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Ex-Apple brains to lead Palm software revival

Palm has turned to two former Apple luminaries to revive its software fortunes. Board member Dave Nagel has been talked into heading up the new PalmOS business as its CEO, and Steve Sakoman fills the CTO seat vacant since Bill Maggs departure earlier this year.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Aug 2001

2GHz P4 will turn us all into DJs

Intel has crossed the 2GHz barrier with the launch of the latest edition of its Pentium 4 processor.
John Leyden, 28 Aug 2001

Counter Struck!

While many Americans and Europeans take computer games far too seriously, the Far East is a constant source of bizarre gaming news stories, from real-life gangsters demanding protection money in massively multiplayer role-playing games to professional Starcraft players earning six-digit salaries and making regular TV appearances alongside footballers and Olympic athletes.
Eurogamer.net, 28 Aug 2001

£999 2GHz P4 box approaches

Mesh chose the Bank Holiday weekend to jump the Intel gun slightly and announce its 2GHz P4 machine. It also seems up for a price fight.
Robert Blincoe, 28 Aug 2001

Handspring preps Prism II?

Handspring's anticipated pair of new Visors weren't launched last monday, as some sources had suggested, but the company is up to something if pics and details leaked to Palm Infocenter are anything to go by.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2001

Sony unveils Palm OS 4.0 Clié PDA

Sony's updated Clié PDA isn't the PEG-N750C or the PEG-N760C - it's the PEG-N770C.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2001

PCG appeals against IR35 ruling

The Professional Contractors Group is to take the government to the Court of Appeal over the controversial IR35 tax legislation.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Aug 2001

Microsoft delays Xbox Japan debut

Microsoft has confirmed that the Japanese debut of its Xbox games console has indeed been delayed, to 22 February 2002.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2001

FBI let off cyber snooping hook

The FBI has been let of the hook in its court case against mobster Nicodemo Scarfo. US District Judge Nicholas Politan has now ruled that the Bureau will not have to reveal precisely how it managed to log evidence that Mr Scarfo was involved in illegal gambling and loan sharking.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Aug 2001

Samsung confirms Toshiba is trying to sell DRAM biz

Toshiba must undergo a "drastic restructuring" the company's president, Tadashi Okamura, warned on Monday as the company announced it would sack around 17,000 of its staff - 12 per cent of the workforce - around the world, although the bulk of the cuts will be made in Japan.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2001

Cisco appoints new head Borg for UK and Ireland

Cisco has got itself a new top boy for UK and Ireland.
Robert Blincoe, 28 Aug 2001

AMD cuts up to 49% off CPU prices – again

UpdatedAMD has cut its prices. It updated its official processor price list on 20 August, and yesterday it did so again.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2001

Credit card scam puts dotcom close to death

An online gift certificate site, Flooz.com, has filed for bankruptcy. This may be because it was the victim of a major credit card scam costing it $300,000.
Robert Blincoe, 28 Aug 2001

BBC ditches online ads plan

The BBC has ditched plans to slap adverting on its Web site for non UK-based surfers.
Linda Harrison, 28 Aug 2001

ATI shows off Mobility Radeon 7500

ATI launched the latest chip in its renewed assault against its arch-rival, Nvidia, yesterday: the notebook-oriented Mobility Radeon 7500.
Tony Smith, 28 Aug 2001

Unique ID is built into WinXP final build

Microsoft has quietly slipped a Universally Unique ID (UUID) into the ISO of build 2600 of Windows XP, thus giving itself the capability of tracking code leaks back to whoever it was that leaked them. News of the UUID's presence originally broke in the Microsoft beta newsgroups, but the matter has been followed up by Steve Gibson of GRC after postings were forwarded to him.
John Lettice, 28 Aug 2001

Minolta Dimage 7

ReviewThe Minolta Dimage 7 is a high-end camera with a price and specification to match. At just over £850 it won't appeal to all, but if you need a good quality single lens reflex device then this Recommended Buy is worth investigating.
PC Advisor, 28 Aug 2001

DTI wants to shut down five resellers

The Department of Trade and Industry has applied to the High Court to shut down five computer dealerships - "in the public interest".
Drew Cullen, 28 Aug 2001

ICANN rottweiler savages Net consultant

If you ever doubted that the legion of Internet consultants rushing around telling Net-ignorant business folk what the World Wide Web means to them have been talking out their respective arses, worry not longer.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Aug 2001

Deutsche Telekom soothes market with debt reduction plan

Deutsche Telekom has followed a rough week by announcing half-year results almost exactly in line with expectations. For the first half of the year, it has seen a 16.9 per cent rise in revenues (to £14.1 billion) and a 12 per cent rise in profit before interest, tax etc (to £4.5 billion). However, overall it made a net loss of £219 million.
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Aug 2001

Cypherpunk Bell gets ten years

Cypherpunk Jim Bell was convicted of stalking IRS agent Jeff Gordon (who had previously investigated him) back in April, and finally sentenced last week to an incredible ten years in stir and fined $10,000.
Thomas C Greene, 28 Aug 2001

WIPO shafts AOL over porn site

WIPO has slapped AOL in the face over the domain Nudescape.com.
Linda Harrison, 28 Aug 2001

Black Box buys UK cable firm

Black Box, the acquisition-crazy networking reseller, has bought a cabling company in Cumbria. Based in Dalton-in-Furness, Optech turns over $2m a year approx. Terms are undisclosed.
Drew Cullen, 28 Aug 2001

Microsoft ports XP to Mac?

An eagle eyed reader spotted this gem hidden deep in the promotional bumf for Windows XP.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Aug 2001

Project Jackson breaks cover – Xeon in 2002, Itanic later

Intel Developer ForumIntel took the wraps off Project Jackson today, the multi-threaded chip technology we told you about back in February. It's the art of making one processor behave like two or more logical processors, which adds a little extra hardware overhead to the chip but offers the possibility of much better parallelism. And it's probably Chipzilla's biggest design innovation since it put the x86 charabanc on Risc internals with the Pentium.
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Aug 2001

Smack My Bits Up – Intel exec

Intel Developer ForumPeople attending an early morning keynote at the Intel Developers Forum were given a rude awakening today when a senior Intel exec let slip risqué language, which was anything but PC.
John Leyden, 28 Aug 2001

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