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Sonic gets a workbench

While it can make a technology seem more artisan than artist, the appearance of a Workbench for developers is usually a sign that the technology is starting to have some reasonable traction amongst users. That is what has happened with the launch of Version 7.0 of Sonic Software’s Enterprise Service Bus.
Martin Banks, 27 Mar 2006

Apple schedules Southampton, Manchester stores

Apple is planning to open at least two more Apple Stores in the UK, with shops set to open in Manchester and Southampton in the company's current fiscal year - by the end of September, in other words.
Tony Smith, 27 Mar 2006

InPhase touts 'record breaking' holo storage density

Holographic storage specialist InPhase last week said it had managed to squeeze more than 515 billion bits of information into a square inch of storage media - higher than any commercially available data-archive technology, the company claimed.
Tony Smith, 27 Mar 2006

EU ponders 'more risky' procurement rules

The EU Commission is considering new proposals that would require public procurers to purchase innovative products and services still in need of further research, alongside the more traditional, risk-free approach of buying only established products.
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 Mar 2006

Online to be next gen console battlefield

Tech Digest
Games Digest, 27 Mar 2006

'Critical' IE bug threatens PC users

A dangerous new exploit in Internet Explorer could put PCs and data at risk, Microsoft has admitted.
Ciara O'Brien, 27 Mar 2006
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S'kiddies get into spyware for just $15

A Russian website is selling a DIY spyware kit, called WebAttacker, for around $15 a throw. The site, which proudly boasts of its creator's credentials in the scumware industry, also offer technical supporter to potential buyers.
John Leyden, 27 Mar 2006

Motorola Q smart phone 'available April'

Motorola has tacitly confirmed past claims that its Blackberry-style smart phone, the Q, will just miss its original Q1 2006 shipping timeframe. According to a page posted on the company's website, the 1.2cm-thick, keyboard-equipped handset will be "available April 2006".
Tony Smith, 27 Mar 2006
SGI logo hardware close-up

Altiris releases desktop software virtualisation

CommentAs companies go, Altiris has managed to garner huge recognition over the course of the last few years as a supplier of the management tools that today are essential to administer much of the distributed IT infrastructure.
Tony Lock, 27 Mar 2006

Managing network bandwidth

For those of us approaching what I'd like to think of as early maturity (or even late youth), it's inspiring to see some things come to pass that we'd dreamed of during our formative years, such as complete smoking bans and low cost air travel within Europe. It's also good to see some of the promises turning into reality in the world of communications, like the prospect of a wide choice of broadband service providers and low cost bandwidth, which seemed such a long way off back at the start of telecom deregulation.
David Perry, 27 Mar 2006

Mobile cheats diddle exam system

More and more kids are using mobile phones to cheat in A Level and GCSE exams. According to the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA), 1,100 pupils were collared smuggling phones into exams last year making hi-tech trickery the most popular form of cheating among students.
Tim Richardson, 27 Mar 2006

Mars Orbiter beams back first images

The trio of cameras aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has beamed back its first shots of the Red Planet. Mission controllers are again relieved the kit seems to be functioning properly, having dodged the 'Mars Curse' by entering orbit safely.
Christopher Williams, 27 Mar 2006

Denmark joins France in Apple-kicking

Denmark could be the latest country to join France in forcing Apple to open up its iTunes system to rivals - but only if market forces don't sort out the problem first.
John Oates, 27 Mar 2006

Sony preps Shuffle-style MP3 Walkman update

Sony is preparing to launch a redesigned set of Network Walkman E-series digital music players, this time sporting a range of coloured cases and an integrated USB connector a la iPod Shuffle, a number of websites have claimed.
Tony Smith, 27 Mar 2006

Aussies trumpet scramjet success

The team behind Saturday's scramjet test in South Australia have hailed it as a success. They are now preparing another trial of the experimental technology for Wednesday.
Christopher Williams, 27 Mar 2006

Sony ends PSOne production

Sony has stopped manufacturing the PSOne - the redesigned version of the original PlayStation aka the SCPH-100 - it has emerged. With the PS3 due to ship in November, the PS2 is set to become the entry-level system, so there's little need to keep making PSOnes.
'ard Reg, 27 Mar 2006

PayPal founder's private rocket burns, then crashes

A private rocket designed to revolutionise space transport suffered an embarrassing setback over the weekend. The maiden flight of SpaceX's low-cost Falcon 1 ended in disaster, with the flight not making it past its first stage.
Christopher Williams, 27 Mar 2006

Carphone mum on 'free broadband' speculation

Execs at the Carphone Warehouse are said to be mulling the idea of offering broadband for free as part of a bundled phone package.
Tim Richardson, 27 Mar 2006

iTunes offers music DVD download

Apple has begun selling music video downloads in DVD-duration batches, an approach that mirrors the way its sells songs as both singles and as album packages.
Tony Smith, 27 Mar 2006

Red Bull gives you wings: official

Red Bull does indeed give you wings, a Brazilian study has shown. A Sao Paulo university team plied 26 male volunteers* with booze, Red Bull or a mixture of both, and demonstrated what deranged clubbers already knew: mixing energy drinks with alcohol provokes "an increased sensation of pleasure and a reduction in sleepiness". Or, as team leader professor Maria Lucia Souza-Formigoni told the BBC: "The person is drunk but does not feel as drunk as he really is."
Lester Haines, 27 Mar 2006

Police find rape suspects on MySpace

Detectives in Colorado have used profiles posted on networking site MySpace to identify six suspects accused of a brutal rape and robbery.
John Oates, 27 Mar 2006

Unipalm ups Symantec range

Unipalm has been chosen to distribute Symantec's Sygate and WholeSecurity products.
John Oates, 27 Mar 2006

