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Mafiaboy goes back in the slam

UpdatedNotorious Canadian cracker kiddie 'Mafiaboy', the sole unfortunate scapegoat in the much-hyped distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks which shut down Yahoo!, eBay, CNN and Amazon back in February, has been placed in custody once again after being suspended from high school for cutting classes and being otherwise beligerent and annoying to his teachers.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Dec 2000

Freeserve and Wanadoo to tie knot?

There's intense speculation this morning that Freeserve has struck a deal with French ISP Wanadoo.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2000

Sony PS One sales rocket as PS Two famine continues

Sony's remodelled PlayStation console, the PS One, is saving the company's bacon this Christmas, as gaming punters snap it up because they can't get PlayStation 2s.
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2000

Palomino ‘is really cool’

One of our regular AMD informants emails to confirm that the forthcoming Athlon Palomino is indeed exceptionally cool.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Dec 2000

Apple to fall into the red with $225m loss

Apple admitted last night that it too is being hammered by the industry-wide decline in PC sales - to the extent that it will make a massive $225-250 million loss for its current quarter.
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2000

The VAX of Life: Sun's cluster guru talks Full Moon

Yousef Khalidi, Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer, Full Moon chief architect, and Register reader took us on a ride through the history of Sun Clusters 3.0 yesterday. First as might be seen by visiting aliens, and then from a programmer's perspective. Which was nice: plenty of detail gets left out even from the "technical spec sheets" that accompany press launches these days, and so to counter the Net Effect™, here's the RegEffect™.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Dec 2000

AltaVista cans free Net access in US

AltaVista's dismal dalliance with providing Internet access is finally about to come to an end.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2000

Bore and Gush camps take the fight online

Just when you thought it was coming to an end, another chapter has opened in the US election Saga. While all the national papers report that Gore will be conceding any day now, the online debate rages on.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Dec 2000

Freeserve and Wanadoo get hitched

French ISP Wanadoo has agreed an all-share offer for Freeserve valuing the British ISP at £1.65 billion.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2000

Rambus derides Intel chipset

It looks as if California's leading law firm, Rambus, Rambus and Rambus, is spoiling for a fight with Intel.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Dec 2000

Iris recognition puts evil eye on retinal scans

Retinal scans, long the mainstay of biometrics identification technology, could have a little competition in the form of iris recognition, a new technology developed by Alpha Engineering.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Dec 2000

Intel US finally catches up with Europe

Intel US has followed Europe, Japan and Asia Pacific in extending its Intel Inside programme to small system builders selling white box desktop and mobile systems.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Dec 2000

Wanadoo in French phone farce

Freeserve's soon-to-be French owner, Wanadoo, is already up to no good by exploiting British journalists
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2000

The Secret Diary of David Edmonds, aged 46 and nine months

Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2000

Micro$oft acquires another Xbox games developer

Microsoft has opened its cheque-book to secure the rights to what it reckons will be showcase games for its upcoming Xbox console.
Tony Smith, 06 Dec 2000

Mafia trial to test FBI spying tactics

A trial of an alleged mafia boss will test whether the FBI surveillance teams are entitled to plant keystroke-logging devices on the computers of suspects.
John Leyden, 06 Dec 2000

Opera browser goes free with version 5.0 launch

Opera, the 'third force' in the browser wars, is available for free download from today, with the launch of Opera 5.0. Small but perfectly-formed Opera Software claims 1.5 million registered users, which is low even compared to Navigator's much-diminished market share, but Opera intends to leverage its advantages into increased market share.
John Lettice, 06 Dec 2000

Mobile Duron due this month?

Reports from Taiwan suggest that 600 and 700MHz mobile Durons could launch before the end of the year. And about time too - Intel's had things pretty much its own way recently with the mobile Celeron out-punching the venerable K6-2.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Dec 2000

Intel's Barrett: P4 the ‘king of processors’

It's one thing having faith in one's products, but that faith should not be of the blind persuasion.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Dec 2000

The real story behind the Freeserve Wanadoo deal

Nicolas Dufourcq and John Pluthero - CEOs of Wanadoo and Freeserve respectively - are in love with each other. At the press conference announcing the two companies' joining of hands (well, outright buy of poorly performing Freeserve), journalists exchanged quizzical looks as John looked Nicolas deep in the eyes and said "we'll share this microphone - as we share everything". Nic waited until later to demonstrate his own love, when he told the assembled cynics that John wouldn't be doing a Hans Snook and leaving soon after France Telecom gets its nasty claws into Freeserve. John's great - he's everything you need in a man. Plus "he's 37. I'm 37."
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2000

Star Trek gamers get tips on the phone

Game players can now sign up to receive clues to playing a Star Trek game in text messages via their cell phone.
John Leyden, 06 Dec 2000

Dell announces next year's server offerings

Dell is to refresh its server and service offerings to business customers.
Linda Harrison, 06 Dec 2000

How important is the British Monarchy? asks the Guardian

One of Britain's leading newspapers challenged the role of the monarchy today promising to back a legal challenge to the 300-year-old law banning Roman Catholics and other non-Protestants from succeeding to the British throne.
Tim Richardson, 06 Dec 2000

Bluetooth comp results in full

Lester Haines, 06 Dec 2000

IBM preps Itanium workstation

IBM is already prepping its first Itanium workstation, and claims to have 209 applications certified to run on the system.
Linda Harrison, 06 Dec 2000

WIPO domain dispute coup continues

WIPO has continued its march toward control of the domain dispute market, taking 68.5 per cent of all cases in November - up from 66 per cent in October, 63 per cent in September and just 48 per cent back in January.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2000

Gates sues Caribbean hotel promoter

Bill Gates has got the full weight of the law onto a Caribbean businessman who registered the software chief's name as a trademark.
Linda Harrison, 06 Dec 2000

AOL, Time Warner deal in ‘home stretch’

AOL top man Steve Case has said that his $110 billion purchase of Time Warner is in the "home stretch" with the announcement it will make some more concessions to the FTC.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Dec 2000

Asus P4 mobo squares up to Intel board

Game PC reckons its found the P4 board all other boards will aspire to be, and a worthy alternative to Intel's D850GB i850. The Asus P4T i850 board was the P4's get out of jail free card according to this lot. They use the phrase "nothing short of astounding", so check it out.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Dec 2000

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