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MSI makes 'first' upgradeable SLI graphic card

Computex 2006Nvidia's MXM notebook-oriented GPU-on-a-card system doesn't appear to been a resounding success. Neither, for that matter, does ATI's alternative, Axiom, but Nvidia's technology did allow MSI to present at Computex what it claimed is the first upgradeable desktop graphics card.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2006

Laptop vendors to adopt desktop 'Conroe' chip?

Computex 2006Asian notebook manufacturers are wondering why they should wait for Intel's 'Merom' next-generation notebook processor in future laptops when they can use 'Conroe' instead and gain not only better performance - higher clock speeds, at least - but also pay less for it.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2006

Acer touts 'beyond the norm' monster 20.1in laptop

Computex 2006Acer demo'd its monster 20.1in widescreen notebook - you can't honestly call this beast a laptop, and even the word 'notebook' seems inappropriate - at Computex this week, one of four machines it is preparing to offer with built-in HD DVD drives.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2006
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ID fraudsters pose as online businesses

Identity fraudsters are targeting online businesses in a new scam featuring an online trading exchange.
John Leyden, 08 Jun 2006

AMD defines itself as the joker in the pack

Computex 2006A nice young fellow kitted out in Nvidia green handed out a deck of AMD playing cards at Computex today, one of the many freebies vendors dish out to passers-by to promote their products. This time we wonder if AMD was indeed the schwag supplier - or whether a rival chip maker might be having a laugh...
Taipei O'Grady, 08 Jun 2006

Philips, Lite-on, BenQ prep Blu-ray drives

Computex 2006Philips this week launched its first Blu-ray Disc drive, and was quickly followed by Lite-on and BenQ. Both the Philips and the Lite-on models are due to ship in the UK in August, the two companies said separately.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2006

Mid-market storage wars redux

The mid-market for storage arrays is one of the sweet spots for vendors. Getting this market right is crucial to storage vendors and technology refreshes and advances can make the difference between competitors.
Joyce Becknell, 08 Jun 2006

Prices slashed by e-auction

Twelve public sector organisations have used an electronic auction to achieve record savings on IT hardware, according to the Office of Government Commerce (OGC).
Kablenet, 08 Jun 2006

'Practical' problems could stymie AllofMP3.com lawsuit

The British music industry is planning to sue Russian download site AllofMP3.com in the UK courts – but according to a solicitor advocate, while the law is on its side, practical problems with enforcement could limit the impact of any judgment.
OUT-LAW.COM, 08 Jun 2006

Sage makes another buy

Acountancy specialist Sage just can't get enough. Last month it bought a Malaysian software firm and a Chinese distie, and today it is spending £16m in cash on German management software company Bäurer GmbH.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2006

Vista Beta ready at last

Last night Microsoft released the public beta, or test version, of Windows Vista. You can download it or order it on DVD from here.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2006

eBay 'sniping' tool: an i-mode mobile phone from O2

Email and eBay are the top attractions for mobile phone users, according to UK network operator O2, after monitoring the first seven months of i-mode operation.
Guy Kewney, 08 Jun 2006

C&W pulls out of residential broadband

Cable & Wireless (C&W) is pulling out of the residential broadband market to concentrate instead on wholesale internet services.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2006

Orange rebrand a declaration of quadruple play war

CommentWhen a company that is known universally as one of the worst managed operators in the world finally gets its brand unification act together, it is something of a landmark.
Faultline, 08 Jun 2006

Home Office defends sharing DNA database

The Home Office is under fire for allowing foreign agencies access to the National DNA Database (NDNAD).
Christopher Williams, 08 Jun 2006
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Two charged with VoIP fraud

Two men were arrested yesterday and charged with wire and computer fraud. They are accused of secretly routing phone calls into VoIP services without paying for them.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2006

BBC closes out deal for showing UK TV over P2P

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has renegotiated its terms with PACT, a UK trade organisation that represents the commercial interests of independent feature film, TV, and animation companies.
Faultline, 08 Jun 2006

HP nearly goes ASP

Application Service Providers (ASPs) may be one of those flash in the pan solutions-to-every-problem-you-ever-thought-of that the IT industry is good at thinking up every now and then, but despite the fact it pretty much crashed and burned the notion is not without some merit.
Martin Banks, 08 Jun 2006

