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Intel behind Big Brother site claim

UpdatedAnd so we found ourselves in a pub called The King of Corsica, in Berwick Street, Soho, London W1 talking to the executive chairman of Victoria Real, who was singing like a berserk canary might about how Intel was helping out the famous C4 Big Brother Site.
Mike Magee, 06 Sep 2000

Waking up to Warwick: is the media-obsessed fantasist on the way out?

Professor Kevin Warwick, the self-proclaimed cyborg philosopher and object of regular Register ridicule, has been having a tough ride of late, finally receiving a bad press after years of positive, knee-jerk coverage.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Sep 2000

Scoundrel faces court after trying to flog free email addresses

A URL and email provider is threatening to sue a chancer who tried to sell a bunch of its free email addresses.
Linda Harrison, 06 Sep 2000

HW Roundup Freaks cook eggs on CPUs

Kyle, at HardOCP points us to Freaknuts, who are turning their PC technology into a method for making a good solid breakfast.
Mike Magee, 06 Sep 2000

Ghost of memory standard clanks through corridors

In our relentless search to cover the twists and turns of the memory business, wheresoever it may lead us, a reader asked us whatever happened to SLDRAM.
Mike Magee, 06 Sep 2000

Broadcom broadsides Greater Intel

The Register flicked over from watching Masai herdsmen slaughter a cow and drink its hot blood to find another type of blood sacrifice on CNN.
Mike Magee, 06 Sep 2000

Sony PlayStation emulator trial date set

Sony will finally get to challenge PlayStation emulator developer Connectix in court, but it's going to have to wait until March 2001 to do so.
Tony Smith, 06 Sep 2000

Clickmango.com – may it RIP

Doctors are to turn off the life support machine of Clickmango.com - the trendy health and beauty e-tailer - on Friday after a protracted and painfully publicised illness. A bid to find a suitable donor failed. The e-outfit - which was getting through £100,000 a month - says all staff and creditors would be paid before the company is wheeled to the mortuary.
Team Register, 06 Sep 2000

Dixons happy at AGM

Dixons Group Chairman Sir Stanley Kalms will tell shareholders at today's AGM that business is good and life is generally tickety-boo.
Tim Richardson, 06 Sep 2000

MP3.com faces $450m damages bill

Universal wants $450 million in damages from MP3.com, the music label said yesterday.
Tony Smith, 06 Sep 2000

Dangerous folk, Net sex and porn round-up

Kieren McCarthy, 06 Sep 2000

BT signs up with Yahoo!

BT has signed a deal with Yahoo! to take the content provider's WAP content and services over BT's Genie portal (market-leading, one million customers apparently). The two have also said they will co-market the alliance both on the Internet and in traditional advertising. It's not known if any money is changing hands, if the agreement is exclusive or what its timespan is.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Sep 2000

Corel to axe up to 139 jobs in Dublin

Corel announced today it plans to shut down its Dublin, Ireland engineering operation as part of its ongoing attempt to shave $40 million off its operating expenses bill.
Tony Smith, 06 Sep 2000

ICANN Special: New legal hurdles (Part 1)

ExclusiveICANN - the secretive body that controls the Internet's key functions - could look unrecognisable in the future if a host of new and unrelated legal challenges go ahead. We're examining these in two parts, and here's the first.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Sep 2000

UK Govt warms to spam

The British Government has bottled out of plans to ban spam and has, instead, opted for a system of self-regulation.
Tim Richardson, 06 Sep 2000

MS exec moots Windows for Washing Baskets

Buried towards the bottom of the big dull pile of Microsoft 25th anniversary celebrations (the interesting bit, such as it was, seems to have been Steve Ballmer jumping out of a cake), we find something rather more promising. Microsoft would seem to have written a book. About itself.
John Lettice, 06 Sep 2000

Energis to snuff out offspring

Energis is set to commit infanticide on one of its own fledgling businesses.
Tim Richardson, 06 Sep 2000

Call for fresh ‘Love Bug’ charges

The Philippine Justice Department has been asked to reconsider dropping the charges brought against the former student accused of releasing the 'Love Bug' virus.
Robert Blincoe, 06 Sep 2000

Amazon makes regular customers pay more

It's come to light that Amazon.com is varying the prices of DVDs, using cookies installed on a customer's computer to decide what percentage discount to offer. If you are a first-time visitor (or, incidentally, have turned your cookies off) you will frequently receive a higher discount that if you are not.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Sep 2000

Germans offer to help England win at cricket

The Germans may be crap at the summer game, but they reckon they know how to help the English back into their rightful place in the pantheon of world cricket.
Andrew Thomas, 06 Sep 2000

Novell does cut workforce – 16 per cent to go

Novell has followed through on the rumours and announced that 16 per cent (about 900 people) of its US workforce are to go. The lay-offs come from across the company and will "free up dollars", according to CEO Eric Schmidt, to be spent on sales and marketing of the new One Net concept.
Kieren McCarthy, 06 Sep 2000

ICANN Special: New legal hurdles (Part 2)

With Andy Mueller-Maguhn of Germany's Chaos Computer Club ("Welcome ... Hackers!") heading the European nominations for its at-large elections, you'd think ICANN would have enough to worry about.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Sep 2000

Universal routs MP3.com in court for $118m

As expected, US District Judge Jed Rakoff ruled against MP3.com in New York Wednesday finding that the Web music-sharing service "wilfully violated" the copyrights of record companies with its MyMP3 service, which enabled customers to access MP3 files via the Net for any piece of music they owned.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Sep 2000

ICANN Special: The Triangulations of Esther Dyson

AnalysisThe prospect of a legal tsunami against ICANN (or the US Department of Commerce, the midwife to this unloved offspring) might make for esoteric reading if you aren't a practising lawyer. But the issue of who gets to control the Internet affects pretty much everyone who uses it.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Sep 2000

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