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Salesforce cheers one-month of uptime with outage

One day you're a company touting an ultra-reliable service. The next day you're apologizing for launching a denial of service attack against your own customers.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Apr 2006

Sony schedules DVD/HDD recorder re-vamp

Sony this week unveiled a raft of DVD writers with built-in hard disk storage, two of which will also feature GemStar Guide Plus+ electronic programme guide (EPG). The five new models sport hard drives of between 80GB and 250GB unformatted storage capacity and DVD±R/RW drives with dual-layer support.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006

Liteon to ship slotload DVD writer

Liteon will this month ship an external DVD writer that uses a slot-load mechanism rather than the more commonplace drawer system. The company is pitching the product at notebook users, though its slimline styling should appeal to desktop users too.
'ard Reg, 07 Apr 2006

Watchdog rules in favour of 'greediest man in Britain'

Publishing a photo of a man in his own home without his consent was a breach of his privacy, according to a ruling from the Press Complaints Commission today. The photo was included in a Sunday Mercury article on "the greediest man in Britain".
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Apr 2006

Firm pitches $2,800 64GB USB Flash disk

US-based storage specialist Kanguru has launched the product for Flash disk fans who are unhappy with the weenie capacity most USB drives offer: a memory key with a whopping 64GB of storage capacity. The downside? It'll cost you rather more than your computer probably did.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006

Sky mulls 'free broadband' - report

Sky has become the latest outfit to be linked with a move to provide cheap or "free" broadband, according to the Guardian.
Tim Richardson, 07 Apr 2006

Villa bet on 32Red for new sponsorship deal

32Red, the Gibraltar-based AIM-listed online casino and poker operator, has signed a seven figure sponsorship deal with Aston Villa.
Team Register, 07 Apr 2006

Devil rabbit terrorises village

Pity if you will the poor burghers of the Northumberland village of Felton - living as they are under a palpable pall of fear provoked by the attentions of a monstrous, allotment-menacing devil rabbit.
Lester Haines, 07 Apr 2006

Police bust UK's largest 'DVD piracy' factory

Police and trading standards officers in London made five arrests on Wednesday after raiding the largest pirate DVD manufacturing facility ever uncovered in the UK. The premises in Leyton, east London, contained over 500 individual DVD burners capable of producing over 60,000 pirate DVDs per day.
John Leyden, 07 Apr 2006

Air pollution will kill you eight months early

Here's some bad news for those of you hoping to escape the forthcoming bird flu apocalypse which will, according to the usual cheerful prophets of doom, kill 98.7 per cent of the UK population by August: you're going to die eight months early anyway because of the UK's air pollution.
Lester Haines, 07 Apr 2006

Dublin firm to target African mobile users

An Irish provider of online mobile data synchronisation solutions aims to target mobile phone users in emerging markets in Africa.
Charlie Taylor, 07 Apr 2006

Bling bling: Nokia models L'Amour collection

Nokia went bling on Tuesday night with a catwalk display of new Irish fashion talent to complement the phone company's latest product line launch in Ireland.
Maxim Kelly, 07 Apr 2006

Suffolk BlackBerry pickers pushed on gadget splurge

RIM BlackBerries have been called CrackBerries thanks to their users' addiction to the push email gizmos.
Christopher Williams, 07 Apr 2006

Nvidia shows 'best quality' twin-tuner TV card

Nvidia has launched a PC add-in TV tuner card with two tuners, both of them ready to receive and record analogue broadcasts around the world. Nvidia has two versions: the NTSC-supporting part unveiled this week and a PAL/SECAM model.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006

Which? finds low awareness of DTV

New figures show significant numbers of the British public are unaware the switchover to digital TV will be taking place.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 07 Apr 2006

BAE to flog Airbus stake

BAE systems is looking to offload its 20 per cent stake in European aircraft consortium Airbus for up to £3bn, the BBC reports. The move - prompted by a fall in profits in BAE's commercial aerospace division and a desire to focus on its burgeoning "core defence business" - will not affect the 13,000 Airbus workers in the UK, BAE confirmed.
Lester Haines, 07 Apr 2006

AMD to focus on Turion brand for 65nm mobile CPUs?

Don't expect AMD to offer a 65nm Mobile Athlon 64 X2 processor. According to alleged Turion roadmap details, the dual-core Mobile Athlon 64s will only be fabricated using a 90nm process, for the foreseeable future at least. AMD's 65nm mobile parts are due Q1 2007.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006

Subversion v. Perforce. Collabnet replies

Having allowed Perforce to comment on Tim’s review of SCM tools, we have to extend the courtesy to CollabNet, his other victim, as well.
David Norfolk, 07 Apr 2006

CRB opens the umbrella

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) has launched a new database of bodies that can run checks.
Kablenet, 07 Apr 2006

Thinking in Java, new 4th Ed.

