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MS Love Bug cure worse than the disease?

Microsoft's remedy to the ILOVEYOU virus may cause more problems than the original virus.
Annie Kermath, 19 May 2000

Justice slams MS proposals for missing the point

AnalysisWhether Microsoft's lawyers are being forced to toe Microsoft's management line or are just not very good, we shall perhaps never know, but it is clear that the DoJ and States' legal teams are substantially out-lawyering their opposite numbers, as this week's "Plaintiffs' reply memorandum in support of proposed final judgment" shows.
Graham Lea, 19 May 2000

Deadlier Love Bug variant spotted in wild

A more dangerous and difficult to track variant of the Love Bug is on the loose. Like Love Bug it uses Microsoft Outlook to propagate, but it's more destructive, and has the ability to vary the headers on infected messages - so unlike the Love Bug, it can't be tracked simply by scanning incoming headers.
John Lettice, 19 May 2000

Dramurai™ Warriors say Intel's Rambus plans poo

Reports on US wires have told of a meeting organised in the desert by Chipzilla in which large semiconductor companies are being not-so-gently encouraged to manufacture loads of RIMMs, and to be quick about it.
Mike Magee, 19 May 2000

ILOVEYOU BUG ‘hits Linux’

Thanks to reader Clive Payne for sending us the friendliest virus message to date.
Team Register, 19 May 2000

Fiji coup on the Web now

A Web site in Fiji is reporting a blow-by-blow account of the coup d'etat currently gripping the Pacific island republic.
Tim Richardson, 19 May 2000

Dell, Gateway biz models to face shortage crunch

Another report from FHI Research has indicated that changes in the global market mean that direct sellers of PCs, including Dell, Gateway and Micron, are likely to suffer in the rapidly growing Asian market, while IBM, HP and Compaq will mop up in their wake.
Mike Magee, 19 May 2000

Sony hits PlayStation emulator developer with patent suit

Sony has fired off another lawsuit against PlayStation emulator developer Bleem! just a week after the software company announced a version of its emulator - also called Bleem! - that runs on Sega's Dreamcast console.
Tony Smith, 19 May 2000

Lawnmowers get web savvy

Caution: non-PC attitudes ahead
Andrew Thomas, 19 May 2000

IBM power supplies are really hot stuff

IBM is recalling AC Adapters for the ThinkPad 310, ThinkPad i Series and the WorkPad z50 due to overheating problems.
Andrew Thomas, 19 May 2000

LineOne boss ‘pursues opportunities elsewhere’

Ajay Chowdhury - the man responsible for dragging LineOne out of the dumps and giving it a new sense of direction - has left the company.
Tim Richardson, 19 May 2000

John Lewis goes for Dixons' jugular

John Lewis is really not happy about the upcoming exclusive supply agreement between Packard Bell and Dixons. It's not that keen on the same agreement that the high street retailer has with Compaq, either.
Kieren McCarthy, 19 May 2000

Intel spells out the future to SBs

Intel increased European channel shipments by 50 per cent in March compared to the previous month, the vendor claimed yesterday.
Linda Harrison, 19 May 2000
Profits down, image via Shutterstock

Compel share price halves

Reseller group Compel saw its share price fall by nearly half yesterday thanks to a profit warning that looks like it will turn an expected 4 million profit into a 4 million loss.
Sean Fleming, 19 May 2000

Microsoft Tier II OEM direct plans revealed

Microsoft plans to start selling software direct to tier II OEMs in the UK.
Linda Harrison, 19 May 2000

Disties squeal on Intel shortages

Intel has only been able to supply around a third of chips needed by UK distributors this month.
Linda Harrison, 19 May 2000

Debian allowed to exhibit at UK's Linux Expo 2000

Non-profit Linux distributor Debian will be attending the UK Linux Expo 2000 show next month after all.
Tony Smith, 19 May 2000

BOFH discovers Voice Recognition

Episode 11BOFH 2000: Chapter 11
Team Register, 19 May 2000

BOFH tracks down Arsonist

Episode 9BOFH 2000: Episode 9
Team Register, 19 May 2000

BOFH plays with Maggot

Episode 10
Team Register, 19 May 2000
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Episode 8
Team Register, 19 May 2000

Intel does u-turn on Willamette and synchronous DRAM

UpdatedSources close to Intel's plans have confirmed that the firm is readying a backup plan which will mean that its Willamette IA-32 processor, expected to debut the end of this year, will support synchronous memory as well as Rambus.
Mike Magee, 19 May 2000
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BOFH: agony uncle and bastard

Episode 7BOFH 2000: Episode 7
Team Register, 19 May 2000

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