prices posted by one UK supplier is anything to go by. Or you have the regular 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo E6300 for under £153 if you fancy a cheaper 'Conroe'.
Tony Smith, 22 Jun 2006

Will the internet die in September?

ICANN MarrakechThere will be much to discuss at ICANN's Marrakech meeting which kicks off this Saturday, but one question rises about all others: what will happen to the internet on 30 September 2006?
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Jun 2006

Cleaner combustion from Atlanta researchers

US researchers have designed a combustion chamber whose emissions of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide are close to zero. The researchers also say their design is so simple it would be cheaper to manufacture and maintain than current combustors.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Jun 2006

Redstone snaps up Symphony Telecom for £17m

Redstone plc is to buy mobile outfit Symphony Telecom for about £17m as part of plans to expand its business in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 22 Jun 2006

Casio snaps 7.2Mp anti-shake camera

Casio has updated its Exilim digital camera line with a 7.2-megapixel image-grabber, 3x optical zoom and sufficient anti-blur signal processing to cope with the shakiest of paws.
Hard Reg, 22 Jun 2006

SOA 2.0 madness

Fed up with big analyst firms and IT vendors inventing divisive vocabulary and creating hype to further their own agendas?
Dale Vile, 22 Jun 2006

Novell board axes CEO

Novell's board of directors has voted to oust Jack Messman as CEO, effective immediately.
Christopher Williams, 22 Jun 2006

Office 12 to have own VSTO

When Microsoft’s Office 12 appears, towards the end of this year, it is going to present developers with a new set of challenges as users seek to exploit added functionality in the revised applications. That is where Cypress comes into play.
Martin Banks, 22 Jun 2006

NEC to sell Packard-Bell to eMachines founder?

NEC is mulling an offer for its Packard Bell PC business, according to reports.
Christopher Williams, 22 Jun 2006

AT&T retroactively adjusts privacy policy

Effectively exposed as a subcontractor for the National Security Agency's data harvesting program, AT&T has chosen now to impose a new privacy policy on its subscribers.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2006

Jail time for payola search engines

A South Carolina senator has proposed that search engines which offer pay-to-play deals should face sanctions - including jail time for the company executives.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Jun 2006

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