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Mac rumour sites get it completely right

MacworldThe rumour sites got it completely right. Steve Jobs on Tuesday morning unveiled both a stripped-down Macintosh, the Mac mini, for $499 (£339 in the UK) - sans display, keyboard, mouse - and a Flash-based iPod, the iPod shuffle, with 512MB or 1GB of storage, priced at $99 and $149 (£69 and £99 inc VAT).
Charles Arthur, 12 Jan 2005

BMC buys French identity software maker for $33m

BMC has plunked down $33m in cash to acquire French identity software maker Calendra.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jan 2005

Full disclosure put on trial in France

The trial of a French security researcher last week has become a cause celebre. Its outcome will decide if interested parties can "peek under the bonnet" in testing the road-worthiness of security products without falling foul of French law.
John Leyden, 12 Jan 2005

Printing for camera phones

Mobile phone makers and printer companies have teamed up to ensure that consumers will be able to easily print photos taken with camera phones.
ElectricNews.net, 12 Jan 2005

Kids phone pulled over safety concerns

A mobile phone targeted specifically at young children has been withdrawn from sale in the UK over safety fears.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jan 2005

MEPs call for fresh start on software patents

A group of MEPs has asked the European Parliament for a fresh start in the debate on computer-implemented inventions. The 61 members, from 13 countries, have tabled a "motion for a resolution" to restart the legislative process, effectively taking the debate on software patents back to square one.
Lucy Sherriff, 12 Jan 2005

Hacker breaches T-Mobile systems, reads US Secret Service email

A sophisticated computer hacker had access to servers at wireless giant T-Mobile for at least a year, which he used to monitor US Secret Service email, obtain customers' passwords and Social Security numbers, and download candid photos taken by Sidekick users, including Hollywood celebrities, SecurityFocus has learned.
Kevin Poulsen, 12 Jan 2005

Rambus board plays musical chairs

Rambus announced a boardroom shuffle yesterday, as the memory technology company's chairman quit and replaced by its CEO, who, in turn, was succeeded by another board member.
Tony Smith, 12 Jan 2005

Boxed 533MHz FSB Dothans seen on sale

Upcoming Intel Pentium M processors with support for a 533MHz frontside bus speed have gone on sale in Japan, a week before their formal introduction.
Tony Smith, 12 Jan 2005

Carrera goes titsup

Digital Network PLC - which flogs computer gear through its CarreraSSC, ORDER 247 and Demonite brands - has gone into administration, according to UK hardware site Hexus.net.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jan 2005

Napster UK pares prices

Napster UK today cut the prices of its digital music downloads, bringing them into line with what Apple's iTunes Music Store has been charging since day one.
Tony Smith, 12 Jan 2005

O2 falls for Blackberry 'Charm'

UK mobile phone network O2 has followed rivals Vodafone and T-Mobile and launched a version of Research in Motion's handset-like Blackberry 7100, aka 'Charm'.
Tony Smith, 12 Jan 2005

Microsoft patches critical flaws

Microsoft's first security patch roundup of 2005 brings with it three security updates, two of which are critical. Most importantly, the software giant (at least partly) fixed a flaw with a HTML Help Control function in Windows, which recently became the target of a readily available exploit.
John Leyden, 12 Jan 2005

BT savaged for 'poorly run' free flights promo

BT's handling of a "free flights" promotion, used to plug its broadband service, has been savaged by the UK's advertising watchdog, which upheld four separate complaints from 11 hacked-off punters.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jan 2005

Festive sales boost Dixons

Dixons has posted better-than-expected figures for the crucial Christmas trading period as shoppers raided their stores for a string of digital goodies.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jan 2005

iRiver PMC-120 Portable Media Center

ReviewWe've no qualms about saying we like the iRiver PMP-140. The screen is good, the storage capable sufficient, the battery life great, and as a handheld unit for watching movies you can't get much better, writes Stuart Miles.
Pocket Lint, 12 Jan 2005

Punters warm to online poker

Industry commentSteve Cook from poker experts Tribeca Tables Software Development reviews the online poker industry and why the new igaming zone (ICEi) at the International Casino Exhibition in London’s Earls Court 2 between 25-27 January will be a hive of activity for poker companies.
Steve Cook, 12 Jan 2005

Microsoft CFO off to join VC firm

John Connors, Microsoft's CFO, is leaving the company to join Ignition, a VC firm based near Seattle. According to reports, the 45 year-old works a 55-hour week at Microsoft, and now wants to spend more time with his family.
Drew Cullen, 12 Jan 2005

US jails Brit credit card fraud mastermind for 14 years

An expatriate Brit who helped mastermind the US's biggest credit card fraud has been sentenced in New York to 14 years imprisonment.
John Leyden, 12 Jan 2005

London menaced by flaming DVD players

The lizard army has been busy mobilising its forces of technology in London this week with a terrifying attack on the population's domestic appliances, the Evening Standard reports.
Lester Haines, 12 Jan 2005

Scientists train Japanese-speaking rats

Neuroscientists at the University of Barcelona have discovered that rats can - with a little encouragement - tell the difference between Dutch and Japanese. Sadly, this newfound linguistic ability does not extend to actually understanding what is being said, thereby thwarting hopes that rat-brain-controlled stealth attack drones could be guided onto al-Qaeda strongholds by the dulcet tones of Donald Rumsfeld.
Lester Haines, 12 Jan 2005

MS takes big stick to Dutch resellers

At least a hundred Dutch hardware resellers are facing legal action by Microsoft for violation of the company's OEM licensing policy.
Jan Libbenga, 12 Jan 2005

UK firm fingered in US XXX spam probe

A British-based outfit is among a dozen or so companies and individuals charged with using spam to flog access to smutty web sites.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jan 2005

PATRIOT Act author tapped for Homeland Security

After the Bush Administration's embarrassing nomination of the buffoon Bernard Kerik to replace Tom Ridge as Homeland Security Secretary, a far more sober nominee has emerged in the person of former federal prosecutor Michael Chertoff.
Thomas C Greene, 12 Jan 2005

mmO2 dials up change for small investors

mmO2 is looking to buy out thousands of small shareholders. Staying in touch with so many shareholders is too costly, the cellco says.
Tim Richardson, 12 Jan 2005

Double trouble from Symbian virus

Virus writers have created a mobile phone worm theoretically capable of spreading via either Bluetooth or by attaching itself to files. The use of two spreading tactics by Lasco-A is common in the world of Windows viruses but previously unheard of in mobile phones.
John Leyden, 12 Jan 2005

HP and SBC pledge to service you together

HP and SBC today unveiled a services alliance aimed at outfitting large and small customers with computing and networking gear.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jan 2005

Opera dangles free browser in front of universities

Looking to impress impressionable minds, Opera today decided to give up on trying to charge universities for its browser and will now hand out site licenses for free.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jan 2005

VMware touts PC software-in-a-can

VMware - best known for its server partitioning tools - has come out with a new product perhaps best described as a software-in-a-can maker.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jan 2005

SightSound looks to shut down Napster - again

Napster's future online has come into question once again with SightSound Technologies filing a motion on Monday to shut down the company's music download business.
Ashlee Vance, 12 Jan 2005

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