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Western Union hacked, 15,000 CC numbers taken

Emergency fund service and salvation of the world's bail bondsmen, university students and cornered deadbeats Western Union admitted late Sunday that malicious hackers compromised the credit card details of 15,700 customers who had transferred money on their Web site, which was left unprotected while undergoing maintenance, the Associated Press reports.
Thomas C Greene, 11 Sep 2000

Register Zoroastrian warns of vulture threat

It can get very confusing out here in California. Picked up a copy of the Orange County Register this morning, locally known as the Register to find that today's Focus on Religion is all about Zoroastrianism.
Mike Magee, 11 Sep 2000

Warner to detail digital music service today

The last of the world's 'big five' recording companies to unveil a digital music distribution service, Warner Music, will do just that later today, according to 'leaks' to the major news media.
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2000

Ban Napster, MPAA et al demand

As the October kick-off date for the Napster trial nears, numerous interested parties - lobby groups, in other words - have begun filing Friend of the Court briefs providing information they hope will sway the court's final judgement one way or t'other.
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2000

Metallica lawyer tells colleges to block Napster

Metallica's lawyer, Howard King, who has filed anti-Napster actions on behalf of the band and others, including rapper Dr. Dre, is spamming US universities, seeking their co-operation in blocking use of the MP3 sharing software on their networks.
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2000

An iMac supercomputer cluster you can carry home

Terra Soft, the company behind the Yellow Dog and Black Lab Linux PowerPC distros has released a supercomputer cluster based on Apple's iMac. They're teaming up with Marathon Computers of Nashville Tennessee, who have been building Apple PowerPC-based racks for several years.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Sep 2000

UPC follows Telewest in dropping Microsoft ‘Inactive TV’

Microsoft's costly investments in European cable companies don't seem to be paying off. The second largest cable company in Europe, UPC (United Pan Europe Communications), has officially chosen to base its interactive TV software on Liberate and OpenTV, in preference to its earlier preferred partner Microsoft.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Sep 2000

Bubble economy gurus rate Amazon's pricing wheeze

Since Amazon.com hasn't been returning calls to The Register this week - maybe it was peeved about our Tom's earlier skittling of its Privacy Policy - we instead turned to the most influential economists of the new economy, Hal Varian and Carl Shapiro of the University of California Berkeley's Haas Business School and authors of the bubble economy marketing bible, Information Rules.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Sep 2000

RealNetworks cuts deal with Streambox

RealNetworks has settled its legal fight with Streambox, nearly nine months after it was granted a temporary injunction against the latter's streaming media VCR software.
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2000

US Patent Office dismisses key Napster defence

UpdatedThe US Patent and Trademark Office has told the US Court of Appeal that it should discount Napster's argument that the controversial MP3 sharing service is protected by the US Home Recordings Act (HRA).
Tony Smith, 11 Sep 2000

E-Murdoch has a Future

Bath-based consumer techie publisher The Future Network Plc has appointed Elisabeth Murdoch to the Board as a non-executive director with immediate effect. Murdoch, 32, joins the Future Board after four years at British Sky Broadcasting, most recently as Managing Director of Sky Networks.
Team Register, 11 Sep 2000

IBM not selling 1.1GHz Athlon boxes in US

IBM will reveal what machines it will be launching based on AMD's Athlon 1.1GHz this week - but it will not be shipping them in the US.
Linda Harrison, 11 Sep 2000

Hardware Roundup The Gigabyte 8TX – and more…

Howdy pardners, time to check what's in the OK Corral today.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Sep 2000

Blair in e-homeless scheme

Wired British Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to rub shoulders with down-and-outs today as part of an initiative to provide the homeless with computers skills and Net access.
Tim Richardson, 11 Sep 2000

Power to the People: apply online to enter UK govt

The modernisation of the House of Lords is going on apace and now us commoners are invited to apply for a place in the red-seated chamber. Not only that but in line with Tony's Blair e-government prattling, a new Web site is being set up to welcome applications online.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Sep 2000
server room

MS/Ericsson mobile link-up launched

Microsoft and Ericsson's joint mobile venture, enticingly called Ericsson Microsoft Mobile Venture AB, makes its first appearance today, about a year after the plan was first announced.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Sep 2000

Falling DRAM prices dent Winbond

The August revenue figures announced by Winbond Electronics on Saturday broke its all-time record, set one month previously, writes Iain Pocock in Taipei.
Our correspondent, 11 Sep 2000

Latest Itanium has infernal kernel

UpdatedReports on developer newsgroups suggest that the latest chip stepping of Intel's Itanium processor is causing problems for Linux developers whose code worked fine with stepping A2.
Mike Magee, 11 Sep 2000

UK invests £1 billion in e-government

The British Government is to plough £1 billion over three years into a major e-government shake-up, Prime Minister announced today.
Tim Richardson, 11 Sep 2000

UK plc loves the Net

More than a million small businesses went online in Britain last year smashing the Government's own target for SMEs joining the dotcom revolution.
Tim Richardson, 11 Sep 2000

Windows ME boosted August PC sales by 60 per cent

August's PC sales saw 60 per cent growth, proving demand is not weakening in the sector.
Linda Harrison, 11 Sep 2000

Rambus gets Intel ramboost

It's pretty evident that chip giant Intel is now going to go the whole hog and push its Pentium 4 project to the limit.
Mike Magee, 11 Sep 2000

HP in talks to buy PWC's consulting biz for $18 billion

Hewlett-Packard is in talks to shell out $18 billion for Price Waterhouse Coopers' consulting arm.
Linda Harrison, 11 Sep 2000

Hardware Roundup QDI SynactiX 2E mobo reviewed

OCWorkbench has mixed feelings about the new QDI SynactiX 2E motherboard, reckoning it's pretty stable but doesn't have much to write home about in the performance stakes.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Sep 2000

Nokia's Web TV box and the IBC conference

We were invited by Nokia to preview its new "media terminal" at the IBC show in Amsterdam at the weekend. The event proved very interesting.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Sep 2000

Flame of the Week We are Intel lapdogs

[Not as diseased as most our flames, but it'll do. There is some tongue, some cheek and an uncanny description of ole Mike Magee]
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Sep 2000

UK's e-Govt plans are a joke

CommentSo the British Government is to spend £1 billion on IT to modernise public services.
Tim Richardson, 11 Sep 2000

One dimensional sound waves – enough already!

OK, we surrender.
Andrew Thomas, 11 Sep 2000

Car crash kid investigated for online fraud

A 15-year-old kid from Florida is under investigation for fraud after crashing a car he is suspected of buying online.
Linda Harrison, 11 Sep 2000

Readers' Letters Late and small

[Okay, okay, so your Letters Ed went on a press freebie to Amsterdam and forgot all about Readers' Letters. Seeing as it's now Monday, what's gonna happen is that we'll post a shortened version of just what we say it is: readers' letters. Besides, there weren't many good ones this week anyway. All the troublemakers must be on holiday]
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Sep 2000

Intel promises better 1GHz Pentium III supply

UpdatedChip giant Intel is denying rumours that it is running into problems with supplying the latest flip chip Pentium III because it is using the same stepping as the withdrawn 1.1GHz Pentium III.
Mike Magee, 11 Sep 2000

Fuel protests hit UK IT industry

Computer distributors in the UK have heard from their courier that difficulties in sourcing fuel is preventing them from delivering IT kit to their customers.
Mike Magee, 11 Sep 2000

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