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IBM finds the strength to make another $1bn pledge

Six years ago it was Linux. Five years ago it was Java tools. Fast-forward to 2006, and it's information management. What are we talking about? IBM's latest spending pledge.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Feb 2006
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ActiveState achieves independence

Open source language and development tools specialist ActiveState has squeezed clear of its Sophos' ownership following a $2.25m venture capital deal.
Gavin Clarke, 17 Feb 2006

'Passport' system to make switching telco easier

Ofcom is thinking of introducing a simple "passport" system that would make switching telcos and ISPs easier.
Tim Richardson, 17 Feb 2006

A new breed of network-aware developer

HP is very much number two in networking after Cisco (which, according to IDC, has over 50 per cent market share), but its market share is growing rather than falling, and Gartner is moving it upwards and rightwards in its magic Quadrant. Some competition for Cisco is healthy.
David Norfolk, 17 Feb 2006

Thinking of Ada

You’re not designing software for an aeroplane, so what does a bug or two matter between friends, eh?
Martin Banks, 17 Feb 2006

Aping The Apprentice is the name of the game

Geek TVLast week's favourite game among the suits who run Britain's telly channels was Pretend Your Show Is Doctor Who. This week, it's Pretend Your Show Is The Apprentice, as channel after channel pluck 'ordinary' folk off the streets and force them to jump through hoops to get gainful employment.
Jane Hoskyn, 17 Feb 2006

Nvidia trumpets record quarter

Nvidia last night posted record sales and net income for the fourth quarter of its 2006 fiscal year. During the three months to January 29, the company earned $98.1m (53 cents a share) on sales of $633.6m.
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2006

Call for reform as unlicensed software use rises

There was a 25 per cent increase in the number of companies settling for unlicensed software use in the UK last year, according to the Business Software Alliance. But the sums paid go some way to showing how UK law provides little deterrent to such piracy.
OUT-LAW.COM, 17 Feb 2006

Sony pledges 2006 launch for PS3

Sony has promised to ship the PlayStation 3 in 2006. Sony Computer Entertainment Asia head Tetsuhiko Yasuda told reporters at the Taipei Game Show that the console will launch this year, though no specific date or price point have been decided, he claimed. He also said the company expects the new machine to out-sell the PS2.
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2006
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Auntie outsources outsourcers

UK business IT services giant Capita has won the contract for BBC human resources outsourcing, with 260 jobs set to shift to to the private firm and 180 posts cut altogether.
Christopher Williams, 17 Feb 2006

DVLA to review data access

The agency responsible for drivers' personal information is proposing to stop dodgy clamping firms getting access to its databases
Kablenet, 17 Feb 2006

BOFH: Birthday present backfire

Episode 7"I'd like a bit of birthday advice," the Boss asks, after the PFY and I show up to his office in response to a call.
Simon Travaglia, 17 Feb 2006

EDS to stay at CSA

The minister in charge of the Child Support Agency(CSA) has said its redesign will not involve ending the IT contract with EDS.
Kablenet, 17 Feb 2006

Nurse attacks colleague with frozen fish

A 55-year-old Tunbridge Wells nurse was today hauled before the Nursing and Midwifery Council's professional conduct committee in London for allegedly slapping a colleague with a frozen trout, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 17 Feb 2006
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Intel trims Pentium D 950 mobo power envelope

Intel is to add its Enhanced SpeedStep Technology (EIST) to its 65nm dual-core Pentium D 950 processor to enable the chip to operate within design guidelines for motherboards, with a maximum power consumption of 95W rather than 130W.
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2006
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Techies in Microsoft licence reading bombshell

Tech blogs are fizzing with rage at the 'revelation' that Microsoft small print says a new Windows OEM licence must be purchased if a motherboard is changed or upgraded.
Christopher Williams, 17 Feb 2006

Police warn telcos about phone fraud

Network operators have been warned they might be committing offences if they continue to do business with premium rate service (PRS) operators suspected of ripping off punters.
Tim Richardson, 17 Feb 2006

