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Twinhead returns to Europe

Twinhead is to start reselling own-brand computer goods in Europe, two years after it withdrew from the region.
Drew Cullen, 22 Sep 2003

IT chief sacked for donating old PCs

A former senior IT executive at Interbrew his sueing the company for wrongful dismissal after being sacked for donating secondhand PCs to schools and retiring staff.
Drew Cullen, 22 Sep 2003

Atos Origin buys Sema

Schlumberger is to offload its computer services arm to Dutch rival ATOS Origin for €1.5bn in cash and shares.
Drew Cullen, 22 Sep 2003

Intel most active IT investor

Need money? Call Intel! Intel Capital, the chip manufacturer's investing arm, was the most active investor in IT companies in the US in 2002, according to VentureWire.
Jan Libbenga, 22 Sep 2003

Reseller ‘leaks’ iBook G4 specs?

UpdateA major UK reseller claims to have made a mistake when it appeared to pre-announce this weekend Apple's intention to migrate the iBook consumer notebook line to the G4 processor.
Tony Smith, 22 Sep 2003

ICANN urges VeriSign to suspend SiteFinder

Net governing body ICANN has called on VeriSign to "voluntarily suspend" Site Finder amid renewed concerns that the web typo replacement service could undermine key Net standards.
John Leyden, 22 Sep 2003

Brit ISPs run ADSL price promos

Virgin.net has cut the up-front cost of signing up for ADSL with the launch of a new promo offer.
Tim Richardson, 22 Sep 2003

3 may back out of i-Mode partnership

NTT DoCoMo is rumoured to be seeking an alternative UK operator with which to launch its i-Mode data service, because of the problems besetting its planned partner, Hutchison's '3', in which it owns a 20% stake.
Wireless Watch, 22 Sep 2003

China Unicom tests GSM-CDMA bridge

China Unicom has tested Qualcomm technology designed to bridge GSM and CDMA networks. The system uses CDMA to transmit voice and data over a GSM network and the operator said it "works very much according to our requirements".
Wireless Watch, 22 Sep 2003

Motorola is reluctant white knight for 3

Motorola has an unexpected hit this weekend, with sales of the phone it barely loves selling out of 3 stores in the UK. We first revealed the existence of the A920, codenamed 'Paragon', almost two years ago. It's Motorola's first Symbian phone, produced under contract for Hutchison with gritted-teeth. Stores in London and Manchester we visited were selling them by the bucket: two London locations had sold out their stock entirely.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Sep 2003

118 888 boss quits

The boss of directory enquiries (DQ) newcomer - Conduit - quit the company on Friday citing personal reasons.
Tim Richardson, 22 Sep 2003

Samsung shifts PC production to China

Samsung is shifting most of its PC production to China. The electronics giant will retain manufacture for its domestic market in Korea, but is shifting the rest to China.
Drew Cullen, 22 Sep 2003

Baltimore sells ‘crown jewels’

Security company Baltimore Technologies today announced a "conditional agreement" to sell its core public key infrastructure (PKI) business to US firm beTRUSTed for $5 million in cash.
John Leyden, 22 Sep 2003

Norton Antivirus product activation cracked

Software giant Symantec last month announced that it will add product activation technology to all of its consumer products, starting with Norton Antivirus 2004. The idea is to prevent large-scale piracy operations from thieves who counterfeit Symantec programs and offer them to customers on the Web. The company estimates at least 3.6 million bogus copies of its programs are sold annually.
Jan Libbenga, 22 Sep 2003

Vodafone Connect Card – mobile data done right?

The Big Picture
Dale Vile, 22 Sep 2003

MPs head to US on anti spam mission

MPs from the UK are to meet with Senators and officials in Washington DC next month to discuss what can be done about spam.
Tim Richardson, 22 Sep 2003

Four in ten IT contractors out of work

Four in ten IT contractors are out of work, according to a straw poll by freelancer organisation Shout99.
Tim Richardson, 22 Sep 2003

Mitac shows new MS phone

Over in Taipei, Mitac is showing its second Microsoft smartphone, and the first to be powered using Smartphone 2003 software.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Sep 2003

Credit checkers launch ID fraud watch services

Britain's two largest credit reference agencies, Experian and Equifax, last week began offering online credit reports services designed to help combat ID fraud.
John Leyden, 22 Sep 2003

VCs back Friendster

Unemployed HTML coders, take heart: gullible Venture Capitalists can again be tapped for cash to bring implausible business plans into life.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Sep 2003

Sun's ‘MacOS X’ suite to remain in Sun morgue

After investing heavily in the StarOffice suite, Sun Microsystems has no plans to release another productivity suite, one of its hidden gems, we learn. Sun acquired NeXT developer Lighthouse Design in 1996, bringing with it Jonathan Schwartz, who's now Executive VP for Software. Lighthouse had a highly-regarded suite of software including the Quantrix spreadsheet, Diagram! vector graphics package and Concurrence presentation software. The names might mean little to today's Apple users, more's the pity. Apple's Mac OS X is a cosmetically enhanced update of the old NeXT system.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Sep 2003

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