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Unsure why you can't log into Office 365? So is Microsoft

Reports of online 'productivity' suite going AWOL

By Paul Kunert


Microsoft's Office 365 has been giving some users cold sweats. No matter how hard they try to log in, they simply can't access the service and haven't been able to for hours – others say it has wobbled for days.

Sporadic reports of unrest began to emerge on Down Detector on Friday (26 October) in the UK and across the pond, stopped over the weekend and started again prior to 0800 GMT today. Office 365's web woes have still not been resolved at the time of writing.

The first complaint was spotted on Twitter just after 0700 GMT.

Microsoft, at least initially, seemed to know nothing of the activation worries to which admin Tom Ruben referred, but he was backed up by others.

Admins raised support tickets with Microsoft but complained they'd only received acknowledgement of the outage early on in the screw-up and had precious else since.

Microsoft has said it is "investigating issues related to repeated credential prompts and users being unable to log in using the Outlook client under EX152471". It asked admins to "please check the admin centre for more details".

This seemed to inflame some, with complaints that Microsoft needed to acknowledge and regularly update users in times of web service darkness.

And here.

And here.

One user noted the registry setting Microsoft described here had helped some unable to sign in to Office 365. In the advisory, Microsoft said some users who had updated to Office 2016 build 16.0.7967 or later versions on Windows 10 may have experienced problems.

There are eight symptoms, Microsoft said, including the Office sign-in workflow stopping or showing no on-screen progress, and users receiving a "You'll need the Internet for this" message when they switched networks or their PC woke up after a long suspension.

We have asked Microsoft to explain why some of its users are having such a hard time, why not everyone seems to be impacted and why this is happening on both sides of the Atlantic. ®

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