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Apple abandons Cube?

The fate of Apple's glorious experiment of aesthetics over commonsense, the G4 Cube, appears to be as good as sealed.
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Mar 2001

Dual Athlon mobo info leaks

HWRoundupAt JC's there's some Taiwanese leakage of a dual Athlon socket A mobo from Tyan.
Mike Magee, 15 Mar 2001

For sale: ic24

Trinity Mirror is to sell its ISP, ic24, the newspaper group confirmed today.
Tim Richardson, 15 Mar 2001

Sony buys PlayStation emulator

Sony has bought software developer Connectix's Mac-based PlayStation emulator, Virtual Game Station, settling the companies' bitter, three-year dispute.
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2001

Motorola pushing for summer 1GHz PowerPC release

Mac Rumour RoundupMotorola sources suggest the top-end PowerPC 7450 processor will hit 1GHz sooner than previously thought.
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2001

One last build before beta 2 – MS goes on WinXP BSOD hunt

Microsoft released yet another pre-beta 2 build of WinXP last night, but from the sound of it this one - build 2458 - is largely a last minute reality check before the company makes the beta 2 release next week. The scheduled date for beta 2 has been pushed back from the beginning of this month to March 21st.
John Lettice, 15 Mar 2001

Downturn gives companies time to sort out Net problems

The forthcoming economic downturn will give companies behind on Internet technology time to sort out their operations and catch up. That's what the latest survey by Gartner says.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Mar 2001

Supanet mulls sale offer

ISP Supanet is up for sale, according to the FT.
Robert Blincoe, 15 Mar 2001

Mobile Palomino debut delayed by chipset lag

AMD's Mobile Athlon, based on the Palomino core, may be sampling and volume shipments may be due to commence on Monday, but don't expect to buy a big-name notebook containing the power-conserving processor for some time yet.
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2001

Long live the PSone – Sony exec

There's life in the old PlayStation - a lot of life, according to comments made by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) chief Ken Kutaragi yesterday.
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2001

Vendors slammed for high server memory pricing

Memory firm Kingston Technology has lambasted vendors for selling overpriced memory for servers and has introduced a scheme to undercut prices for large corporate purchasers.
Mike Magee, 15 Mar 2001

Catnap fills Aimster's anti-Napster filter shoes

Aimster may have knocked its Napster filter bypass software, Pig Encoder, on the head, but the void it has left behind it is rapidly being filled. The latest is Catnap, an open source scrambler/descrambler that's almost completely transparent to the user.
Tony Smith, 15 Mar 2001

Cisco boss apologises for slashing jobs

Cisco boss John Chambers has publicly apologised for the slowdown in the networking giant's business and collapse of its share price which led to massive job cuts last week.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2001

Canada next up with unworkable Net laws

The Canadian Government appears to have joined the list of countries that have misunderstood the Internet and hurled out ill-fitting legislation to deal with the worst manifestations of the Net revolution.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Mar 2001

Spammers face felony charges

Californians Michael Persaud, 24, of San Diego and Frank Kriticos, 25, of Santee will answer felony criminal charges of spamming and so earn the distinction of being the first people so charged in that state, according to a story in the local Union Tribune newspaper.
Thomas C Greene, 15 Mar 2001

UK to test mobile digital signatures

The Government is to conduct the UK's first secure mobile electronic signature trial in a scheme that will go some way to proving whether mobile mcommerce is a viable business proposition, or just the latest fad.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2001

This is a free monkey phone call from me

Updated againYou'll be used to breast enlargements/reductions, people, empty PlayStation2 boxes and the like being available to bid for on eBay, but things have taken a strange turn of late. Call it imaginative, deranged or indicative of some wider social problem but people have gone into offering specialised and frankly bizarre services. Below is one of our favourites so far.
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Mar 2001

MPs slap Govt's broadband strategy

The British Government and industry received a rap on the knuckles today for underestimating consumer demand for broadband.
Tim Richardson, 15 Mar 2001

PCs and sofa beds

Micron, America's third biggest direct-selling PC maker, is to flog computers in a furniture store. One furniture store. In Nebraska. Granted, Nebraska Furniture Mart is the world's biggest furniture store, with 450,000sq ft of retail space, and it is a destination shopping place for hundreds of miles around. And isn't it owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the investment vehicle of the Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet?
Drew Cullen, 15 Mar 2001

Virus plague causes charity to consider Linux

Development charity ActionAid is making plans to switch all its desktop computers to Linux, as a way of avoiding the viruses that continuously assault its Windows PCs.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2001

Sun claws its way to top of US server market

Sun managed to claw its way to the top of the US server market last year, while IBM was still number one worldwide, according to a survey by IDC.
Linda Harrison, 15 Mar 2001

Tiny axes US staff, but denies it is shutting up shop

Tiny Computers has axed staff in the US, but this week denied it was pulling out of the American market.
Linda Harrison, 15 Mar 2001

icShowbiz and icSport axed

icShowbiz and icSport - the high profile and expensive Web sites from the Trinity Mirror newspaper group - have gone titsup.co.uk.
Tim Richardson, 15 Mar 2001

Time follows Tiny with home entertainment box

Time Computers has followed Tiny Computers into the digital home entertainment field.
Robert Blincoe, 15 Mar 2001

DRAMarama (Act IV)

The DRAMarama continues, with prices crashing below $6 in all three major world markets last month.
Linda Harrison, 15 Mar 2001

Cisco misrepresents test results

A publishing firm has slammed Cisco for misrepresenting the results of its tests on high-end optical networking kit.
John Leyden, 15 Mar 2001

Samsung dons TFT-LCD crown

Korea's Samsung Electronics sold the most large TFT-LCD panels in Q4 last year, against a backdrop of disappointing industry sales worldwide.
Linda Harrison, 15 Mar 2001

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