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Kazaa, record company lawyers ready for appeal

This morning sees the return of the parties in the Kazaa case to the Federal Court for their long awaited appeal. While the earlier case was heard by a single judge (Judge Wilcox), the appeal is to be heard over five days by the Full Bench comprised of Justices Branson, Finkelstein and Lindgren.
Alex Malik, 20 Feb 2006

Sweetening the pill of compliance

Significant demands have been placed on the financial services sector as a result of compliance related requirements over the past three years, according to a study carried out by Freeform Dynamics involving the interview of 100 UK based IT managers from a range of Banking and Insurance organisations.
Helen Vile, 20 Feb 2006

Gov. diverts £2bn gravy train

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC), has caved in to industry protests over its attempt to railroad controversial policies for the second time in a year.
Mark Ballard, 20 Feb 2006

Sony admits PS3 could be delayed

Sony said today it is still aiming to ship PlayStation 3 this Spring, but it warned the next-generation console's release could slip if unnamed industry-set specifications - possibly a reference to the Advanced Access Content System (AACS) copy-protection technology adopted by Blu-ray Disc - are not completed in time.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

IGF: success, great success or useful sideshow?

IGF BlogWhen asked a month prior to this week's meeting in Geneva how it was likely to go, one diplomat closely involved in the talks was unequivocal: "It will be a success."
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Feb 2006

Multimedia arms race

Tech DigestCertified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scour Gizmoville for the oddest digital goodies, TV Scoop features all that’s cool in British telly and Propellerhead answers your PC queries
Tech Digest, 20 Feb 2006

Boffins wrestle with future in Roman Bath

Technology firms are backing a University of Bath investigation into city-wide 'pervasive computing zones'. The £1.6m Cityware project has backing from IBM, Nokia, HP and Vodafone.
Christopher Williams, 20 Feb 2006

Google says no to US gov

Google on Friday rejected US government demands that it give up search information claiming that its customers' privacy, as well as its own business secrets, should be protected.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2006

C&W to cull jobs in Ireland

Telecoms company Cable and Wireless (C&W) is in the process of shedding some 28 jobs from its workforce in Ireland, a spokesman for the telecoms firm told Electricnews.net.
ElectricNews.net, 20 Feb 2006

Apple 17in MacBook Pro 'to debut in June'

Apple will launch a 2.16GHz 17in MacBook Pro in June - exactly one year after it formally announced the move to Intel processors. However, there's still no sign that the company will similarly create a MacBook Pro version of its 12in PowerBook G4.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006
homeless man with sign

Political hacking scandal hits Hungary

A "Watergate-style" political scandal has broken in Hungary after the opposition party was forced to admit an over-zealous intern was responsible for hacking into the servers of the governing party. Fidesz said the hack against the systems of the ruling socialist party, ahead of the April general elections, was not sanctioned by the party's leadership but, nonetheless, conceded it was a serious breach of electoral etiquette.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2006

Bird flu menace poised to cross the Channel

It has been a big weekend for bird flu, which has reached Britain's nearest neighbour and may have leapt the channel.
Christopher Williams, 20 Feb 2006

iPod Shuffle becomes t-shirt icon

Can you take the act of demonstrating your support for Apple's diminutive iPod Shuffle too far? The latest in iPod-oriented apparel, the PodShirt, might well prove that you can. PodShirt's new t-shirt incorporates a magnetic clasp on the right breast to hold your Shuffle exactly where the 'i' in the screen-printed iShirt caption appears.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

£179m council outsourcing costs disputed

A row has broken out over the cost of outsourcing council services from London to Scotland.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 20 Feb 2006

Spammers adopt stealth tactics

Botnet controllers are switching to stealth tactics in a bid to avoid detection. Instead of mass mail-outs of spam and malicious code, they are adopting slower distribution tactics in a bid to avoid appearing on corporate security radars.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2006

UK gambling firms say no to Italian ban

UK gaming companies are threatening to take legal action against Italian regulators unless they reverse recent changes which outlaw access to gaming sites outside Italy.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2006

Nintendo to drop DS for DS Lite

Nintendo will nix its current DS handheld console this summer, replacing it with the recently announced DS Lite. The video game pioneer will also formally announce the launch date of its Revolution console on May 9, Nintendo US marketing chief Reggie Fils-Aime said last week.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

Small biz owners' stress levels shoot up

Owners of small and medium-size businesses are suffering from increasing levels of stress, according to a new report.
Startups.co.uk, 20 Feb 2006