SCC Exchange roars into Watford

In briefSCC is setting up a branch of its SCC Exchange division in Watford. Birmingham-based SCC says the new site will bring around 80 jobs to Watford. SCC Exchange targets the SME market, both in the public and private sectors. The Watford office will be up and running from June. ®
Team Register, 27 Mar 2006
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HCI traders fight for the right

Resellers wrong-footed by Gordon Brown have launched a campaign to save the Home Computing Initiative (HCI) from closure on 6 April.
Mark Ballard, 27 Mar 2006

US to test missile-killing airborne laser

The US is pressing on with its highly ambitious Airborne Laser (ABL) project - a 747-mounted ballistic missile killer previously slated for possible termination due to the program's "inability to meet cost and schedule targets", as Space.com puts it.
Lester Haines, 27 Mar 2006

Boffins break data speed record

A combined research team from Germany and Japan has broken the world record for data transmission after sending a signal at 2.56 terabits per second (Tbps) over a 160km fibre optic link.
John Leyden, 27 Mar 2006

Software developer boxes pirate senseless

We like the way they do business down at Cognitive Technologies - and if the company's method of dealing with pirates is anything to go by, then its staff are not be be trifled with.
Lester Haines, 27 Mar 2006
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Reg readers are lukewarm about Vista

The latest slippage in availability of Windows Vista may have come as a blow to manufacturers and retailers hoping to sell PCs to consumers in the run up to Christmas 2006, but IT pros in the business sector are probably not going to lose much sleep over it.
Dale Vile, 27 Mar 2006

Ultra-low cost mobiles to steal thunder of the ‘$100 laptop’

CommentThe much hyped project to create the '$100 laptop' for poor communities, spearheaded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has come under fire in the past weeks, first from Microsoft’s Bill Gates and now from the GSM Association.
Wireless Watch, 27 Mar 2006

Boffins breed omega-3-packed porkers

US scientists have genetically engineered an omega-3-packed pig which promises healthier bacon sarnies.
Lester Haines, 27 Mar 2006

EU leaders back roaming charge cuts

The European Commission (EC) is to get tough with mobile operators over the high cost of roaming charges. Tomorrow, Viviane Reding, Information Society and Media Commissioner, is expected to publish her plans to cut roaming charges and give consumers a better deal.
Tim Richardson, 27 Mar 2006

Weathermen whip up a storm

Top meteorologists are planning to digitally plunge Britain into weather-induced peril. A £5.5m Met Office supercomputing project will test Britain's defences against violent storm surges.
Christopher Williams, 27 Mar 2006

Microsoft appeals South Korean anti-trust ruling

Microsoft today filed an appeal with the Seoul High Court, seeking the revocation of a December ruling by the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) that the software giant had infringed competition rules.
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 Mar 2006

Four 419 scammers indicted, 800 to go

A grand jury in New York has returned a 10-count indictment against three of Nigerian defendants recently arrested in Holland and an 11-count indictment against a fourth suspect.
Jan Libbenga, 27 Mar 2006

Redbus in co-lo price hike

Redbus is to increase prices for all its colocation services, the data centre outfit told its punters last week.
Tim Richardson, 27 Mar 2006
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Systems Union shares jump

Systems Union Group has confirmed it is in talks which could lead to its sale.
John Oates, 27 Mar 2006

UK workers abuse net access

Staff misuse of internet access is still rife in the UK despite improvements over the last two years. Office workers frequently access inappropriate websites or goof about surfing the net instead of getting on with their work, according to findings from the 2006 Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI) biennial Information Security Breaches Survey.
John Leyden, 27 Mar 2006
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Dell stands by server order

Dell is refusing to give a refund to a customer who believes she was wrongly sold a server.
John Oates, 27 Mar 2006

Beeb attacks evil trade in Blue Peter badges

The BBC is fighting to have auctions of its famous Blue Peter badges removed from eBay.
Lester Haines, 27 Mar 2006

HP sacks Israeli CEO - then reinstates him

The chief executive of HP Israel is pondering his future today after HP sacked him on Friday and then rescinded the dismissal on Sunday.
John Oates, 27 Mar 2006

BMC buys Identify for $150m

Systems management firm BMC has offered to acquire Israeli-based application problem resolution firm Identify Software for $150m cash. The deal is designed to bolster BMC's business service management portfolio with technology that helps developers troubleshoot programming glitches. The purchase, which is subject to customary closing conditions, is expected to close during the first quarter of BMC's FY2007.
John Leyden, 27 Mar 2006

'Dragon' unveils flat-fee text service

A new flat-fee SMS service has been launched today that's being billed as a text version of Skype.
Tim Richardson, 27 Mar 2006

Britney sprog drop sculpture wows New York

We're not quite sure what to make of this, but some bright spark has decided to celebrate the birth of Britney Spears' sprog Sean in sculptural form.
Lester Haines, 27 Mar 2006
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Israel jails spyware-for-hire couple

An Israeli couple were jailed on Monday after confessing to the development and sale of spyware that helped private investigators snoop on their clients' business competitors.
John Leyden, 27 Mar 2006
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AMD keeps banging on partners to sell, sell, sell

In an effort to prove it's a grownup server processor vendor, AMD continues to push hard on a program meant to teach partners how to sell its gear.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Mar 2006

Oklahoma man asks Reg to turn off the internet

LettersJerry Taylor, the now famous city manager of Tuttle, Oklahoma, who last week threatened to call the FBI to stop Linux maker CentOS from helping him configure a web server has presented The Register with a massive request. Taylor wants us to shut down the internet.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Mar 2006

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