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UK will miss 2005 broadband goal

Britain's broadband strategy lies in tatters today after Government-backed research found it will fail to meet its goal to make the UK the most competitive and extensive broadband market in the G7 by 2005.
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2001

EB buys its way into France

Electronics Boutique, the UK's biggest games retailer, has jumped into France through the acquisition of Scoregames, a leading French indie.
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2001

'We're not killing off floppy drives' – Intel

Intel Technology RoadmapIntel has denied it is trying to kill off the floppy disk drive, despite suggestions made in documents sent to PC makers and seen by The Register that it would like to see them phased out by the second half of next year.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2001

CMP Said to Lay Off Nearly 200

CMP Media is in the process of chopping nearly 200 jobs in a cost-cutting measure made necessary by an historic free-fall in the tech economy, insiders have told SWMS.
Sam Whitmore, 08 Oct 2001

Arise Sir BOFH

Episode 26
Simon Travaglia, 08 Oct 2001

Bidders for BT local loop put heads together

The two companies that have put in bids for BT's local loop are planning a summit meeting with a view to working together, the Sunday Times reported yesterday.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Oct 2001

Time to start downloading software in-store

Time Computers will test an in-store downloading and burning software replication system in three stores over the next three months. Following the trial period, the company will decide whether to roll it out to its entire retail network.
James Watson, 08 Oct 2001

John Lewis back in e-business

John Lewis Partnership has relaunched its Website with six-times more product lines than first time around. At the same time it's ducked the famous 'never knowingly undersold' marketing commitment for its ecommerce venture.
Robert Blincoe, 08 Oct 2001

Music biz wants tougher DMCA, CPRM 2 to protect copyright

Update Our source may not be all he or she claimed to be, and serious doubts have been cast on the veracity of the comments attributed to the RIAA's Rosen and co. For a full update click here.
Tony Smith, 08 Oct 2001

Microsoft pulls stealth release of Java for .NET

UpdatedMicrosoft has pulled a download that added Java language support to .NET. Microsoft silently made it available on Sunday, less than 48 hours after we first broke the news of the project.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2001

BT admits to bandwidth restrictions for file-sharing sites

BT Openworld has been forced to admit it is restricting the bandwidth for certain Web sites after furious customers starting compiling evidence of interference. Previously BT had categorically denied any such restrictions.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Oct 2001

Solectron buys Stream

Stream International, once one of the world's biggest resellers of software, has a new owner.
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2001

Govt tries to sell fixed wireless licences for fourth time

The government is trying for the fourth time to get people interested in the licences that offer fixed wireless access. Let's hope it's a bit more successful this time.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Oct 2001

BT targets SMEs with new services

BT Retail went on the offensive today in a bid to generate an extra £500 million revenue over the next five years from small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2001

E-envoy plugs BT

BT laid on an impressive show of force this morning as it launched its new range of ebusiness services for SMEs.
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2001

Profit warning – Arrow's turn

Arrow Electronics, the world's biggest electronics components distie, is the latest tech firm to issue a profits warning.
Drew Cullen, 08 Oct 2001

Intel takes bumps off packaging

The boffins at Intel have developed a new means of casing the guts of a processor. The technology, called “Bumpless Build-Up Layer” (BBUL), will only start to be used in the somewhat distant future to build processors, but will pave the way to deliver the “performance of billion-transistor processors”.
James Watson, 08 Oct 2001

NTL unveils hi-speed unmetered Net access

NTL has unleashed an unmetered, always-on high-speed Net access service which, it claims, will go head-to-head with existing ISDN and flat-fee dial-up services.
Tim Richardson, 08 Oct 2001

Another step towards cheaper TFT-LCD monitors

Samsung is kicking its 15-inch TFT-LCD XGA-resolution display panel into mass production.
Robert Blincoe, 08 Oct 2001

Western Digital bumps EIDE drive buffer to 8MB

Western Digital (WD) has released its latest Caviar hard drive, the WD-1000BB-SE, a 100GB EIDE hard drive. The thing that separates it from the pack is its 8MB buffer, which the company claims is the largest available in this class of drive.
James Watson, 08 Oct 2001

First Athlon XP reports

A few tests have started popping up on the Web in anticipation of tomorrow's Athlon XP launch from AMD.
James Watson, 08 Oct 2001

The recession is good news. For IBM anyway

The current recession is music to the ears of IBM's Web services marketing manager, Siva Darivemula. "The recession could help our e-services because companies are looking at cost-cutting," he told us in a flying visit to the UK.
Kieren McCarthy, 08 Oct 2001

Sun lures IIS defectors with iPlanet price cuts

Sun is doing it best to make hay from the Gartner Group's recommendation to ditch Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2001

The Times misquoted me – crypto expert

International cryptography expert Professor Ross Anderson has demanded a correction from the The Times for being misquoted on the subject of terrorists' use of email.
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Oct 2001

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