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Brocade: Dell deal comes at a price

Dell has forced its customary hard terms on Brocade Communications in return for a very important channel to the low-end SAN market, according to sources. Brocade will need to pick up a significant amount of business from the deal to protect profit margins.
Datamonitor, 17 Nov 2003

Councils ‘sceptical’ about e-gov

The Government's big idea to digitise essential public sector services looks to be falling out of favour as local councils decide to wait and see before spending taxpayers' money on e-government projects such as online procurement and e-voting initiatives.
Tim Richardson, 17 Nov 2003

AMD set to select Dresden for next-gen fab – report

Dresden will be chosen for AMD's next chip plant on the back of a €700 million ($825 million) loan guarantee and a further €100 million or more in grants, all from local and national German government.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003

Bluetooth is attack vector for mobile phones

Security researchers have uncovered a serious flaw in the authentication and data transfer mechanisms in some Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.
John Leyden, 17 Nov 2003

Pulse detected in data networking market

Light at end of the tunnel glows for network equipment vendors But it's not burning bright
Robert Jaques, 17 Nov 2003

T-Online to take over AOL?

"Totally unfounded," Deutsche Telekom hotshot Kai-Uwe Ricke last week said of rumors that online daughter T-Online was to buy a 70 per cent stake in the struggling online giant AOL. But there may be more truth to this story than he is willing to admit.
Jan Libbenga, 17 Nov 2003
SGI logo hardware close-up

Apple G5 pushes ahead of Intel, AMD in supercomp list

Top500 released its latest list of the world's five hundred most powerful supercomputing rigs, yesterday.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003

Broadband-for-all possible by 2005 – BT

Blanket coverage of affordable broadband in the UK could happen by 2005, BT says.
Tim Richardson, 17 Nov 2003

AMD announces Opteron x48 line-up

AMD today rolled out Opteron 148, 248 and 848 processors, as anticipated.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003

Microsoft Spot watches delayed

Microsoft's information-by-radio Spot watch technology will now not hit the market until early next year rather than this week. And some of the software giant's hardware partners may not even ship product then.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003

Intel Dothan to launch 4 Feb – report

'Dothan', Intel's 90nm update of its Pentium M processor, will officially launch on 4 February, say moles from within the Taiwanese notebook industry - the source of almost all of the world's branded and unbranded mobile computers.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003

Microsoft aims to ‘shift the tide’ in war on spam

Microsoft is porting its anti-spam technology to the latest version of its Exchange messaging platform.
John Leyden, 17 Nov 2003

Ad campaign tells drivers about new cellphone law

The Government has launched a radio advertising campaign warning drivers that, from December 1, they face a £30 fine if caught holding a mobile phone while driving.
Tim Richardson, 17 Nov 2003

IETF to cramp Cisco's WLAN empire?

A meeting of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards body this week is likely to clear the way to create a standard based on the Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP), a technology backed by wireless switchmakers and NTT DoCoMo but in opposition to Cisco’s view of the wireless LAN.
Wireless Watch, 17 Nov 2003

Voda plans show why MS will struggle with phones

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile had mixed fortunes last week, losing its top executive, but gaining a Samsung handset launch and strong predictions from Gartner Group. But while Gartner talked about OS features, what Microsoft really needs is to get its phones on to the A list at major operators - something that still seems far away.
Wireless Watch, 17 Nov 2003

Garage door DMCA case dismissed

A federal judge in Illinois this week ruled that the maker of a universal garage door remote didn't violate the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA, in a closely watched case that offers hope to critics of the controversial copyright law.
Kevin Poulsen, 17 Nov 2003

Nintendo signs IBM for next-gen console

IBM has its finger in every next-generation home console pie: Sony, Microsoft and now Nintendo.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003

Rock Pegasus CTS notebook

ReviewThe uptake of Intel's Centrino mobile technology is gaining pace. You only have to look at the increasing number of Centrino-based notebooks arriving through our doors to realise that. It's clear why too, as notebook manufacturers had been waiting for a mobile solution like this for some time, writes Jalal Werfalli.
Trusted Reviews, 17 Nov 2003

Nvidia touts second-gen mobile GeForce FX

Nvidia today began shipping its latest mobile graphics chip, the GeForce FX Go 5700, to notebook manufacturers, who expect to offer product based on the part to punters early next year.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003

Broadcom blames Atheros for bad WLAN performance

Broadcom last week fired a broadside against Wi-Fi chipset maker Atheros, alleging the latter's proprietary performance and range-boosting Super G technology slows down nearby standards-based wireless networks.
Tony Smith, 17 Nov 2003


Team Register, 17 Nov 2003

England Rugby team hunt electronic bugs

England's Rugby World Cup team is screening team hotel rooms and dressing rooms for electronic bugs.
John Leyden, 17 Nov 2003

PM bigs-up BT's BB-4-all goal

PM Tony Blair has welcomed BT's bid to bring affordable broadband to the UK.
Tim Richardson, 17 Nov 2003

ICANN wins first round of Wait List fight

ICANN has won the first round of its legal battle over the introduction of a controversial “wait list service” run by VeriSign.
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Nov 2003

Road Runner messages ‘censored’, newsgroups complain

Media giant Time Warner appears to be censoring subscribers to its Road Runner Net access service by corrupting newsgroup messages it fears contain pirated material. (Update: Here is TW's explanation)
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Nov 2003

Former Gateway execs deny SEC fraud charges

Three senior former Gateway executives charged with fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission last week have denied any wrongdoing.
John Leyden, 17 Nov 2003
DVD it in many colours

Sun and AMD toast their Opteron marriage

UpdateAs previously reported by The Register, Sun and AMD have formed a relationship around the Opteron processor and Solaris x86 and are teaming to lure software partners such as Oracle onto their systems.
Ashlee Vance, 17 Nov 2003

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