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Qualcomm readies Brew for Europe

Two years ago Qualcomm’s mobile content aggregation and delivery platform, Brew, was looking like an endangered species, overshadowed by Java tools and under pressure even in its core markets. The CDMA supremo was widely expected to sideline or even drop the technology, but instead, it has put new efforts into it, as this week’s Brew 2005 conference indicated, and is reinventing it in a way that reflects Qualcomm’s changing relationship with its own customer base. In particular, it has a new content delivery system called Delivery One, which can download non-Brew content such as Java applications and supports advanced user interface tools. This will be the critical weapon in trying to infiltrate the European market and challenge Java-based platforms, especially Nokia’s Preminet, in their heartlands.
06 Jun 14:11 |

WiMAX goes a-roaming

One of the greatest brakes on progress of cellular services was always the slow and painful path to inter-operator roaming. The complex issues surrounding billing, customer ownership and cross-payments continue to plague the roll-out of every new service, including most recently, MMS messaging. If WiMAX is to achieve broad uptake on an international scale, it needs to address roaming at an early stage, and a first step has been taken with the formation of the WiMAX Global Roaming Alliance (WGRA). Such a system, according to its founder, will enable 802.16-based services to stop “striving to make WiMAX appear complementary to 3G” and set themselves up as a direct price/performance challenge.
06 Jun 14:12 |

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