EMC shares tumble after Q2 investor briefing

Shares in EMC hit a 14-month low on Wall Street yesterday following comments from its finance chief. Bill Teuber said Q2 expectations were unchanged from the firm's 20 April announcement, and that it "still had a lot to do".
Christopher Williams, 08 Jun 2006

American losers students prefer iPod to beer

A shocking survey of US college students has revealed that beer drinking has been deposed as the most "in" thing to spend time doing - by mucking about with an iPod.
Christopher Williams, 08 Jun 2006
Seagate Momentus 5400

Seagate touts revolutionary notebook HDDs

Seagate has launched three new families of notebook hard drive under the Momentus monicker. The most radical drive is the hybrid Momentus 5400 PSD (Power-Saving Drive) which adds 256MB of Flash memory to a 5,400rpm SATA300 2.5 inch hard drive.
Leo Waldock, 08 Jun 2006
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Carphone keeps 'close eye' on AOL UK

The Carphone Warehouse has been named as a possible suitor for AOL UK should a strategic review of the ISP conclude that the business should be sold.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2006

Socket F mobos sneak out at Computex

Computex 2006Motherboards supporting AMD's Socket F infrastructure cropped up here and there at Computex this week, though the chip maker has yet to launch the DDR 2-supporting processor interconnect.
Tony Smith, 08 Jun 2006

Portugal builds world's biggest solar plant

Portugal has started work on what will be the world's biggest solar power plant - a 52,000 photovoltaic module, 11-megawatt facility covering a 60-hectare south-facing hillside in the southern Alentejo region.
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2006

Firms still leaving door open to hackers

Three in five (61 per cent) firms audited by UK-based penetration testing firm NTA Monitor have one or more high risk vulnerabilities on their internet connections.
John Leyden, 08 Jun 2006

Chicago hotel offers hope to CrackBerry addicts

The manager of a Chicago hotel has offered a glimmer of hope to those who have become hopelessly addicted to their BlackBerries - a one-step, cold turkey programme guaranteed to separate junkies from their devices without surgical intervention.
Lester Haines, 08 Jun 2006

Microsoft product phones home every day

Microsoft has admitted that Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) will phone Redmond every day - something it neglected to tell users before they installed it.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2006

Sapphire unleashes the Ultimate

Sapphire's new Radeon X1600 Pro and XT Ultimate graphics cards use a cooling solution that is nearly, but not quite, silent.
Leo Waldock, 08 Jun 2006

Times TV goes live

The Times has turned on its new online TV and video service backed by a "six-figure" deal with exclusive sponsor Cisco.
Tim Richardson, 08 Jun 2006
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Man accused of crashing UBS servers

A US court has heard how a disgruntled IT manager allegedly wiped out all UBS Paine Webber servers for a day leaving traders unable to trade because he was unhappy with his bonus.
John Oates, 08 Jun 2006

Top of the sops

Windows security firm Sunbelt today released its countdown of the top ten spyware threats in May.
Christopher Williams, 08 Jun 2006

Oracle axes jobs in Dublin and Galway

Software giant Oracle has announced that it is to reduce the headcount at its operations in Ireland over the next six months.
Charlie Taylor, 08 Jun 2006

Intel's server chip chief knocks Itanium, Gates and AMD

Has Pat Gelsinger sinned? We think so. Intel's former CTO and current sever processor chief made one confession after another, during a session yesterday at Stanford University. Gelsinger did the unthinkable by knocking Itanium and Microsoft and unleashed some future product details. He even dashed into the uncomfortable territory of suffering from a mother's disappointment for her son.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jun 2006

Dell eyes chocolate cake as image booster

What does a smart hardware vendor do when it's being knocked around by the press for poor recent performance? Throw a birthday party for a prominent journalist, of course.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jun 2006

Billy Bragg prompts Myspace rethink

Myspace says it's revising its legal terms and conditions after songwriter Billy Bragg withdrew his songs from the website in protest.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jun 2006

Your Al Gore review made us SPeW!

LettersThe ultimate sign of a reporter's objectivity comes through when both conservative and liberal readers chastise her over the same story. That's what happened this week when you all dug into your humble hack for this review of Al Gore's global warming slideshow.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jun 2006

Bring on the T-Mobile Sidekick III... on 26 June?

There have been more sightings of the T-Mobile Sidekick III, and it’s due to go on sale SOON. How do we know this? Well, the Sidekick III has appeared on the FCC website (Federal Communications Commission) and the speculation is that the US release date is the 26 June.
Leo Waldock, 08 Jun 2006

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