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EasyNet to axe 90 jobs

EasyNet has blamed the "cautious operating environment in wholesale capacity" for its decision to shed 90 jobs – around ten per cent of its total workforce - from its wholesale division.
Tim Richardson, 28 Feb 2002

Multihoming mobility treat won't wait for Redmond

IDFWe've seen many neat innovations in Intel's labs over the years, and many which didn't survive the journey up to Redmond. But Intel vows that its latest mobile initiatives - to bring the PC up to, and beyond the multihoming capabilities of new Macs - won't meet the same fate.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Feb 2002

Staying on top of Oracle's holes

In light of the fortnight-old SNMP pandemic, it's tempting to forget that the world's most popular database kit remains vulnerable to a host of potential exploits which were published about three weeks ago by NGSSoftware Insight researcher David Litchfield.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Feb 2002

LLU hits 200 milestone

Crack open a warm can of lager and pop open a packet of cheese and onion crisps - local loop unbundling is alive and kicking and taking off in the UK.
Tim Richardson, 28 Feb 2002

Linux kernel patching in crisis – Raymond

Open source guru Eric Raymond says Linux kernel patching is in crisis, and he has renewed calls for someone to assist Linus Torvalds as a 'penguin patch lieutenant'.
John Leyden, 28 Feb 2002

Wintel – the next generation's horoscope

IDFThere's never been a better time to re-examine the old pals act between Intel and Microsoft in light of news from the Intel Developer Forum this week. The relationship has never been smooth, but between them, the pair have for the last ten years, driven the PC industry.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Feb 2002

Living with the Amstrad e-m@iler plus

I'll come straight to the point. I've tried very hard to change my view of the Amstrad e-m@ailer plus - the phone with a small screen bolted on and a funny little keypad.
Tim Richardson, 28 Feb 2002

PHP flaws pose hacker risk

UpdatedFlaws in the popular open source scripting language PHP could allow crackers to execute arbitrary code on a victim's system or crash a Web server, security clearing house CERT has warned.
John Leyden, 28 Feb 2002

The MS plan for smartphones: Get Nokia!

The real weather was cold in Cannes last week, but Microsoft couldn't have asked for a better climate in which to roll out its smartphone/PDA roadmap to the assembled scribes of GSM World Congress 2002. Arch-rival Symbian CEO Colly Myers had fallen on his sword/hung it up amicably after a valiant and successful battle* on the eve of the show, resulting in the "postponement" of the new version announcement press conference and a severe exec-deficit.
John Lettice, 28 Feb 2002

DoCoMo 3G to hit 60% coverage in April

ComputerWire, 28 Feb 2002

Delphi Forums wants your cash

Delphi Forums is urging its users to start paying for its service following the squeeze on online advertising.
Tim Richardson, 28 Feb 2002

Anti-Virus's control fetish

George Smith, 28 Feb 2002

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