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PC World goes the distance with P4 SMS compo

Intel is running a competition with PC World to give away 100 P4 PCs. You SMS them your post code, they send you a message back giving you a date and time to turn up at your local store to enter a prize draw.
Robert Blincoe, 03 Apr 2001

Chinese Feds demand computer virus samples

China's Ministry of Public Security has been requiring Western anti-virus vendors to supply samples of malicious code as a condition of doing business with Mainland consumers, the Wall Street Journal reports.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Apr 2001

Gateway flees Canada, scales back in Europe

Gateway is shutting down all 10 Canadian outlets with the loss of 220 employees after just nine months as a retailer in the country. And local retailers are crowing, judging from this report in The Globe and Mail. "For other Canadian companies . . . it shows that a US retailer coming into Canada is not a slam dunk," one said.
Team Register, 03 Apr 2001

Intel CPUs roll off 300mm, 0.13 micron line

Intel's Hillsboro, Oregon plant has begun punching out functional processors based on 0.13 micron technology and on 300mm wafers. It has to be both, since other companies have reached either 0.13 micron or started working with 300mm wafers already.
Tony Smith, 03 Apr 2001

ICANN approves VeriSign's .com monopoly

It appears that VeriSign is going to control the .com registry for all eternity following a decision by ICANN Monday which guarantees it ownership until November 2007, and sweetens the pot with an option to renew for four years thereafter.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Apr 2001

Be axes 25 per cent of staff

Following weekend reports that Be is about to run out of cash, the company yesterday announced it was trimming its already small headcount by cutting "approximately" 27 jobs - around one quarter of its worldwide workforce.
Tony Smith, 03 Apr 2001

Rambus vs. Infineon: final pre-trial meet set

The final pre-trial hearing in Rambus' legal action against Infineon has been set for 10 April in preparation for what a battle over patents that will have a major affect on the memory industry.
Tony Smith, 03 Apr 2001

Apple's Australia's top dealer goes pear-shaped

Apple Australia has lost patience with Buzzle, its biggest reseller, and placed the company into receivership, according to Computer Daily News. Buzzle collapsed owing AUS$30m, almost half of which was owed to Apple. The company, formed last year through the amalgamation of six dealerships, operates 24 of Australia's 68 Applecentres, accounting for 40 per cent of Apple Australia's turnover. Combined sales are around AUS$85m a year.
Drew Cullen, 03 Apr 2001

Gameplay up for sale

Gameplay, the troubled multiplatform games outfit is up for sale.
Robert Blincoe, 03 Apr 2001

IBM laps up desktops

IBM is merging laptop and desktop divisions, creating a Personal Computing Devices group.
Robert Blincoe, 03 Apr 2001

Sega employees ‘imprisoned and ignored’

Console giant Sega has assigned 12 disgruntled employees at its Tokyo headquarters to sit in a windowless room from 9am to 5.45pm every day "waiting" for nothing to happen, in order to avoid a financial slap from the authorities.
Eurogamer.net, 03 Apr 2001

Advertising clampdown on monitor sizes

In the biggest clampdown on PC advertising trickery since the ex-VAT price scam was stamped on, monitors will now be sold clearly stating their visible screen size.
Robert Blincoe, 03 Apr 2001

PC2100 DDR SDRAM out and about

Direct memory supplier Crucial.com has said it's got some PC2100 DDR SDRAM for you - and it's available now.
Robert Blincoe, 03 Apr 2001

One in three UK firms hit by cyber-crime

One in two senior IT managers believe the future survival of their organisations "could be put at risk by a major network security breach".
John Leyden, 03 Apr 2001

Fear and loathing in small town America

Fear and loathing in small town America has been turned into a living docusoap on the Web. The squabble revolves around Fishing Creek Farm - a wealthy community near Washington,DC.
Linda Harrison, 03 Apr 2001

MS, HP agree to drop ‘deceptive’ PocketPC ads

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have spared themselves hefty fines by agreeing to Federal Trade Commission demands that they cease claiming that PocketPCs provide built-in wireless Net access.
Tony Smith, 03 Apr 2001

99% of Web users eat cookies. Yum

Cookie rejection on the Internet is less than one per cent, according to a survey out today.
Linda Harrison, 03 Apr 2001

World chip sales down 7% in February

Semiconductor sales around the world fell almost seven per cent in February, but sales remain higher this year than last.
Tony Smith, 03 Apr 2001

Stratus re-enters telco biz

Stratus, the fault tolerant server company, has reached an agreement with beleaguered networking giant Lucent to lift contractual restrictions which prevented it selling its full range of servers to service providers.
John Leyden, 03 Apr 2001

Microsoft ambushes Bluetooth

Microsoft has knifed Bluetooth by refusing to support the technology in Windows XP.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Apr 2001

Microsoft bungles IE bug fix

Microsoft has come under fire from users who have discovered the company's patch to fix a potentially seriously security problem works only if they upgrade their browsers.
John Leyden, 03 Apr 2001

Spooks cock snooks at RIP oversight

British spooks are continuing to defy public oversight of the draconian Regulatory of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Act.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Apr 2001

America fully brainwashed by cybercrime FUD

Child-protective hysterics who want to eavesdrop on the electronic comings and goings of ordinary citizens in the name of legions of exploited little lambs have successfully won the hearts and washed the brains of nearly all Americans.
Thomas C Greene, 03 Apr 2001

Intel pumps ups P2P cancer fight

The peer-to-peer project to find a cure for cancer will be the first of many hosted by Intel, according to company chief Craig Barrett.
Linda Harrison, 03 Apr 2001

IBM goes matt-black (wireless) PC stylee

IBM today launched a wireless keyboard and mouse and five extra models for its NetVista X40 line of desktop PCs.
Linda Harrison, 03 Apr 2001

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