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AMD ships world's 'fastest overclockable gaming CPU'

AMD today launched its latest gamer-oriented single-core processor, the Athlon 64 FX-57, positioning the part well above its recently released dual-core desktop chips.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2005

210 reasons to refuse a Freedom of Information request

The UK Government has published a review of legislation that prohibits the disclosure of information in response to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act, finding that 210 statutory provisions conflicted with the Act.
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 Jun 2005

Mobile and VoIP to inherit the earth

A mass migration to alternative telephony is forecast over the next five years, with a quarter of Western European households expected to ditch their landlines.
ElectricNews.net, 27 Jun 2005

Ex-MS man joins Oracle

Greg Maffei, ex-CFO of Microsoft, is joining Oracle as president and CFO. Maffei ran finances at Microsoft between 1997 and 2000 and oversaw a fourfold increase in market cap.
John Oates, 27 Jun 2005

UK to outsource biometric visa checks to Mumbai

The UK is to outsource visa application checks "wherever there is an outsource partner", following trials in its largest visa posts in Mumbai, Delhi and Islamabad. This process, which will be implemented alongside the introduction of biometrics for all visa applications, is intended to cover at least 60 per cent of an annual total of 2.5 million applications by 2008, saving £3.7 million via a reduction of "46 staff years per year".
John Lettice, 27 Jun 2005

Toshiba and Microsoft tighten the knot

Microsoft and Toshiba will collaborate on consumer electronics devices as well as traditional PCs under a “significant expansion” of their existing relationship.
Joe Fay, 27 Jun 2005

Simpay halts mobile commerce project

Less than 18 months after exhorting mobile operators around the world to join it in a billion-euro mobile commerce party, Simpay has breathed its last. The company quietly posted the announcement on its website on Friday, last week.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jun 2005

Music biz goes after sys admins

Two systems administrators in Australia are facing legal action from the music industry for allegedly allowing their network to be used to exchange music files via a BitTorrent hub.
John Oates, 27 Jun 2005

PartyGaming floats at £4.64bn

Online gambling outfit PartyGaming is set to join the list of the UK's 100 leading companies following its successful float on the London Stock Exchange.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2005

iPass to offer Net access via non-affiliated hotspots

Remote access services provider iPass today opened its client-side connectivity software to allow users to reach the Internet via wireless and fixed networks that the company has not yet aggregated.
Tony Smith, 27 Jun 2005

Church goers celebrate Star Wars

A long time ago in a church, far, far away, a vicar and his flock sang their final hymn to the theme tune of the Star Wars saga. Well, not that long ago, or far away, really. Last week, in fact, in West Yorkshire, a parish church held a special service to mark the release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jun 2005

Cingular listens on iTunes phone

Cingular could bite the bullet and become the first US wireless operator to sell Motorola’s iTunes phone once the device finally ships later this year.
Joe Fay, 27 Jun 2005

UK ID cards costs go up

The government's proposals for ID cards are under fire today from the London School of Economics which estimates the scheme could cost twice as much as the government claims.
John Oates, 27 Jun 2005

OneTel targets SMEs in 'OneBill' offer

OneTel has cut the cost of operating a landline phone for small businesses by reducing the amount firms mus pay to rent their line.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2005

NASA: Ice won't threaten Shuttle launch

NASA has decided to go ahead with plans to resume Shuttle flights next month, judging that the risk of the Discovery being damaged by ice falling from its fuel tanks is "acceptable".
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jun 2005

India calls for big increase in US IT visas

India is calling on the US to massively increase the number of working visas available to foreign workers, including Indians. Currently the US grants 65,000 H1B visas a year, but the Indian government wants to increase this to 195,000. Microsoft boss Bill Gates has also called for restrictions to be lifted.
John Oates, 27 Jun 2005

Sun tries to lure developers with cheap Opteron workstation

Sun Microsystems has polished off its cheapest and likely most attractive Opteron-based workstation to date.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jun 2005

Mobile phone 'pranksters' face prosecution

Mobile phone "pranksters" have been warned they face prosecution if they send a malicious voicemail which threatens to "knee cap" its victim.
Tim Richardson, 27 Jun 2005

Supremes down P2P software makers in unanimous decision

UpdateThe US Supreme Court has ruled unanimously against the free-wheeling ways of P2P software makers Grokster and StreamCast in a decision that will have many of the most vocal open technology advocates up in arms.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jun 2005
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BBC flogs Broadcast div

The BBC has flogged off its broadcast services division to a bunch of Aussies for £166m.
John Oates, 27 Jun 2005

Soaring card cost headlines threaten UK ID scheme

The UK's ID Card Bill returns to the House of Commons for its (second) second reading tomorrow, and this time it looks in grave danger of being pursued there by a howling mob. After several years of giving the ID scheme at best sporadic notice, the British press has clocked that the 'card cost could treble' story has at least some legs, and Government ministers are shuffling from interview to interview, repeating the claim that the 'build cost' will be 'only' £93.
John Lettice, 27 Jun 2005

Yet more campaigning on software patents

A group of seven mid-sized European businesses has called on the European Parliament to pass amendments to the directive of computer implemented inventions that would restrict the scope of the bill.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jun 2005
For Sale sign detail

CA makes Tiny personal firewall buy

Computer Associates continued its buying spree today snapping up privately held Tiny Software for an undisclosed amount.
Team Register, 27 Jun 2005

Supremes protect P2P technology, then punt

AnalysisThe US Supreme Court declined to decide the Grokster/MGM case, effectively sending it back to the district level, but not without adding clarifications no doubt intended to simplify the lower court's work, but almost certain to add another layer of confusion.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Jun 2005

Supreme Court wallops telcos with a large cableco favor

The US Supreme Court has sided with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and by extension, with cablecos, by decreeing that cable infrastructure need not be open to competitors who wish to lease it, the way telecommunications infrastructure is.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Jun 2005

Apple feels Intel chill

A survey by MacWorld magazine in the US indicates that one third of readers are less likely to buy a new Mac computer in the next twelve months. That's rather similar, but slightly more encouraging for Apple than the feedback we received immediately after the announcement that Apple would be moving off PowerPC processors.
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Jun 2005
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IBM gets 10 years under Sun

After years of posturing to become spiritual leader of the Java community, IBM has renewed its existing 10 year license deal with Sun Microsystems to use Java.
Gavin Clarke, 27 Jun 2005

Supremes deputize all US journos

American journalists have effectively been conscripted into the business of law enforcement as a result of the US Supreme Court's refusal to hear an appeal in the case of reporters Matthew Cooper of Time Magazine and Judith Miller of the New York Times.
Thomas C Greene, 27 Jun 2005

SEC prods IBM with informal probe

The US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has delivered a note to IBM, letting the company known it's under investigation.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jun 2005

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