Old Dogs - New Tricks

Over the last month or so we've written about Mumps, which generated a great deal of interest and prompted Lord Norfolk to sharpen his quill to pen a follow-up feature, and now a piece on Ada.
Martin Banks, 17 Feb 2006

AMD preps low-power desktop processors

AMD will begin punching out Socket AM2-based processors at the end of April in preparation for a June 6 launch - a date that will also see the introduction of "energy efficient" desktop chips to help the company counter Intel's performance-per-Watt strategy, the latest roadmap leaks suggest.
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2006

OSx86 Project forum halted after DMCA violation claim

The OSx86 Project, a website set up to co-ordinate coders' efforts to get the Intel version of Mac OS X to run on any x86-based hardware, has been partially shut down. The project's principals pulled the site's forum after being served with a cease and desist notice alleging violation of the US' Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2006

Vodafone to announce big deal with IBM

Newswireless.net, 17 Feb 2006

Toshiba readies large HD Ready digital LCD TVs

Toshiba has earmarked April for the launch of a new line up of HD Ready LCD TVs. Despite the Picture Frame branding, they're not kitschly kitted out in gilt curlicues, but the four models in the WLT66 range do feature integrated digital TV receivers and a pair of HDMI ports.
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2006

Greengrocer gets lethal injection of Pherotones

LettersBefore kicking of this Friday's dip into the Vulture Central mail bag here's some breaking news for Tom Cruise fans: the Trapped in the Closet episode of South Park in which the celebrated heterosexual locks himself in said closet will "air in Australia on Monday night on SBS Feb 20", as Ed Taylor explains. This is very good news for Cruise fans and also "for anyone who missed it and cant get it off the net". The net? You mean the episode they can't show in the US for fear of Top Gun legal airstrike is available on the net? Good Lord!
Lester Haines, 17 Feb 2006

Le Misancalculation: A one act Itanium tragedy by IDC

Scene I. The Itanic Oracle
Ashlee Vance, 17 Feb 2006

Don't be scared of Sky

CommentWherever you go and whoever you talk to in any of the media, telecoms and television industries, people are absolutely terrified of Sky. Not just scared, absolutely terrified. Not that they'd ever admit it, of course.
Alex Cameron, 17 Feb 2006

Slow start for Choose and Book

Take-up of the NHS' Choose and Book system by GPs is off to an extremely slow start.
eGov Monitor Weekly, 17 Feb 2006
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Apple after handwriting recognition coder for Mac OS X

Apple is still keen to recruit a full-time software engineer who's up for "advancing gesture and handwriting recognition on Mac OS X" and who believes "using a stylus and a tablet is the way to interact with computers", Reg Hardware has learned. The job posting is sure to further kindle claims the company is developing a tablet Mac.
Tony Smith, 17 Feb 2006
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Homeland security urges DRM rootkit ban

US government officials took Sony BMG to task over its controversial use of rootkit-style copy protection at a security conference this week. If the technology proves harmful to consumers, tougher laws and regulations might be proposed, a senior Department of Homeland Security exec warned.
John Leyden, 17 Feb 2006

Mac OS X malware latches onto Bluetooth vulnerability

A second strain of malware targeting Mac OS X has been discovered days after a Mac OS X Trojan appeared on the scene. The latest malware, Inqtana-A, is a proof-of-concept worm that attempts to spread using a Bluetooth vulnerability.
John Leyden, 17 Feb 2006
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Panic spreads over Windows Vista 'back door' that never was

Who'd be a Microsoft? There you are, strolling along minding your own business and the next thing you know you're in a top level conspiracy with the UK security forces to put a back door into Windows Vista. Or so, anyway, the web bush telegraph would have us believe. But disorientating as we find it to be leaping to Microsoft's defence twice in one day, we at The Register feel compelled to point out that the story is somewhat exaggerated, going on entirely untrue.
John Lettice, 17 Feb 2006

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