Book reviewThe trophy cabinet full of awards and prizes that Bruce Eckel has won for his ‘Thinking in Java’ attests to its classic status. And, despite it having been available as a free download, it’s also been a perennial best seller. Now, with the release of a new, fourth, edition, does the book still warrant the accolades? And does it remain one of the key titles to recommend to new Java programmers?
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 07 Apr 2006

Aussie PM airs Telstra sale doubts

The Australian Government is not prepared to flog its 51.8 per cent stake in incumbent telco Telstra if the price isn't right, according to Aussie PM John Howard.
Team Register, 07 Apr 2006

Acer unveils world's second HD DVD laptop

Acer yesterday announced the second notebook to support HD DVD, following the lead set by Toshiba, the next-generation optical disc format's chief cheerleader, and as predicted. But don't expect it to ship with such a drive immediately - the first models may only ship with DVD drives.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006
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Critical IE fix due Tuesday

Microsoft has confirmed it plans to release a fix for a serious security bug in Internet Explorer next Tuesday (11 April). The fix for the "CreateTextRange" vulnerability - which has become the subject of hacker exploits over recent days - will be released as a cumulative update to Internet Explorer along with four other security bulletins (details here).
John Leyden, 07 Apr 2006

Acer touts 'super 3G' notebook duo

Acer has re-iterated its plan to bundle Vodafone-branded 'super 3G' HSDPA data cards with a pair of upcoming notebook PCs, pledging to introduce TravelMate and Aspire laptops with the cards in the coming months.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006

Gmail in emergency lightning response shocker

We can all sleep sounder in our beds, safe in the knowledge that Gmail will - if required - move with panther-like speed to tackle any possible threat to national security.
Lester Haines, 07 Apr 2006

Asus unveils Dolby-driven laptops

Asus this week lauded its latest laptops' successful attempt to win the thumbs-up from audio specialist Dolby. Announcing two new machines, Asus said one comes with the Dolby Home Theater stamp of approval, while the other ships with "gameplay transforming" Dolby Digital Live technology.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006
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German Postbank uses e-signatures to curb phishing

German bank Postbank is going to introduce electronic signatures to all email correspondence with its customers in an attempt to curb phishing.
Jan Libbenga, 07 Apr 2006

Linguists have more white matter: official

Neuroscientists at University College London reckon they may have pinpointed the reason some people have an aptitude for languages, and apparently it's all about more "white brain matter" where it counts - packed into the area in which sound is processed.
Lester Haines, 07 Apr 2006

Is VoIP ready for business?

Voice communications delivered using IP (VoIP) networks is currently something of a phenomenon. The use of VoIP is rapidly becoming almost as common an occurrence as accessing the internet.
Tony Lock, 07 Apr 2006

Napster subscribers up, losses down

Napster will post a smaller loss for its fourth fiscal quarter than it previously forecast. The reason? Greater-than-expected subscriber growth has taken numbers paying for its music rental service to over 600,000.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006

Warning over rogue anti-spyware app

A rogue anti-spyware application is falsely identifying popular security products and file system tools as spyware. Security firm SurfControl advises users not to touch the application, UnSpyPC, with a barge pole.
John Leyden, 07 Apr 2006

Podstar preps fiendish iPod Nano case

We're not sure how practical these iPod Nano cases are, but with their horns and forked tail, we're sure they'll appeal to music fans whose tastes tend toward the diabolic. At least the "high grade" silicone shell undertakes the saintly task of keeping your digital music player unstained and unscratched.
Tony Smith, 07 Apr 2006

Three-way targets cellphone parts market

TI, NEC and Matsushita are in talks about pooling their plans for W-CDMA 3G phone chips.
Team Register, 07 Apr 2006

Sky HD is here

Geek TV
Jane Hoskyn, 07 Apr 2006

New site launched for disconnected Wanadoo punters

Wanadoo punters in the UK who've lost their broadband connection after being migrated to the ISP's LLU platform are being urged to air their problems on a new online forum.
Tim Richardson, 07 Apr 2006

How much is that Apple in the Windows?

CommentAs everyone knows, I'm a great fan of Apple Computer.
Cormac O'Reilly, 07 Apr 2006

Subs up at RIM

Signups to Research in Motion’s data service hit 625,000 in its fourth quarter as the handheld vendors’ patent problems straightened themselves out.
Team Register, 07 Apr 2006

Europeans in .eu landrush frenzy

The European Commission has expressed its satisfaction with the take-up for the newly-released .eu TLD, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 07 Apr 2006
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Sun sends SPARC team members packing

Sun Microsystems has laid off seven per cent of its SPARC processor and server group, as it pares back projects in an effort to save costs.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Apr 2006

Sun zinged by rent-a-quote analyst

Imagine our surprise when The Economist - possibly the most respected magazine on the planet by business types - closed out an evisceration of Sun Microsystems by turning to a consultant who gets paid by most of Sun's major competitors.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Apr 2006

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