Relisys back in business

Monitor maker Relisys, which went into administration on 12 January, is back in business.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2006

RIM open to 'reasonable' settlement offer from NTP

As Research in Motion (RIM) prepares itself for this Friday's US District Court hearing into NTP's request that its Blackberry service be shut down in the US, it has once again said it is open to a "reasonable" settlement offers.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

Rumsfeld: US govt insufficiently tech-savvy

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has made a speech lamenting the US government's lack of technology in its media operations. He described the administration's PR as "a five-and-dime store" in an "eBay world".
Christopher Williams, 20 Feb 2006

Dell seeks damages from man called Dell

Web designer Paul Dell is asking for donations to help him defend himself against legal action and a claim for damages from computer maker Dell, Inc.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2006

Global net tussle reaches uneasy truce

Governments, business, academia and civil society have reached an uneasy truce at the end of two days of meetings over the creation of a new global body for the internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Feb 2006

EU cops to get Europe-wide licence and vehicle database

A European database of vehicle documentation, giving police access to driver and vehicle data from multiple European countries, goes live today. The Traffic Documentation System (TDS) is currently subscribed to by the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, and has been developed by Dutch National Traffic Police on behalf of the European Traffic Police Network, TISPOL, with EU funding. Five more countries are due to join shortly.
John Lettice, 20 Feb 2006

Linux worm targets PHP flaw

Internet ne'er do wells have created a Linux worm which uses a recently discovered vulnerability in XML-RPC for PHP, a popular open source component used in many applications, to attack vulnerable systems. The Mare-D worm also tries to take advantage of a security flaw in Mambo to spread. If successful, the worm installs an IRC-controlled backdoor on compromised systems.
John Leyden, 20 Feb 2006

Mio eyes CeBIT for mass GPS device roll-out

Mio is preparing to announce six Windows Mobile-based navigation devices with integrated GPS receivers, it has emerged. The line-up includes a pair of GPS-enabled PDAs, and four dedicated navigations systems in a variety of form factors. The machines' debut is reportedly set for next month's CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

Microsoft reveals piracy battle plan for the UK

Microsoft has launched a campaign targeting software piracy in the UK. Called 'Keep IT Real', the campaign aims to reduce the UK piracy level for Windows by five per cent to 11.7 per cent within three years. The company says its goal would help the UK economy.
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Feb 2006

Sony preps Vaio VoIP mouse

Squeakerphone™Sony UK has introduced an optical mouse that doubles up as a VoIP handset. The VN-CX1 is kitted out in Vaio styling and colours - black, blue and silver - though its angular edges suggest it's not the most comfortable controller around. There's an LED on top, next to the scrollwheel, that flashes when someone's trying to get in touch. It rings too.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

London Oyster card - a tool for spouse stalkers?

Transport for London's (TfL) 'ID card lite', the Oyster travelcard, is already being illicitly used to snoop on people's movements, according to the Independent on Sunday. The problem stems from the fact that TfL records the journeys made using the card, and gives owners easy internet access to their personal audit trail. But it's perhaps too easy.
John Lettice, 20 Feb 2006

Big studios sue Samsung

Samsung Electronics is facing legal action from the big five US movie studios which claims one of its DVD players can be used to avoid encryption technology.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2006

iPod Nano add-on adds old iPod add-ons

US manufacturer Battery Technology has come up with a rather neat accessory for iPod owners who've downsized to a Nano from an older third or fourth generation player, or from an iPod Mini. It's a connector that allows you to plug almost all of your old headphone accessories into your new player.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

Yahoo!Mail bans Allah and Dirty Harry handles

Yahoo! is banning the use of allah in email names - even if the letters are included within another name.
John Oates, 20 Feb 2006

OSx86 Project forum reopens after DMCA black-out

The OSx86 Project has re-activated its forum after the virtual bulletin board's Apple-induced absence made headlines last week. The project's leaders confirmed that it was indeed the Mac maker's lawyers who'd asked them to remove content that allegedly infringed the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006
New Intel logos

Intel next-gen South Bridge to kill parallel ATA

Intel's upcoming ICH8 South Bridge chip, a key component of its 'Broadwater' family of chipsets, will wave farewell to the Parallel ATA bus, if a presentation slide said to have come from the company and posted online is to believed. Also for the chop is the AC'97 sound system.
Tony Smith, 20 Feb 2006

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