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Chip and PIN forces scammers to switch focus

As Chip and PIN technology takes hold on the high street, credit card fraudsters have been forced to alter their techniques, new research reveals.
Startups.co.uk, 17 Jan 2006

Never email a job reference

CommentThe UK's privacy chief issued guidance recently that, between the lines, revealed a strange quirk of data protection law: if you don't want an employee to see what you've told another boss about him, send the reference by post, not email.
Struan Robertson, 17 Jan 2006

419ers offer Russian oil fortune

Advance-fee fraudsters are attempting to dupe computer users into thinking they are in line to receive money from a jailed Russian oil tycoon via an aggressive new spam campaign.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2006
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Phishing fraudsters target Apple

Email fraudsters are targeting Apple fans in a change of tactic from standard phishing attacks. Commonly bogus emails that form the basis of phishing attacks pose as security messages from online banks in an attempt to dupe a tiny proportion of recipients, who happen to be customers of the bank, into visiting a bogus site on handing over account information.
John Leyden, 17 Jan 2006

IBM acquires Bowstreet for composite application development

AnalysisOn the 20th December, IBM announced the acquisition of long-time partner Bowstreet, a 75-person, privately-held company based down the road in Massachusetts from IBM's Workplace, Portal and Collaboration Software group, into which it will be assimilated (or "bluewashed" as IBM quaintly refers to it). The acquisition is hardly surprising given that the two companies have been working together for more than four years and share more than 100 customers.
Neil Macehiter, 17 Jan 2006

Tesco.com posts 'record year'

Tesco.com has posted another bumper year as increasing numbers of shoppers opt to buy their groceries online rather than traipse round a supermarket pushing a wobbly trolley.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2006

'Tell us the truth about ID costs' - Lords harpoon the ID Bill

Peers last night voted by 237 to 156 for an amendment delaying the implementation of the ID Cards Bill until a full account of the costs had been produced. The Government defeat was the first of three inflicted by an alliance of Tory, Liberal and rebel Labour peers, and further defeats are likely when the Lords resumes discussion of the Bill on Monday.
John Lettice, 17 Jan 2006
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Software patents loom large again

Europe's Internal Markets Commissioner Charlie McCreevy on Monday launched an initiative that could re-open the controversial software patents debate.
ElectricNews.net, 17 Jan 2006

VIA ships 90nm Eden low-power processor

VIA today took its x86-compatible Eden processor family into the 90nm era by extending the series with two models derived from the company's 'Esther' core, also the basis of its C7 processor product line.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2006

Actuate gets busy

CommentActuate has been busy lately: BIRT 2.0, which is the reporting technology developed by Actuate for the Eclipse community will shortly be generally available, and the company has just announced that it has acquired performancesoft. Both of these developments are significant.
Philip Howard, 17 Jan 2006

Gizmondo parent secures debt with Smart Adds IP

Tiger Telematics, Gizmondo's parent company, has pledged the patent and other intellectual property rights of its Smart Adds subsidiary - plus all the shares - against the company's ability to raise $75m in funding by 31 March.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2006

Housing Corp dumps Elonex

The Housing Corporation has dumped Elonex as a supplier after three difficult years.
John Oates, 17 Jan 2006

NTL / Virgin Mobile deal inches forward

Further details have emerged of NTL's revised bid for Virgin Mobile.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2006

Privacy guardian to examine Shoreditch CCTV scheme

The Information Commissioner is preparing to investigate Shoreditch council over its Big Brother plans to allow citizens to spy on one another using its network of CCTV cameras.
Mark Ballard, 17 Jan 2006
vulture tv reporter

7global buys Fairbridge

7global Managed Services is buying privately held Fairbridge Communications.
John Oates, 17 Jan 2006
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DDR 2 prices on the rise

DDR 2 SDRAM prices are set to rise during the second half of the month, driven up by high demand and tight supply, market watcher DRAMeXchange said today.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2006
BenQ-Siemens EF81

BenQ launches first BenQ-Siemens handsets

BenQ Mobile today said it will focus on 3G and multimedia as its ships new handsets this year under the BenQ-Siemens brand. The first three devices to carry the new name will be the EF81, S68 and S88, the company said. The EF81, in particular, demonstrates the company's conception of its future direction, it added.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2006

Hitman jailed for lack of death

A man from Kent, England has been jailed for failing to kill a woman despite accepting money to carry out the hit.
John Oates, 17 Jan 2006

Cingular accuses two firms of stealing customer records

Cingular Wireless won a temporary restraining order on Friday against two companies which it accuses of selling illegally-obtained customer records over the web.
Drew Cullen, 17 Jan 2006

Major cellcos aim to keep brand control of music services

Major cellcos are increasingly enthusiastic about the ARPU potential of mobile music download services, and are starting to engage in the branding battle that we have already seen in areas such as mobile email. Faced with services such as Apple iTunes that are heavily branded by the content or device maker, cellcos are fighting back with offerings that bear their own label and user interface and so carry a higher margin, as well as helping to retain customer loyalty.
Wireless Watch, 17 Jan 2006

Taxman wrongly fines 10,000 UK businesses

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is once again in the firing line after leaked documents revealed a computer error led to 10,000 UK companies being fined incorrectly.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2006

Jesus favours rock on His iPod

Were Jesus to pack an iPod, then he would most likely be moshing to Christian Rock, claims a Beliefnet survey. That's according to 13 per cent of respondents to an online poll carried out by the "leading multi-faith spirituality media company and online community". A further 11 per cent reckoned the Son of God would be punishing his ears with Classic Rock - a figure matched by those who voted in favour of Songs of King David.
Lester Haines, 17 Jan 2006

Kidnapped footballing sheep transferred to eBay

The peace of a January Tuesday was shattered this morning when the following missive dropped onto the Vulture Central doormat, its individual letters cut-and-pasted from a copy of The Sun in the traditional style:
Lester Haines, 17 Jan 2006

BT boss bigs up broadband for SMEs

Ben Verwaayen, BT chief executive, wants to reassure the UK's small businesses they can rely on the giant telco for their broadband services.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2006

Google Earth: the photo interpretation challenge

There's some light entertainment this afternoon courtesy of a couple of readers who have spotted further strangeness on Google Earth. First up is Stuart Dempsey, who asks "what the hell?" is this place all about:
Lester Haines, 17 Jan 2006

Union mourns Walsall's aborted IT privatisation

Walsall Council has been such a shambles that even its union was looking forward to washing its hands of them, it has emerged.
Mark Ballard, 17 Jan 2006

TalkTalk getsgets newnew MDMD

TalkTalk - The Carphone Warehouse's retail phone business - has a new managing director after former boss Max Alexander left the firm to join Thomson Directories.
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2006

Nvidia expands nForce 4 Intel line-up

Nvidia has added two more chips to its Intel-oriented nForce 4 North Bridge line-up, expanding the product family at the low-cost end of the market.
Tony Smith, 17 Jan 2006

Salesforce pitches to become the 'iTunes' of enterprise apps

Tapping into the rhetoric around Web 2.0, hosted CRM provider Salesforce.com has billed its latest online service as the "iTunes of enterprise applications."
Gavin Clarke, 17 Jan 2006

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