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Woundup New skins for WMP7, IE6 beta due?

Windows Media Player 7 has been given a Bonus Pack. This allows you to convert MP3 files to Windows Media format, cutting file sizes in half while preserving the sound quality. Which is what Microsoft claims, in any event. The pack also includes eight new skins and nineteen new visual effects, as well as an importer to use Winamp skins.
Luis Escalante, 11 Dec 2000

Liquid Audio wants Scour.com tech

Online music company Liquid Audio is looking to buy the technological remains of failed media sharing service, Scour.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2000

New Intel processor prices

Intel's 1Ku tray prices have been chopped today, bringing a 1.4GHz P4 down by 11 per cent to $574. The 1.5GHz part remains unchanged at $819. Unlike boxed P4s, tray processors - aimed at the largest PC makers - do not come bundled with 128MB of RDRAM.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Dec 2000

Rambus-Infineon legal spat delayed

Legal rottweiler Rambus' pending court case against Infineon has been postponed due to the judge being promoted.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Dec 2000

Intel fouls up two years in a row

AnalysisIntel must be quite eager to put the 20th Century behind it, given that this is the second calendar year in a row that it has a) suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or b) fouled up on its strategy, that answer depending on whether you believe in kismet or kiss-ass.
Mike Magee, 11 Dec 2000

Intel plans $1500 10GHz PC

Intel has built what it claims is the world's smallest and fastest CMOS transistor. The company says that within the next five to ten years (nice accurate bit of futurology there) it will be able to build microprocessors containing more than 400 million transistors, running at 10GHz and operating at less than 1V.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Dec 2000

AMD chops chip costs

Not to be outdone by Chipzilla's price cuts today, AMD is chopping its prices too.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Dec 2000

Telewest ditches £1bn net plans

Telewest has canned plans to provide DSL services to residential customers, pulling an estimated £1 billion from the coffers at BT and putting a serious dent in Tony Blair's plans to get everyone going digital.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Dec 2000

Gateway hit with shareholder lawsuit

A Gateway shareholder has filed a lawsuit against the company claiming that it misled investors about financial statements.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Dec 2000

Guilty! Four go down for insider trading

Four investors accused of together making almost $120,000 trading on inside information on IBM's acquisition of Lotus have been judged guilty as charged.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2000

RIAA wins royalties from radio Netcasts

US radio stations will have to pay extra to stream their shows on the Internet, the US Copyright Office has ruled.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2000

Rambus growls at Nvidia

Graphics behemoth Nvidia warns in its quarterly SEC form 10Q filing that it has been advised by Rambus it may be in breach of patents.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Dec 2000
SGI logo hardware close-up

i-Mode to roam into US, Europe Q3 2001

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest cellphone company, will soon allow i-Mode users to access its mobile Internet service from the US and Europe.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2000

Outbreak of viruses disguised as vaccines

Computer virus writers are disguising viruses as anti-virus updates in an attempt to trick users into running malicious code.
John Leyden, 11 Dec 2000

Sorry tales of Advertising Standards and tech firms

This month, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) tells off BT and Network Associates for fibbing, and tears into Sega for making a racist joke.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Dec 2000
captain cyborg with robot arm

Kevin Warwick: a life in pictures

A tribute.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Dec 2000

Future cans Computeractive clone

Future Publishing has pulled the plug on the magazine it planned to launch in competition with Computeractive, the consumer/hobbyist title from Dutch publisher VNU.
Team Register, 11 Dec 2000

Xmas draw cheats shown red card

Anyone who thinks that they can get past the eagle eyes of Vulture Central's competition invigilators would do well to read the following tale.
Lester Haines, 11 Dec 2000

IBM reveals 10GHz, .13µ PowerPC chip tech

IBM today unveiled the technology that will drive its PowerPC and Power processors down to 0.13 micron - and speeds up to 10GHz.
Tony Smith, 11 Dec 2000

Iridium threatened rain of terror

There was a one in 250 chance that debris from a proposed burn-up of the Iridium global satellite network could have hit someone on Earth, according to Nasa scientists.
John Leyden, 11 Dec 2000

1.3GHz P4 priced at around $300

US distributor Tech Data now lists the baby P4 1.3GHz with 128MB RDRAM, despite Intel maintaining its official response of refusing to comment on unannounced products.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Dec 2000

Dr Tom's cooler droolathon

Two things on at the good Doctor's. A round up of gargantuan proportions from Lord Kryo, who puts 17, count 'em, 17 coolers under the metaphorical microscope. The message is that perfection is impossible to attain, and there isn't one cooler to do the job. As always it depends on what you want from it. The review starts here but if you just want the recommendations, go here.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Dec 2000

Communists, Blofeld et al plan cyber Pearl Harbor for US

AnalysisDon't look now, but the cyber 'missile gap' might be turning into an issue. Speaking at Microsoft's Safenet 2000 conference on Friday, top White House security official Richard Clarke painted a grim picture of foreign powers setting up cyber warfare squads intent on unleashing an electronic Pearl Harbor on the USA.
John Lettice, 11 Dec 2000

Dr bags $675k in Net libel case

A US doctor has won an Internet libel case, which his lawyers believe is the first judgement based on an anonymous Net message.
Robert Blincoe, 11 Dec 2000

AMD sales flatter than a flat pancake

Ouch! AMD has joined the ranks of US tech companies to issue a profit warning. There may be safety in numbers, but AMD has left it a little late - just a few weeks ago the company boasted it was producing and selling record numbers of Athlons. The company says it is still sold out on Athlons, so that means it must be taking a bath on Duron.
Drew Cullen, 11 Dec 2000

E-mail ‘bug’ danger overstated?

We recently came across an InfoWorld.com item suggesting that an HTML 'bug' implanted in spam could be a major boon to malicious hackers. The technique mentioned involves embedding a link to a tiny, one-pixel image on the spammer's server.
Thomas C Greene, 11 Dec 2000

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