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Feds hold E-Rate funds hostage

The Feds have clamped down on distributing funds intended to equip schools and libraries with Internet connections, as they scramble to correct a long corrupt program.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Oct 2004

Yahoo! can! get! stuffed!

OpinionI now have a Danger Hiptop, or Sidekick II, which does Yahoo! instant messaging. I also have a Palm Treo 600, which has Verichat - which does Yahoo! instant messaging. I think the time has come to kick Yahoo! messenger into the bin.
Guy Kewney, 05 Oct 2004

AMD issues revenue warning

Weak demand for flash memory will drag down AMD sales for Q3. But net income will be up a little on Q2's $32m, reflecting the higher margins from sales of microprocessors, the chipmaker warned yesterday.
Drew Cullen, 05 Oct 2004

UK call centre jobs on the up

The number of people employed in UK call centres continues to rise, despite fears that many UK jobs are being exported overseas. Six in ten companies reported an increase in call centre employment over the past year, with a majority expecting their workforce to grow in 2005.
Tim Richardson, 05 Oct 2004

Biometric IBM ThinkPad T42

ReviewLast week I attended an IBM briefing, held at The Clink Museum near London Bridge. The Clink was an old Prison and the museum is full of gruesome memorabilia relating to the bad old days of sadistic incarceration. The reason that IBM chose this particular venue is because the theme of the evening was security, and what better place to talk about security than in a prison?
Trusted Reviews, 05 Oct 2004

Judge defangs Patriot Act

A New York judge did the right thing last week when he threw out a USA-PATRIOT Act provision that forced ISPs to secretly co-operate with the FBI, and gave them no obvious avenue for appeal. It is "under the pressing exigencies of crisis that there is the greatest temptation to dispense with fundamental constitutional guarantees which, it is feared, will inhibit government action."
Mark Rasch, 05 Oct 2004

Reg writer receives right royal rogering

FoTWWe at El Reg have a general rule regarding flames that they should be completely incoherent outbursts of rage acccompanied by steam venting from ears. In this case, however, the correspondent seems to have gone to some trouble to present a sarky critique of the piece in question - Sex toy creates Oz airport pandemonium.
Lester Haines, 05 Oct 2004

Sita flogs WEEE ops to Oz recycling giant

Waste management firm Sita has sold its computer recycling business, MIREC, to Sims Group. Terms were undisclosed.
Drew Cullen, 05 Oct 2004

Kodak blames digital cameras for jobs cull

Kodak is axing 600 jobs in the UK and 270 in France because people prefer digital cameras.
Tim Richardson, 05 Oct 2004

Game upbeat amid downbeat interims

A lack of major new titles and no hardware launches has hit the performance of UK computer games retailer Game.
Tim Richardson, 05 Oct 2004

Romanian villagers flee disco-dancing aliens

Any reader who has enjoyed sci-fi flick War of the Worlds will doubtless sympathise with the inhabitants of the Romanian village who legged it en masse when confronted with multicoloured lights in the night sky.
Lester Haines, 05 Oct 2004

Empress of eBay dethrones Queen Carly

Carly Fiorina of HP has been toppled from the top of Fortune magazine's "most powerful woman in corporate America" list for the first time since it began in 1998. Fiorina's throne is now occupied by eBay supremo Meg Whitman whose company has rapidly grown into a plump cash cow expected to post operating profits of $1bn this year.
Lester Haines, 05 Oct 2004

Peoplesoft, Siebel predict rosy Q3

Peoplesoft and Siebel Systems have both raised their third quarter revenue guidance, based on an increase in sales of corporate licences.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Oct 2004

eBay 'second chance' fraud reaches UK

Scammers are impersonating eBay sellers in an attempt to hoodwink users of the online auction site into handing over payment for non-existent goods.
John Leyden, 05 Oct 2004

InterActive Corp walks away from ebookers

InterActive Corp today said it did not intend to buy ebookers, resulting in a fall in the UK travel business's share price.
Drew Cullen, 05 Oct 2004

Intel, Symbian to define 3G smart phone 'standard'

Intel's attempt to conquer the mobile phone chip market took a mighty step forward today when the chip maker announced a partnership with leading smart phone OS maker Symbian and leading smart phone manufacturer Nokia to co-operate on the development of 3G handsets.
Tony Smith, 05 Oct 2004

BT blocks 1,000 rogue dialler numbers

BT is once again writing to its 1.8m dial-up internet users warning them to be on their guard against rogue diallers. In the last three months the UK's dominant fixed line telco has blocked 1,000 numbers which it reckons are being used to run premium-rate dialler scams.
Tim Richardson, 05 Oct 2004

ARM to add media booster to next-gen chips

ARM this week added a SIMD engine to its ARMv7 ISA in a bid to improve the platform's ability to process multimedia and network datastreams.
Tony Smith, 05 Oct 2004

'Black box' software probes app crashes

Application troubleshooting outfit Identify Software claims that deployment of its "black box" recorder software can reduce the time needed to resolve software problems by as much as 80 per cent.
John Leyden, 05 Oct 2004

Valiant Reg readers save internet

LettersMuch scepticism this week, following news of the imminent demise of the internet as predicted by BT's futurologist, Graham Whitehead. You thought he might not be quite, altogether, 100 per cent on the money on this one.
Lucy Sherriff, 05 Oct 2004

VIA announces 64-bit x86 processor

VIA today announced its upcoming 'Isaiah' core, its pitch at the emerging 64-bit x86 CPU market founded by AMD.
Tony Smith, 05 Oct 2004

One in three IT workers is Bill's

An IDC study commissioned by Microsoft for its European Executive Partner event in Lisbon reveals the impact of the software industry on European economies.
John Oates, 05 Oct 2004

Big guns board Intertrust DRM bandwagon

Intertrust, Philips and Sony have added more top consumer electronics, content and technology heavyweights to their attempt to create an open interoperable Digital Rights Management environment.
Faultline, 05 Oct 2004

Microsoft seeks 'competent' resellers

Speaking at Microsoft's Executive Partner event in Lisbon, Microsoft's worldwide partner sales and marketing boss Allison Watson said she was happy with the European rollout of Microsoft's updated channel programme.
John Oates, 05 Oct 2004

AT&T Wireless launches mobile music store

US mobile phone network AT&T Wireless today hopped onto the digital music bandwagon, launching an online music store accessed from customers' handsets, the first of its kind in the US.
Tony Smith, 05 Oct 2004

IBM in attack mode with 'budget' Power kit

IBM is attacking every rival system it can think of with a new line of low-cost Unix servers aimed at mid-sized customers.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Oct 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

Cray comes to market with XD1

Cray yesterday announced the general availability of the new family of AMD Opteron-based supercomputers. Cray XD1 mini-supercomputer systems are priced from under $100,000 to about $2m (US list price), placing them in the mid-range system category. XD1s run Linux but are capable of outperforming similarly priced Linux clusters, thanks to "superior parallel-processing architecture", Cray says.
John Leyden, 05 Oct 2004

Sun hypes new UltraSPARC and Siebel love

Sun Microsystems today took aim at two core pieces of its server strategy, announcing a new generation of UltraSPARC processors and a key software win for Solaris x86.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Oct 2004

Click here to become infected (Part 2)

New spam emails can turn vulnerable PCs into spam-spreading 'zombies'.
ElectricNews.net, 05 Oct 2004

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