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Segway's brains head for toy robot

"Take the path less traveled," advises Segway Inc's corporate website - reminding visitors of the many millions who have shunned the company's $5,000, 83 pound stand-up wheelchair [*].
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2005

No Office suite from us - Google

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has quashed speculation that the giant ad broker is to introduce a web-based Office suite.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2005
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IBM drops SCO countersuit claims

IBM has dropped its a number of patent infringement counterclaims against The SCO Group.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2005

My prostate's as hard as an opal and ready to conquer Web 2.0

And ninethlyAnd seat-belts on because the most common observation in the hallways--made with tremble of panic--is that it's deja vu all over again. The workshops are jammed, the coffee-pots drained, and the massive central auditorium turning mobs away at the doors. Here's to praying that the exuberance is not a herald of rough times ahead.  And here's a toast to all the inspiring, fascinating, and massive opportunities to come - Henry Blodget on his new blog, er, blog. Soft as ever.
Otto Z. Stern, 08 Oct 2005

Fingerprint payments taking off despite security concerns

Consumers embarking on a shopping spree may be able to leave their wallets behind in the near future, despite some security and privacy experts' concerns. This week, Pay By Touch Solutions, a San Francisco-based firm whose system allows customers to pay at participating grocery stores with the press of a finger, announced that investors have pledged $130m to fund the company's expansion plans. And, rival BioPay has already enrolled more than two million people into its service for cashing payroll checks and paying at the supermarket checkout.
Robert Lemos, 08 Oct 2005

Cryosat crashes into the sea

The European Space Agency’s latest satellite has broken up and crashed into the sea.
Team Register, 08 Oct 2005

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