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iPod surge boosts Apple earnings

A new iMac and the smash hit iPod gave Apple a boost in the quarter ending 31 December. Apple posted revenues of $3.49bn for the three-month period, Q1 FY2005, up 74 per cent from last year, and profits continued to break out, up to $295m (70 cents a share).
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jan 2005
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Ruth Kelly: transforming teaching with IT

Ruth Kelly, the new Secretary of State for Education and Skills, opened the education technology fair BETT with an overview of how IT should be used to transform teaching and learning, and a few specific announcements.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jan 2005

Nokia cuts hit smart phone, multimedia R&D

Nokia is reining in R&D, with the axe falling hardest on its 3,000-strong multimedia division founded a year ago. The exact number of staff affected isn't known, but a press release issued on Tuesday from Nokia Multimedia says the cuts are intended to reduce R&D expenditure to 9 to 10 per cent of net sales by the end of next year. That's roughly the level it was in 2001. According to Nokia's most recent annual report, consolidated R&D rose from 9.6 per cent of net sales in 2001 to 12.8 per cent in 2003.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jan 2005

Apple: iPod domination - or just another fad?

Analysis"I got drunk and ended up with a hooker," said Conan O'Brien, the sardonically witty talk-show host as he compered Bill Gates's CES speech last week. "Bill got drunk and ended up in bed with an Apple computer." Cue picture of horrified billg.
Charles Arthur, 13 Jan 2005

Digital cameras redesign the photographic process

When you buy a digital camera for the first time there is this wonderful feeling of freedom knowing that you can shoot as many pictures as you like until you get the right one. All of a sudden we can all fancy ourselves as top fashion photographers clicking away like mad just to get the perfect moment.
Martin Langham, 13 Jan 2005

Griffin adds remote control, Bluetooth audio to iPods, Macs

Stylish accessory maker Griffin Technology has certainly had a busy week. Not settling for the announcement of two major product launches on Tuesday, it has gone on to unveil three more choice items.
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005
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April deadline set for new extended warranty rules

Retailers that pressurise customers to sign up for extended warranties have until 6 April to pack it in or risk being in breach of new legislation.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jan 2005

RIM stock rises on acquisition speculation

Blackberry developer Research in Motion (RIM) could be the subject of a takeover bid, Goldman Sachs suggested this week after dubbing the company a "very attractive" acquisition.
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005

US slaps on the wardriver-busting paint

Security-minded US decorators' supply outfit Force Field Wireless claims to have developed a DIY solution to the international menace of marauding geek wardrivers - DefendAir paint "laced with copper and aluminum fibers that form an electromagnetic shield, blocking most radio waves and protecting wireless networks".
Lester Haines, 13 Jan 2005

Easynet upbeat about wholesale LLU

A number of ISPs and alternative telcos are interested in supplying broadband services direct to end users instead of routing their services via BT, according to a trading update by broadband telco Easynet.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jan 2005

Apple brings discord to Hymn

Apple's latest iTunes update, which takes the jukebox software to version 4.7.1, breaks the anti-DRM utility Hymn, it has emerged.
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005

Macrovision gives forth on DRM

It’s been bothering Faultline of late that Macrovision may be getting itself a little sidelined in the war to combat piracy, so we thought we’d update our file on them and chatted this week to Adam Gervin, VP of marketing for the high-flying content protection company.
Faultline, 13 Jan 2005

Schools look beyond the electronic whiteboard

The BETT exhibition in London's Olympia this week is stuffed to the gills with companies showcasing how their particular brand of technology can transform education, help students achieve more and relieve pressure on teachers.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jan 2005

Carphone trumpets telecoms success

The Carphone Warehouse had a booming Christmas as sales of mobiles and other telecoms services continued to generate double-digit growth.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jan 2005

Cisco to buy Airespace

Cisco is to buy WLAN switch maker Airespace, laying down $450m worth of shares for the privately held firm.
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005

Trojans exploit Windows DRM loophole

Virus writers have subverted digital rights management features in Windows Media Player to spread Trojans and other malware. License-protected movie (.wmv) files infected with the WmvDownloader-A or WmvDownloader-B Trojans have entered circulation on P2P networks, reports Madrid-based antivirus firm Panda Software.
John Leyden, 13 Jan 2005

Xwireless goes titsup

UK mobile messaging firm Xwireless has gone titsup. A terse notice on the firm's website confirms that the Stockley Park, Heathrow-based company has "ceased trading" and that all relevant parties will be contacted in due course.
John Leyden, 13 Jan 2005

UK.gov to hire IT project SWAT team

The government is to bring in a team of IT specialists to oversee big technology projects and prevent them from failing. Chief information officer Ian Watmore described the team as a "heavy hitter brigade" when he announced the scheme at a government CIO meeting last week.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jan 2005

