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IBM confirms PowerPC 750GX ‘Gobi’ spec.

IBM has come clean and detailed the attributes of its latest 32-bit G3-class PowerPC processor, the 750GX. The new chip is the successor to the 750FX, aka 'Sahara', that powers Apple's consumer-oriented iBook notebook.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2003

Transylvanian hackers put the bite on

A gang of Romanian 'cyber terrorists' has blackmailed several top American firms to the tune of up to $50,000 apiece. The gang gained unauthorised access to protected databases, downloaded files, and threatened to publish sensitive commercial data on the Internet, if their demands weren't met.
Mike Kemp, 01 Jul 2003

More hotspots must be deployed: Gartner

New research says that public hotspots, by and large, are not profitable, but they can boost profits in other segments of a retail business.
ElectricNews.net, 01 Jul 2003

Nvidia ships nForce 3 Pro

Nvidia yesterday announced that its nForce 3 Pro chipset has entered volume production, following AMD's launch of the latest 64-bit Opteron server and workstation processors.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2003

Intersil, ViXs tout high quality video over 54Mbps WLANs

WLAN chip maker Intersil and video networking silicon specialist ViXS Systems are to incorporate each others' technologies into their own products to provide high quality video over 54Mbps Wi-Fi networks.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2003

Samsung licenses Rambus Yellowstone

Samsung has licensed Rambus' 'Yellowstone' DRAM technology, the memory technology company said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2003

mmO2 launches WLAN in UK, pumps up XDA

mm02 paraded a clutch of plans today to improve data revenues. The mobile network operator is setting up a public wireless LAN (PWLAN) network in the UK, introducing ICQ instant messaging to its German operation, and committing to an updated version of its XDA voice/data handset, out in time for Christmas.
Drew Cullen, 01 Jul 2003

EC publishes digital VAT FAQ

Today, July 1, sees the beginning of a new VAT regime, which will see the tax applied to all digital services delivered to people within the EU, regardless of where the services are supplied.
Drew Cullen, 01 Jul 2003

Apache Web Server Administration with GBdirect

Site offerThe elite team of server-wrestling codemeisters behind the magnificent html edifice that is El Reg are offering readers the chance to get to grips with Apache Web Server Administration.
Team Register, 01 Jul 2003

SiS preps DirectX 9 integrated chipset

SiS has launched what it claims is the first integrated chipset designed to support the Pentium 4's effective 800MHz frontside bus frequency, the SiS661FX.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2003

3D Labs open sources OpenGL HLSL compiler

Graphics chip maker 3D Labs today began supporting the OpenGL high-level shader language extension through updated drivers for its Wildcat VP series of graphics cards.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2003

IBM preps 1GHz-plus PowerPC 750GX ‘Gobi’

Further details have emerged about IBM's next revision of its G3-class processor family, codenamed Gobi, but set to ship as the PowerPC 750GX. It will finally take the G3 family to 1GHz and beyond.
Tony Smith, 01 Jul 2003

US anti-spam laws ‘will legalise spam’

Proposed US legislation designed to clamp down on the spam is only likely to make the problem far worse, according to a leading anti-spam activist.
John Leyden, 01 Jul 2003

IBM steps over HP to take benchmark lead

IBM and Hewlett-Packard are engaged in one of the fiercest benchmarking battles seen in some time.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Jul 2003

Sheltered judges keep Aimster down

A Chicago court has called on file-trading service Aimster to provide some proof that its users do more than trade copyrighted files before it can come back online.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Jul 2003

California enacts full disclosure security breach law

From today (July 1) all firms doing business in California will be obliged to advise their customers what data might be disclosed if their systems are ever successfully attacked.
John Leyden, 01 Jul 2003

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