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Avoid RSI and find God – simultaneously

It's a sobering thought that one in six computers users will develop some form of repetitive strain injury during their lifetime. It's also a damning indictment on the quality of US preachers that the average US Christian spends less than four minutes a week reflecting on God.
Lester Haines, 08 Jul 2003

CipherTrust Secure Mail Gateway

As Chairman of the Anti-Spam Research Group of the IETF, Paul Judge's role of CTO at CipherTrust could leave him more than a little open to criticism, since it is he who is responsible for the product that CipherTrust deliver, writes John McIntosh, of Bloor Research.
IT-Analysis, 08 Jul 2003

EC drafts m-payments blueprint

The European Commission has recently published, as a discussion document, a draft blueprint for mobile payments, writes John MacGowan of Bloor Research. The purpose is to "accelerate the deployment of mobile payments throughout the Union" and is aimed at consolidating the views and recommendations of the financial institutions and telecoms sectors.
IT-Analysis, 08 Jul 2003

Volantis: new interest from publishers

Mobile services specialist Volantis Systems is finding a ready market for its content creation and management tools among content publishing companies, according to a senior company executive. The market is a change from Volantis' typical clients, which are largely in the mobile telecoms sector, but there could be some growth prospects within the new target market.
Datamonitor, 08 Jul 2003

Windows Voyager smartphone ready for Xmas

We're a day away from the launch of Orange's new updated "Tanager" version of the SPV - but right on cue to spoil the party, someone has leaked the news of the much nicer one that will be out in a few months - the Voyager. With Bluetooth.
Guy Kewney, 08 Jul 2003

ZoneAlarm quiets bells

A vulnerability in ZoneLab's freeware version of ZoneAlarm firewall will be patched within "the next two weeks".
Mike Kemp, 08 Jul 2003

Judge waves through Worldcom $750m settlement

The disgraced company formerly known as Worldcom has received court approval for the revised proposed settlement over SEC penalties for the biggest accounting fraud in history.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jul 2003

Dell reaches $50 million settlement with Tulip

Dutch PC maker Tulip has withdrawn its patent infringement law suit against Dell following an out-of-court settlement from which the Texan hardware giant emerges as the de facto winner.
Tony Smith, 08 Jul 2003

'Y'all bought too much Oracle'

OpinionThe recent article on The Register, entitled Oracle; spend less, know more, was a fascinating insight into the vision that Oracle proposes for its customers, and I feel compelled to write a response. What is being proposed by Oracle is possibly a CIO's dream, but definitely an operational nightmare.
Adrian Jones, 08 Jul 2003

Microsoft to face patent violation claims today

Microsoft will find itself in dock (again) today when the patent infringement case brought against it by little-known, privately-owned technology developer Eolas comes to the US District Court for Eastern Illinois.
Tony Smith, 08 Jul 2003

EMC to buy Legato

EMC is beefing up its open storage software portfolio with the $1.3bn all stock purchase of Legato Systems.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jul 2003

VIA launches mobile C3 processor

VIA launched itself against Intel's Centrino mobile platform today when it unveiled Antaur, a mobile version of its C3 desktop processor.
Tony Smith, 08 Jul 2003

VIA ships ‘legal’ Pentium 4 chipset

VIA has launched is first 'legitimate' Pentium 4 chipset - its first part to be offered with Intel's tacit blessing following the settlement of the two companies' long-running legal dispute.
Tony Smith, 08 Jul 2003

Vodafone Live Shopping goes live

Vodafone has launched Vodafone Live Shopping, a virtual shopping centre where UK subscribers can buy items over the phone using their credit card.
ElectricNews.net, 08 Jul 2003

AMD Athlon 64 launch party set for 22 Sept.

AMD has leaked a second press release schedule just days after emailing the first one to chip market watchers. The second schedule pegs the launch of the Athlon 64 to 22 September.
Tony Smith, 08 Jul 2003

EMC and BMC SRM Dance

The storage management space is today one of the most dynamic sectors of the IT industry, writes Tony Lock of Bloor Research
IT-Analysis, 08 Jul 2003

3 moves into Superdrug

3 UK is to open 60 store-within-a-store outlets in prime Superdrug locations. The deal with the Boots wannabe takes retail distribution for UK's newest mobile phone network' above 2,000 outlets.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jul 2003

Council IT workers happier to stay put – survey

IT recruitment and retention problems in local authorities have eased over the last year, according to the latest salary survey from the Society of IT Management (Socitm).
John Leyden, 08 Jul 2003

PDA security slackers, the lot of you

Slack security on PDAs is making life easier for would-be fraudsters and hi-tech criminals.
John Leyden, 08 Jul 2003

UK IT hardware sales are weak – DCC

DCC, the Irish mini-conglomerate, today issued a profits warning in its AGM statement. It says "the current depressed state of demand in the IT industry" could reduce profit growth rate to a single mid-digit.
Drew Cullen, 08 Jul 2003

Epson, we have a problem

The Dutch Consumer Association Consumentenbond is telling its 650,000 members not to buy Epson inkjet cartridge printers because of a "deceptive smart chip".
Jan Libbenga, 08 Jul 2003

Spam and porn lift SurfControl

Shares in UK-based censorware outfit SurfControl rose sharply with the release of an upbeat profits forecast today.
John Leyden, 08 Jul 2003

FSB calls for e-fraud ‘liability shift’

The huge rise in Internet fraud is threatening the success of e-commerce, The Federation of Small Business (FSB) warned today.
Startups.co.uk, 08 Jul 2003

AOL rolls onto NTL broadband

NTL cable customers can sign up to AOL's broadband service from today.
John Leyden, 08 Jul 2003

SGI's Tezro workstation gone before it arrived

SGI has pulled details on the upcoming Tezro workstation off its Web site, but a diligent Register reader has filled us in on the missing kit.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jul 2003

MS' penalties for selling Linux – not punishment, as such

Massachusetts, pursuing its lonely appeal against the Microsoft antitrust settlement, says it is looking into whether the company has punished a computer maker for promoting Linux, and is thus in breach of the settlement. One might observe that the Microsoft-DoJ deal was so liberal from the company's point of view that it would surely take a great deal of thought and effort to be in breach of it, but we have, largely, been here before.
John Lettice, 08 Jul 2003

Tadpole turns frog into prince with Sparcle

Say goodbye to the $20,000 SPARC notebook and hello to Sparcle.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Jul 2003

Ronald McDonald to save Wi-Fi

Help is at hand, Wi-Fi revolutionaries. Afraid that the bubble has burst? Anxious that figures of two users per day per Starbucks suggest that few punters are rich enough, or idle enough, to use expensive Internet access? Worried that 802.11 won't make the earth move for Joe Sixpack in the way it clearly did - and what an orgasm! - for Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson?
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jul 2003

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