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IBM to aid American ethos with human capital fund

IBM will dole out a modest amount of cash to fund a new worker retraining program, as the company moves to help employees keep their jobs in a fiercely competitive global economy.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Mar 2004

Computer courses for computerphobes

The British Computer Society (BCS) has introduced a skills course to help people overcome their fear of computers. According to BCS, nearly a third of the UK's population are being left on the sidelines because of a "genuine fear of attempting to use a computer".
Tim Richardson, 02 Mar 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

IBM spends big bucks on software push

IBM boss Sam Palmisano will spend more than $1bn to lure software developers back onto IBM software platforms. He wants IBM's software division firing on all cylinders ahead of this year's expected upturn in the global IT market.
John Oates, 02 Mar 2004

London underground gets mobile access

London Underground (LU) is in talks with the four main mobile networks to allow mobile access on the Tube network.
John Oates, 02 Mar 2004

Rosetta space-bound at third attempt

Rosetta, the £600m comet-chasing probe, lifted off at the third attempt from its launchpad in French Guiana this morning at 08:17 CET.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Mar 2004

BOFH: We who are about to dial salute you

Episode 7
Simon Travaglia, 02 Mar 2004

Blaster beats up British business

Half of UK businesses suffered from computer virus infection or denial of services attacks over the last 12 months.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2004

IBM lobbies Sun in open source Java debate

The controversy surrounding the open sourcing of Java continues unabated, writes Bloor Research analyst Robin Bloor. Printed below is an open letter from Rod Smith (VP, Emerging Technogies, IBM Software Group) to Sun, suggesting that it should be made available to the open source community. Officially, the letter was sent to Sun's Chief Engineer Rob Gingell. The text has been very slightly edited:
IT-Analysis, 02 Mar 2004

EA president piles into N-Gage

Electronic Arts president and COO John Riccitiello has described Nokia's N-Gage system as a "dog" and further stated that software shipments on it have been "non-meaningful".
gamesindustry.biz, 02 Mar 2004

UK Govt should do more for broadband

The Government should do more to ensure that all of the UK - and not just towns and cities - is hooked up to affordable broadband services.
Tim Richardson, 02 Mar 2004

HP gets deeper into DRM

HP has licensed digital content protection technology from Intel. The printer giant is also working with Philips to make copy protection technology.
John Oates, 02 Mar 2004

Chancellor wants nation of boffins

The Government is to spend more money on making the UK a better place to do science. But how much more?
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Mar 2004

So how does Avecho's AV work?

ReviewUK-based email filtering firm Avecho is something of the enfant terrible of the anti-virus world. Since forming 18 months ago, it has consistently attacked the scanner approach and business model of traditional AV firms.
John Leyden, 02 Mar 2004

PlusNet throws strop at BT cheapest broadband claim

Sheffield-based ISP Plusnet has blasted BT for misleading punters over the cost of its new "no frills" basic service.
Tim Richardson, 02 Mar 2004

Tiscali names new chief exec

Tiscali has named former World Online finance bigwig Ruud Huisman to succeed Renato Soru as chief exec of the Italy-based pan-European ISP.
Tim Richardson, 02 Mar 2004

Brocade and Quantum toot their own horns

Brocade and Quantum moved this week to do some damage control by dangling favorable analyst reports in front of the press.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Mar 2004

El Reg in 419 glut scandal

Lucy Sherriff, 02 Mar 2004

Intel adds more muscle to Xeon MP

Intel's high-end Xeon processor received a pair of improvements on Tuesday with the chip's clock speed reaching 3.0GHz and a large cache being added on the product.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Mar 2004

Dell CEO confirms line of Opteron waiters

Dell Inc. plans to roll out a fleet of Opteron-based waiters to sit alongside Xeon-based servers, according to a report out of France.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Mar 2004

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