NTL may chop off Irish arm for €200m

The Irish Times reported on Thursday that the parent company of NTL Ireland is aiming to unload its Irish division sometime before April at a price of between €150m and €200m. At least one consortium of Irish investors is preparing a bid, while UGC Europe Communications - which purchased Ireland's Chorus Communications last month - is also expected to make an offer, the paper said.
ElectricNews.net, 13 Jan 2005

Euro AMD Opteron server demand slows

Sales of AMD Opteron-based servers in Europe appear to be slowing, market watcher Context warns.
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005

Couple names baby Yahoo

A newborn baby boy has been named "Yahoo" by a Romanian couple - cos they met over the net.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jan 2005

Police clairvoyants protect DC subway

Members of the Washington, DC Metro Police have been trained by gurus at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in a new form of crimebusting voodoo that purports to help them "profile" the public, and zero in on vibes emanating from bad people.
Thomas C Greene, 13 Jan 2005
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Maximum sentence for SA software pirate

A South African was this week jailed for three years for selling counterfeit Microsoft software and infringing Microsoft's copyright. Craig Marnoch received the maximum sentence for his crimes at Pretoria Commercial Crime Court - a first in South African legal history - despite an earlier guilty plea.
John Leyden, 13 Jan 2005

Napster subscriber tally hits 270,000

Napster entered 2005 with over 270,000 subscribers, 90,000 more than at the end of Q3 2004, the music download firm said today
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005

Isle of Man welcomes US online punters

The Isle of Man now allows US punters to gamble in online casinos based on the island, the NY Times reports. The announcement will rattle US authorities opposed to American citizens having a flutter beyond the reach of US legislation.
Lester Haines, 13 Jan 2005

Ofcom outlines radio spectrum plans

Ofcom has published details of twelve radio spectrum bands that it expects to be available by the end of 2008. These can be used for a range of different applications including next generation mobile services and wireless broadband.
Tim Richardson, 13 Jan 2005

Deep Impact en route to Tempel 1

Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jan 2005

Sapphire Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition

ReviewIt's been just over a month since we took a good look at ATI's Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition reference board. To follow it up, we took a look at a retail version of the card. It's made by Sapphire, the company that actually manufactures ATI's reference boards and indeed boards for several other manufacturers too. It's no surprise, then, that the card looks identical to the reference design. As a dual-slot card, an external power connector is required but according to the spec sheet only a 300W power supply is needed. If you want to try overclocking, you'll need more than that but it's likely that any PC this monster card was placed into would have a meatier PSU anyway, writes Benny Har-Even.
Trusted Reviews, 13 Jan 2005

Blue LED boffin wins $8.1m from ex-employer

The brains behind those flashing blue lights used in almost all the world's Bluetooth devices to show they're working has won $8.1m from the company he alleged had failed to compensate him appropriately for his discovery.
Tony Smith, 13 Jan 2005

Report warns of dangers of UK's DNA database

In addition to "sleepwalking towards a surveillance society" via the ID scheme, the UK is snoozing nearer to a Big Brother state, with the aid of the National DNA database, according to a new report by GeneWatch UK. The Home Office has ruled out adding DNA data to the biometrics to be held on the entire population via the ID scheme, but the data which is being collected for the Police National Database already makes it one of the most substantial DNA databases in the world, it's growing fast, and it's possibly significant that the Home Office has stressed that it can't bind future administrations to keeping DNA out of the National Identity Register.
John Lettice, 13 Jan 2005

Casualties mount in Apple vs customers war

AnalysisIt's hard to think of anything that makes Apple's music store more attractive to the general public than the guarantee that the music you've bought will play wherever you want it in your home. However, Apple frowns on such good citizenship, and as we reported earlier today, is using every trick it can to make sure the music stops playing.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jan 2005

HP and Falconstor team on fancy storage kit - report

HP could be developing a storage virtualization box meant to compete with similar kit from IBM and EMC, according to an online report.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Jan 2005

Sun posts one penny profit in Q2, as revenue falls

Sun Microsystems managed to eke out a profit in its second quarter but failed to impress analysts or investors with a drop in product sales.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Jan 2005

Space launches make kids sick

Children living close to the old Soviet Union's oldest space launch pad are more likely to suffer hormonal problems and blood disorders, according to a Siberian study leaked to the journal Nature.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Jan 2005

Internet black widow ‘stalked pensioners on the net’

US police are investigating if a 69 year-old Canadian woman already convicted of killing her first husband murdered her second spouse. Melissa Friedrich is also accused of drugging a 73-year-old man she met an online dating service in order to systematically fleece him of $20,000, CBC News reports.
John Leyden, 13 Jan 2005

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