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RDRAM sales to grow over 400% this month

Demand for Rambus Direct DRAM is exploding, memory supplier Kingston Technology has claimed.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2001

DRAM market to get worse before it gets better – analyst

Don't expect the DRAM market to improve any time soon. The much anticipated recovery isn't going to happen before Q2 next year, analysts at Korean market watcher Meritz Securities have warned.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2001

Korean cops clobber counterfeit-DRAM gang

Korean police arrested officials from two manufacturers and five resellers this weekend for allegedly flogging fake Samsung 256MB SDRAM modules.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2001

Intel knocks up to 37% off Mobile Pentium III prices

Intel yesterday cut the prices of selected Pentium III processors, undoubtedly in preparation for the coming official launch of the mobile and desktop versions of its 0.13 micron PIII die-shrink codenamed Tualatin.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2001

Baltimore denies it's in takeover talks with CA

Baltimore Technologies, which last week lost its chief executive Fran Rooney, has been forced to deny it is talking to potential suitors for the second time in just four days.
John Leyden, 16 Jul 2001

NTL move on ITV Digital denied

Carlton Communications and Granada have denied that NTL has put in an offer to buy their stake in ITV Digital.
Linda Harrison, 16 Jul 2001

Desktop Tualatin goes on sale in Japan

Desktop-oriented versions of Intel's 1.13GHz and 1.2GHz 0.13 micron Pentium III processors - better known by their codename, Tualatin - have begun to appear in Japanese retail outlets, a sure sign that the chips' formal introduction is imminent.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2001

Agere ditches USB 2.0 chip development

Agere is ditching the USB 2.0 chip market and intends to ramp up production of 1394b chip products.
Robert Blincoe, 16 Jul 2001

Samsung revs 64-bit ARM, licenses Java

Samsung has expanded its agreement with British chip designer ARM and licensed three more cores. It's a significant win for ARM's Jazelle Java accelerator, in the form of the ARM926-EJ-S core, but the eye catching part of the deal sees Samsung promise to invest in the next-generation 64-bit ARM10.
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Jul 2001

WinXP ship date threatened by govt trial move?

The prospect of an injunction delaying the October launch of Windows XP drew closer on Friday, with a government request to the appeals court to send the case back to the district court early. The current status as regards Microsoft's little legal issue is that the appeals court intends to send it back to the district court anyway, but that it's currently in a waiting period in order to give both parties the opportunity to ask the appeals court to hear the case again.
John Lettice, 16 Jul 2001

New MS-Conxion leak allows WinXP RC1 free download

Less than two weeks ago details of how you could download the Windows XP RC1 preview program code without paying Microsoft any money leaked onto the web, and large numbers of people must have grabbed it in the couple of days that passed before Microsoft and its partner Conxion plugged the hole. But they didn't do it very well because - good grief - it's back again.
John Lettice, 16 Jul 2001

ATI unwraps DirectX 8.1-based Smartshader

Well, Nvidia helped Microsoft develop DirectX 8.0, and it appears the software giant needed a hand taking its games-oriented API to version 8.1 too. Certainly that's what ATI suggested today when it unveiled its Smartshader technology.
Tony Smith, 16 Jul 2001

Packetstorm rides again

Defcon09:One of the most valuable security resources on the Web has returned in force following its second near-death experience. Packetstorm, we're pleased to say, is back up on a new domain from which it will be operated on a not-for-profit basis.
Thomas C Greene, 16 Jul 2001

UMC cans 266 ‘slackers’

Chip manufacturer United Microelectronics Corp (UMC) has canned 266 workers, claiming they weren't working hard enough.
Robert Blincoe, 16 Jul 2001

MAPS to start charging for anti-spam list

Anti-spam organisation MAPS (mail abuse prevention system) is to start charging a subscription fee to its blacklist, according to a notice posted on its Web site. The new system will take effect from the end of this month.
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Jul 2001

WinXP is now 'best OS for MP3 users,' says MS

For some time now Microsoft has been pushing its own WMA digital audio format over MP3, and decrying the latter as having lower quality and bigger files. But today Microsoft tells us we can "discover the ultimate MP3 experience: learn about the new features that will make Windows XP the best OS for MP3 users."
John Lettice, 16 Jul 2001

Microsoft racing to patch Outlook flaw

The scope and simplicity of the Microsoft Outlook bug we reported last week is far more serious than we first suspected.
John Leyden, 16 Jul 2001

Dotcom goldrush causes VeriSign to restrict registrar bandwidth

The explosion in available dotcoms recently has forced VeriSign to restrict the bandwidth available to registrars for its Shared Registration Service (SRS).
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Jul 2001

Nokia xDSL modems are shocking – official

Nokia has urged customers to return some of its xDSL modems after discovering they could give users an electric shock.
Linda Harrison, 16 Jul 2001

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