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Sonera delays Finnish 3G launch

ComputerWire, 03 Sep 2002

France Telecom CEO faces axe

ComputerWire, 03 Sep 2002

Hynix creditors told to re-establish Micron talks

ComputerWire, 03 Sep 2002

Sun plans assault on Microsoft dominance

ComputerWire, 03 Sep 2002

Psion can pay Symbian dues (true)

At some point the Symbian tail will wag the Psion dog, financially speaking. And then we will be in an ARM/Acorn situation.
Drew Cullen, 03 Sep 2002

MS Outlook digital sigs easily forged

Digital signatures can easily be forged and therefore can't be trusted in Outlook because of the same certificate chaining issue plaguing Internet Explorer, researcher Mike Benham says.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Sep 2002

BT broadband checker goes skew whiff

The online database which allows Brits to check whether they can get ADSL has gone skew whiff.
Tim Richardson, 03 Sep 2002

Net abuse top reason for the sack

Email and Net abuse at work have become the number one reason why UK employees face the sack, according to a survey out today.
Tim Richardson, 03 Sep 2002

Password guessing games with Check Point firewall

Security researchers have discovered two potentially serious flaws with Check Point's flagship FireWall-1 firewall which give rise to both username guessing and sniffing issues.
John Leyden, 03 Sep 2002

Venezuela eliminates govt. software piracy

Venezuela has announced an official policy of preferring open source software products to proprietary ones in the public sector, according to an article by Linux Today's Brian Proffit.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Sep 2002

Cable modem shipments grow

Belgium, Portugal, the Nordic Countries, Switzerland and the UK all recorded high growth in the cable modem shipment market last year, according to research from Dataquest. Overall, though, the growth rate in cable modem shipments slowed compared to 2000.
Tim Richardson, 03 Sep 2002

Last call for Hacker Polo shirts

OK people, a fresh batch of The Register's world-famous Hacker polo shirts in XL and medium has arrived at Cash n'Carrion. Who say's we don't respond to our readers. But that's it for this SKU, we're deleting the design. When we say limited, we mean limited. Other Hacker items in stock include a stunning fuchsia v-neck t-shirt for HaXorettes, and the hat-tastic Hacker baseball cap.
Team Register, 03 Sep 2002

WinXP SP1 leaked, then unleaked again – or not?

Windows XP Service Pack 1 seems to have been out for the past few hours and, contrary to our earlier report, remains out as of 4pm GMT. Sort of.
John Lettice, 03 Sep 2002

Xbox Linux Project gets SuSE 8.0 running

The Xbox Linux Project is claiming some considerable level of success in its quest to turn Microsoft's closed box into a Linux box. It has SuSE 8.0 up and running on it (you can see some screenshots here), and in the Project's news section here it promises a tutorial on how you install SuSE on an Xbox shortly.
John Lettice, 03 Sep 2002

Eircom savaged by satire site

Campaigners in Ireland have launched a scathing attack on the country's lack of affordable and fast Internet access.
Tim Richardson, 03 Sep 2002

MP3 royalty assurances are worthless – Vorbis author

Claim and counter-claim continue to muddy the waters around the issue of MP3 player royalties.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Sep 2002

Opera for Mac OS X not a dead parrot

Opera Software tells us that the Mac OS X version of its browser, which was last updated seven long months ago, is still under development.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Sep 2002

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